Reviews by Steven Reid of Sea of Tranquility, Rocktopia, & Fireworks magazine


Len Rice – various tracks. I stumbled across Len’s music on his ReverbNation site & have to say that I was rather captivated by the expansive & delicately crafted music he has created. Progressive rock that tells a story & takes you on a journey, it is well worth checking out.”  -Steven Reid 5-4-12 Perth, UK


   “I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Len Rice’s music & far from finding it a chore, spending time with the six songs he has finished was my pleasure!  The music flows beautifully through its strong arrangements & well thought out themes, making the atmosphere both evocative & involving.  On occasion the songs can meander instead of getting straight to the point, however if that is the only negative, then there’s not much to complain about is there?  Really rather impressive & I very much look forward to hearing what else Len comes up with!”  -Steven Reid 4-12-12 Perth, UK


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