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I am more than happy to strongly recommend this great festival of adventurous progressive music – SEAPROG. The Festival’s 6th edition will be held in the great city of Seattle on June 7-9, 2019. If You are local in the state of Washington, or in neighboring Oregon or British Columbia, You should consider coming, and if You are more adventurous and live anywhere in the USA, Canada, or elsewhere in the world, please consider coming to the great city of Seattle for great food, celebrated microbreweries, world-famous coffee roasters, the great company of similarly minded old and new friends in music, and above all, for some excellent new music.

And two moonjunista artists will be taking the stage at the festival: MARBIN (from Chicago)and Stick Men’s MARKUS REUTER (from Berlin, Germany who is performing in the avant prog duo with former King Crimson member, TREY GUNN. Not to miss the 70’s Swedish prog legends TRETTIOARIGA KRIGET, the very talented JULIE SLICK of Adrian Belew Trio and  her band ECHOTEST, another Chicago’s heavy weight DISTRICT 97FARMHOUSE from Northern California, as well local Washington state bands THE SHEENDUST MICETROOTMOON LETTERSYESOD and IMMENSITY CRUMB.

SEAPROG website: 

SEAPROG is run by two moonjunistas from SeattleDennis Rea and Jon Davis, as well as John ReaganJoe FischerDave McLelland, and Tom Prather, all longtime enthusiasts and ambassadors of the local progressive music cause. My old friend Dennis Rea has appeared on 6 albums on MoonJune Records: 3 albums with his band Moraine – Manifest DensityMetamorphic Rock, and Groundswell; the self-titled album from collective improv combo Iron Kim Style; and Dennis‘ solo album Views From Chicheng Precipice. He also guested on Seattle-based Zhongyu‘s self-titled album, and MJR is planning two other releases featuring DennisMoraine‘s next album, as well as Dennis‘ sophomore solo release on MoonJuneGiant SteppesJon Davis‘ band Zhongyu’s self-titled album was also released on MoonJune Records.

SEAPROG provides a public showcase for adventurous progressive musicians from the Pacific Northwest and beyond that honors the seriousness of their art. As the region’s only annual festival devoted to progressive rock music, SEAPROG serves an audience of keen enthusiasts whose tastes have been largely ignored by both the mainstream and alternative music industries and media alike. 

SEAPROG tilts decidedly toward the more adventurous reaches of the genre rather than long-established historical precedents – a bracing contrast to the ‘Golden Age’ nostalgia that’s overtaken the music in some quarters. This is not a value judgment; SEAPROG‘s organizers revere many of the ‘old school’ progressive bands as much as anyone, it’s just that there are already plenty of festivals devoted to that sort of thing, but very few focusing on exploratory progressive music of the here and now. SEAPROG is also unusual in its inclusivity, both musical (in terms of freely mingling influences) and social (in terms of gender and cultural representation among Seaprog performers). Operated as a nonprofit organization, Seaprog is and will remain a labor of love rather than a typical business venture.

Check the info on the previous editions of the festival, 2013-2017:


June 7, 2019
7:00pm – Columbia City Theater Main Stage: THE SHEEN 
8:00pm – Columbia City Theater Front Room: DUST MICE
9:00pm – Columbia City Theater Main Stage: TROOT
11:00pm – Columbia City Theater Main Stage: TRETTIOARIGA KRIGET

June 8, 2019
7:00pm – Columbia City Theater Main Stage: MOON LETTERS 
8:00pm – Columbia City Theater Front Room: YESOD
9:00pm – Columbia City Theater Main Stage: MARKUS REUTER & TREY GUNN
11:00pm – Columbia City Theater Main Stage: MARBIN

June 9, 2019
6:00pm – Columbia City Theater Main Stage: FARMHOUSE ODYSSEY
8:00pm- Columbia City Theater Front Room: ECHOTEST
9:00pm – Columbia City Theater Main Stage: IMMENSITY CRUMB
11:00pm – Columbia City Theater Main Stage: DISTRICT 97

For more info on individual artists:$35 per each festival’s day, and $90 for all 3 days (a real bargain to see 12 great bands).
Get Your tickets at:
And See You there at the SEAPROG!

SEAPROG donations accepted.

