Glass Hammer announce new concept album Chronomonaut

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Glass Hammer has been teasing a Part Two of their 2000 release “Chronometree” for several weeks and it is now finally official. The tongue-in-cheek concept album “Chronometree” told the story of Tom, a prog-rock obsessed teenager in the late seventies who heard alien voices communicating to him through his favorite albums. Tom has since grown up and is apparently none-the-wiser. “Chronomonaut” will tell the story of his recent mid-life crises. Bassist and songwriter Steve Babb explains  “Apparently, the voices have returned and have been urging Tom to time-travel back to the glory days of the early prog scene.”

“Chronomonaut” will be released on Friday, October 12th. Pre-ordering for autographed copies will begin one month ahead of the release on September 12th at the band’s website.

This is the band’s follow up to Valkyrie released in 2016, and the band’s 17th studio release since 1993. “Chronomonaut”  will feature guest appearances include Discipline’s Matthew Parmenter and Chris Herin.”

Grey Vs Gray are excited to reveal the cover artwork and the 3D Lyric Video for their single “Glowing Græy” .

“Glowing Græy” is the first part of a “puzzle” concept that will be revealed piece by piece in the next few months. Grey Vs Gray are going to tell their first story about betrayal, chaos, and loneliness. Three Elements that drove mankind to extinction. Grey Vs Gray is the post-apocalyptic/ prog creatures that translate history to music.

“Glowing Græy” is available on Youtube (3D Lyric Video), Spotify, Itunes, Tidal, Google Play etc..
Grey Vs Gray – “Glowing Grey” (Album Track) is available for Streaming  Now
Also Available for Streaming and Downloading at Google Play, KKbox, Amazon MP3,  Ι Heart Radio, Napster, Pandora etc.
Stay Tuned for Album Tracklisting, and Concept Infos…
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Youtube: Grey Vs Gray

Darrel Treece-Birch Announces Fruits Of The Spirit as 3rd Video From Healing Touch

Darrel Treece-Birch has chosen The Fruits of The Spirit as the third video release from his 2017 album, Healing Touch.


Fruits of The Spirit is masterfully powerful in its ethereal fluid qualities; gently flowing like the river to the sea, begging you to follow. The warmth of the sand between your toes as you stroll along the waterfront on a hot summer’s evening, the beach bathed in a golden glow that envelops life and paints it in the regal beauty of our essence – Spirit. Life abounds in this video as the music connects deep within us; the creative spirit unleashed in the youth of summer.

Healing Touch is Darrel’s third solo album, and his second instrumental album, but the first in which he plays all of the instruments on the album. As a musician, Darrel reached deep within to create a visual and auditory palette that touches our senses and sparks our imagination.

Close your eyes, hear the windchimes mixed with birdsong, feel the waves lapping at your feet and let your heart dance in celebration of – The Fruits of The Spirit.

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