From the founder of the controversial shock prog and techno band, ZAMINA, PELLE HANDEN, had conjured up his SPELLBINDING music again.  

     Since 1986, his music career took off, with his sounds of TECHNO, PROG, TRANCE, WORLD, & NEW AGE MUSIC, whom the world WELCOMED as ASTRAL DANCE.  

     In their latest release” MAUNDER MINIMUM, ” you’ll feel TRANSPORTED into the NATIVE AMERICAN WORLD, of THOSE, WHOM WORSHIPPED THE SUN ( The Sun Tribe, ) as their MASTER & CREATOR, of ALL LIVING THINGS.  From Dusk with a CEREMONY, which HARNESSED THE POWER, to their CHOSEN LEADER, who will lead them to VICTORY, during the BATTLE with their rivaled tribe.   

     Although the battle was victorious, some had survived, while a funeral was for those, whom died in battle, however, THE SUN TRIBE had SEEKED JUSTICE & RESOLVED, all PROBLEMS, while their rivals had to FIND WHAT WAS ONCE LOST, in one sweet night.  

     While in search for answers, this certain hall provided their RIVAL TRIBE with ALL OF THE KNOWLEDGE they’ve needed, for BALANCE, STRENGTH, & THE BROTHER OF MANKIND, which solved the mystery of HOW THE SUN PROVIDED LIFE and RECHARGED the SUN TRIBE.  

      Instead of talking foolishness, the Rivals were GRATEFUL of what they’ve learned and FOUND PEACE within themselves, in their homeland, with family and loved ones, who CELEBRATED LIFE.  :))) 

     TO HEAR THE TASTE OF THIS ALBUM, from their HIT SINGLE, ” ERA, ” CLICK ONTO THIS YOUTUBE LINK:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CslTe4yE-pc&list=UUVB08ggX5o9SZUnq8I6SGvw

     TO EXPERIENCE THIS VISION, OWN THIS ALBUM, FOR ONLY $9.90 USD, ON iTUNES:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/maunder-minimum-feat.-pelle/id929478596

     FOR MORE UPDATES, LOG ONTO THEIR MAIN WEBSITE:  http://www.astralnetart.com/astraldance/

     LIKE ASTRAL DANCE ON FACEBOOK:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Astral-Dance/13610330854?ref=br_tf









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