If You are unable to attend, your donations are more than welcome, any donation no matter how small, helps.

SEAPROG has never been a for-profit enterprise, and our fiscal sponsorship with Shunpike cements our commitment to present the best music possible without consideration of commercial appeal. SEAPROG provides a prominent showcase for musicians working in a non-mainstream musical genre that has long been underrepresented in the Pacific Northwest. The festival’s focus is on the resurgent Northwest progressive-music community, augmented by some of the more adventurous national and international artists active in the genre today. Over five annual editions, Seaprog has presented more than 75 acts (comprising roughly 290 musicians) whose diverse approaches illustrate just how far progressive rock has evolved since its origins in the 1960s.

SEAPROG is supported by a core committee of roughly a dozen organizers and volunteers and achieved a significant milestone in 2018 when the festival gaining federal 501(c)(3) nonprofit status under the aegis of Shunpike. This allows us to accept tax-exempt donations from individuals, matching grants from area employers, and grants from arts-funding organizations, and to synergize with other regional arts entities.

SEAPROG benefits a regional audience of enthusiasts at an affordable price. The festival also benefits numerous regional musicians. SEAPROG is especially proud of the fact that SEAPROG’s roster of artists has shown significant representation from gender and ethnic communities; for example, fully 70% of main-stage acts presented by SEAPROG to date have been led by or featured female performers, in a genre that’s long been heavily tilted toward men.

SEAPROG has no paid employees; 90% of our income from ticket and merchandise sales and donations goes directly to the festival, including paying for the bands and the venue, travel expenses, refreshments, and advertising and promotion. The other 10% goes to SEAPROG’s financial partner Shunpike.

In 2018, 61% of SEAPROG’s operating funds came from ticket and merchandise sales, and 39% from tax-deductible donations. No donation is too small! Use the link below to make a donation of any amount – even $5, $10 or $25 will make a big difference in keeping the festival going for years to come. SEAPROG thanks you!


Leprous & Airbag Amongst The First Bands Announced For Bergen’s Close To The Rain Prog Festival In June

In English &  Norwegian
Close to the Rain, Bergen Prog Festival, is back with its third edition. 8 bands will fill the program and we’re proud to announce two of the giants from the Norwegian prog-scene: Leprous and Airbag. 


Close to the Rain, Bergen Prog Festival, is back with its third edition. This time in the excellent venue USF Verftet, one of the most renowned venues in Bergen. Verftet is known for hosting concerts with acts such as Devin Townsend, Steven Wilson, Swans, Opeth, Katatonia and Anathema, and is equipped with top of the line PA and acoustic treatment. Being literary by the sea, it is the perfect spot for Close to the Rain. A total of 8 bands will fill the program spanning the 7th and 8th of June, and we’re proud to announce two of the giants from the Norwegian prog-scene: Leprous and Airbag 

With a calendar filled with sold-out shows in Europe and North America, Leprous is quickly becoming one of the lead acts of the Norwegian prog scene. 2017 saw the release of their 5th studio album “Malina” to critical and public acclaim. Since then the band has been touring non-stop, filling venues in North and South-America, Europe and Asia. After a 4 year absence, Leprous is finally back in Bergen, headlining the Friday at Close to the Rain.

Fresh back from the floating Caribbean festival Cruise To The Edge, AIRBAG returns to Bergen. This time with an exclusive set marking the 10 year anniversary of their debut album “Identity”. On CTTR the band will perform the album in its entirety.

Following the release of their second album “False Memory Archive”, OAK has taken a big leap towards the front of the Norwegian prog scene. In addition to being booked to Close to the Rain, the band is scheduled to play Night of the Prog 2019, one of the biggest genre festivals in the world. With a sound that can draw references to acts such as Talk Talk, Pink Floyd and Steven Wilson, and boasting members of the Airbag and Bjørn Riis live bands, Oak is definitely one to watch!

…have since their formation in 1998 become an institution in the Norwegian prog-rock scene. Due out with their seventh album “”Summarisk Suite” on the 3rd of May, the band describes their music as “Progressive Rock with a friendly face”, reminiscent of inspirational precursors such as Samla Mammas Manna, King Crimson, Henry Cow, Univers Zero and Frank Zappa, while at the same time sounding unmistakably… Panzerpappa!

