From the man, who brought you the acclaimed 2012 Triology, ” THE TRIP AROUND THE SUN, ” which defined the TRUE ASTROLOGY OF THE AGES, comes a NEW RELEASE, that will PENETRATE INTO THE VORTEX, of the UNIVERSE.

     ” INFINITY, ” is the name, and for JAY TAUSIG, this was no game.  

     Here’s his explanation, about this project:

          “ There are times I expect that I have indeed gone too far. This definitely is one of those times. “

          “ Musically speaking that is. “  

          “ A new release I have been working on is one composition, running about 47 minutes. Working title “ INFINITY, “ or perhaps,  ‘ Going Off The Deep End Into An Endless Self Indulgent Series Of Solo’s in Bizarre Modes While The Dog Spins in Endless Circles. ‘ “

          “ But really, it’s some of my best guitar work to date? “

          “ For no other reason perhaps as a result of the 150 or so live performance I’ve done over the last two or 3 years? “

          “ Can’t hurt. “

          “ And it’s ultimately the reason for which this release exists. “

          “ And I think It needs to be said that it was HUGELY INSPIRED by BILL NELSON, whose solo work has been ILLUMINATING and listening to, much of it, I realized it was Perfectly Fine to use Drum Machines.  So this is the first thing I’ve done in a LONG TIME, without playing drum kit at all. “

          “ Making music that goes on and on like that, can sometimes be very difficult to keep interesting,  while giving it a sense of going somewhere or evolving. “


          “ In between working on a new Helios Creed album, a soundtrack, an EP, another vast project with Helios and Nik Turner I managed to pull this one out of thin air. “

          “ It started with 47 minutes of “The Box” ( Which is modular little bits suitcase synth I built a little while back to experiment with ‘ Additive Synthesis. ‘  Oscillators literally crashing into each other to create very distinct possibilities. “

          “ Then comes the Korg Analog Drum machine, which most definitely evolves Very Well over time, and it gives this recording just the rhythmic flair I was looking for, without using any ‘ Pre Sampled ‘ beats. “

          “ The combination of these two elements is then solidified with the, once again, Fender precision bass.   Nuff said about that. “

          “ All of these things so far were recorded as one complete performance. “

          “ So was the next element, the Fender Stratocaster, with Whammy Bar, gets a real workout and I kept 90 percent of the performance in tact. “

          “ After the madness of doing a 47 minute guitar solo, mellotrons, glissando guitar, synths and rhythm guitars were then placed accordingly to round out the Ever Important:  Arrangement. “

          “ Mixed. Mastered….Presto, Magico, Finito. “  

     BUY INFINITY NOW, FOR ONLY $10. USD, also, SUBSCRIBE FOR ONLY $30. USD A YEAR & RECEIVE NEW RELEASES, from his BANDCAMP site:  https://jaytausig.bandcamp.com/album/infinity


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