Power of Prog launched as a Social Network and as a news blog on September 29th, 2009 Power of Prog is the brainchild of Nick KatonaPresident of Florida based independent grassroots record label Melodic Revolution Records. The label specializes in what is called Progressive Rock, and its many subgenres such as Progressive AOR, Prog Metal, and Progressive Folk among other related styles of music.

The site name Power of Prog carried over from a Festival hosted and organized by Melodic Revolution Records in 2008. The festival was held at the Kirkland Art Centerin Clinton, NY. Featuring artists such as Souljourners, Laurie Larson, Fluttr Effect, Cathedral, Acoustic Trauma, Tim Lowly Ensemble, and, Rocket Scientist with Lana Lane among others.

The festival also hosted the Inaugural Progressive Rock Hall of Fame Award Ceremony, honoring Yes, Kansas, UK, King Crimson, Gentle Giant,etc.

Poster Art by Ed Unitsky

The idea of a progressive thinking social network, news and music site came to Nick in early 2009 after becoming frustrated with having to go to various sites to fill his music needs. MySpacewas failing as a social network and Facebookwas still very sterile when it came to music.

According to Nick
“I first discovered music that I still love today, back in the late 60’s early 70’s music back then didn’t have sub-genres. What we had was about half a dozen styles/genres of music ie; pop, jazz, rock, classical, blues, r&b country and western, show tunes, and punk.

Today we still the have the same basic styles of music, however, each of those styles now features anywhere from a few sub-genres to dozens of sub-genres. I personally think that all these various sub-genres just confuse and alienate people that don’t understand or know what these sub-genres are.

The debate of what prog or progressive rock is has been debated since its inception to the musical language, I prefer to call it one of the basic genres that the music is closest to in style this way if someone doesn’t like one band they may still like another.

Thanks to the internet today there are hundreds of thousands of music sites on the net promoting prog and rock, and its offshoots,  each site  specializes in certain topics or subgenres, for example, one site might be for forums, or for reviews, another site to purchase music, another site for news/blogs, and so on, you get my point.

I wanted to change that concept and bring all those elements together in one location where musicians and supporters could meet up and share conversations, videos, music, and other ideas. So there you have it a social network for the music and prog-minded.

We are very proud that over the years Power of Prog has been recognized as one of the top 100 music blog sites in the world, according to feedspot  

I would like to thank all our active members and contributors for keeping this site alive and well.

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For more information about Melodic Revolution Records visit:
Official Site: http://www.melodicrevolution.com/

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