…is a new band from Norway, continuously busy discovering their unique kinds of brew, mixing elements of rock, jazz, psychedelic, progressive etc. Founded in 2015, the band just released the debut album “The Key” (2019) on Apollon Records Prog to great reviews.

…is a Norwegian progressive rock band formed in 2001 in the outskirts of Oslo. Musically the band can best be described as symphonic neo prog, influenced by several bands from the golden years of the seventies, such as Genesis, Pink Floyd, Camel and others. The debut album “To be continued …” was released May 2010, and the followed up by “The Continuation” in 2013 to great reviews around the world. 5 years later, 2018 saw the birth of “Tribus” to great acclaim from fans and critics. In addition to seeing The Windmill at this years Close to the Rain, they can be seen at Summers End, the UKs longest running prog-festival.

Tickets available from


Close to the Rain, Bergen Prog Festival, er tilbake i tredje utgave, og for første gang på Bergens storstue USF Verftet. Totalt vil 8 band fylle programmet som går over to dager, og vi er stolt av å kunne presentere gigantene Leprous og Airbag som to av årets hovedattraksjoner. 

Med en kalender fylt av utsolgte konserter i både Europa, Asia, Sør- og Nord-Amerika har Leprous blitt et godt kjent navn i alle kriker og kroker, og er et av Norges største og mest aktuelle progband om dagen. I 2017 kom studioalbumet «Malina», som har skutt dem til værs og med høye terningkast og fulle hus verden over. Etter en omfattende turne i Sør-Amerika returnerer bandet til Bergen for første gang på 4 år, hvor de headliner fredagen på Close to the Rain.

…fra Oslo er nylig tilbake fra den flytende festivalen Cruise To The Edge i Karibien. Bandet er nå klare for å returnere til Bergen, og denne gangen med en helt spesiell konsert eksklusiv for CTTR hvor de spiller debutalbumet “Identity” i sin helhet i forbindelse med albumets

I etterkant av slippet av OAKs andre album, «False Memory Archive», har bandet tatt et svvmilssteg mot fronten av den norske progrockscenen. Utover å være booket til årets Close to the Rain, kan bandet ses på årets Night of the Prog festival i Tyskland, en av verdens største festivaler i sjangeren. Bandet har et uttrykk som kan beskrives med referanser til band som Talk Talk, Pink Floyd and Steven Wilson, og med medlemmer av livebandet til Airbag og Bjørn Riis, er definitivt Oak et orkester å få øynene opp for.

…har siden oppstarten i 1998 blitt en institusjon i den Norske progrockscenen. Bandet er aktuelle med «Summarisk Suite» som slippes 3 mai, og kan beskrives musikalsk som progressiv rock med et vennlig ansikt. Utover å låte genuint kan en finne linker til inspirasjonskilder som Samla Mammas Manna, King Crimson, Henry Cow, Univers Zero og Frank Zappa i bandets musikk.

…er et nytt band fra Norge. Bandet mikser elementer fra rock, jazz, psykedelia og prog og ble grunnlagt i 2015. Debutplaten «The Key» ble sluppet på Apollon Records Prog i 2019, og har mottatt strålende kritikker.

…ble grunnlagt i 2001 i utkanten av Oslo. Musikalsk kan bandet beskrives som symfonisk neo-prog, inspirert av band fra det gylne 70-tallet som Genesis, Pink Floyd og Camel. Debuten “To be continued…” ble sluppet I 2010 og fulgt opp av «The Continuation» i 2013. Fem år senere slapp bandet “Tribus” til strålende mottakelse fra kritikere og fans. I tillegg til å se The Windmill på årets Close to the Rain er de booket på Summers End, den lengstlevende festivalen for progressiv rock i Storbritannia.

Billetter fra

Dagspass Fredag: 490 NOK
Dagspass Lørdag: 490 NOK
Helgepass: 890 NOK


RoSfest – Regular Seat Tickets Are Now On Sale!

How to order tickets.
Step 1. Call George at 484.432.7357 to select your seats.
Step 2. Pay by credit card or by check.
The credit card prompt will be available through square on the website.
Checks should be made out to Roldan Entertainment and mailed to the following address.
George Roldan
P.O.Box 35234
Sarasota, Florida


RoSfest is in its 16th year and will be taking place on May 3rd, 4th & 5th, 2019.

RoSfest 2019 will take place on May 3rd through 5th, 2019 at the Sarasota Opera House, Florida.

Scheduled bands to play:
Friday, May 3rd – Cryptic Vision and Von Hertzen Brothers.
Saturday, May 4th – Entransient, Mile Marker Zero, Karmamoi, Phideaux and Jethro Tull 50th Anniversary Tour with Martin Barre, Clive Bunker and Jonathan Noyce.
Sunday, May 5th – Edge of Reality, Traverser, Flor de Loto, and Riverside.

The complete schedule with times will be posted shortly on the RoSfest website.

We love this 2019 lineup and think that you will too! Hope to see everyone in Sarasota next May!

Follow RoSfest


Progdreams VIII 2019 Boerderij CultuurpodiumZoetermeer, the Netherlands. info & tickets:

Click on Poster for Ticket Information

In September 2019 the 8th edition of the Progdreams Festival will take place. The indoor festival has grown into an annual event that many prog fans from home and abroad look forward to. The prog scene seems livelier than ever and we received requests from bands from all over the world for a spot at the festival. Once again we managed to present you with an interesting selection and put together a versatile line-up.

We have a total of 12 bands performing over three festival days, including Gazpacho, The Watch, John Hackett Band, Sky Architect, Von Hertzen Brothers and many more. Both established names and newcomers get the chance to present themselves to fans of the genre. We have both day-tickets and passe-partouts for three days for sale. On Friday, the following bands will take the stage: Von Hertzen Brothers, The Paradox Twin, and Sky Architect. Scroll down for more information about these bands.


GroundUP Music Festival 2019 Lineup Announcement!

• + MORE

The moment you’ve all been waiting for: the lineup for GroundUP Festival 2019!

Snarky Puppy will play a full extended set all 3 nights with 3 different lineups, and – World Premiere – will debut the very first-ever live performances of music from its new, unreleased 12th album. Be the first to hear the new music!

We’re excited to announce the GroundUP Music Festival’s TWO Hotel partners — both oceanfront/beachfront resorts — just two miles down the beach from the North Beach Bandshell where the festival takes place. These two hotels, just a couple blocks from each other, are where the artists will be staying and where the late night shows are being planned (at The Alexander). There are a VERY LIMITED number of rooms available (about 10 left in The Alexander and 20 left in the Castle Beach), and our partner hotels have sold out quickly in both past years of the festival, so grab your chance to stay with the artists before the rooms are sold out!

Enjoy all the benefits of General Admission, plus: Access to the private and newly outfitted Beachfront VIP & Artists’ Skylounge, sporting floor to ceiling glass, air-conditioning, swanky bathrooms, and giant shaded outdoor wrap around balconies with seating and lounges facing the beach/ocean, Park Stage and the Bandshell.
Premiere viewing area for performances on both the Bandshell Stage and the Park Stage
Separate expedited entrance
Unrestricted re-entry to festival grounds throughout the festival
Daily happy hour with complimentary signature cocktails and food
Private acoustic jam area in VIP & Artists’ Skylounge
Exclusive, signed festival merch


We hope to see you on the beach, February 8-10, 2019 – perfect weather in our oceanfront oasis, delectable food by celebrity chef Michelle Bernstein, unique access to the artists, small interactive workshops all weekend long (workshops to be announced soon), and great music!



TEN are proud to announce that they will be appearing on next year’s Frontiers Rock Festival, which takes place on Saturday the 27th and Sunday the 28th of April 2019.

Frontiers Rock Festival, which was established by Frontiers Records in 2014, is the quintessential Melodic Rock/Hard Rock Festival in Europe and takes place every year at the “Live Music Club”, in Trezzo Sull’Adda, in Milan, Italy. The band will be appearing alongside Alan Parsons, The Defiants, Hardline, Jeff Scott Soto, Airrace and Creye – on the first day of the Festival – on Saturday the 27th of April, 2019.

Further announcements regarding more live performances will be shared with you all very soon!
Watch this space!


Get your tickets here for TEN’s appearance on Frontiers Rock Festival on the links below:


Connect with TEN:

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