Dream Theater Release 36 Second Video Teaser for Upcoming Album “Distance Over Time”

Dream Theater’s upcoming release, “Distance Over Time”, comes out in February 2019. To announce the details of the band’s most recent offering, Dream Theater has enlisted the help of fans to spread the word about the release and even to break the news of the record release date, cover artwork, and to share the first taste of never before heard music. With this album, a return to the band’s roots, Dream Theater hoped to create a fan engagement experience unlike any previously undertaken.

To lead into the initial release of material, an Alternate Reality Game was launched. This game encompassed a “treasure hunt” whereby fans were able to search for clues hidden in various photos, video, social media posts, and more. Cooperation to host the Alternate Reality Game focused on various fan communities. The band’s fan club, forum members and Reddit each brought in technical expertise to create puzzles for the participants. Each and every week, a new puzzle would be released, often in the form of a candid photo or video from the studio where Dream Theater recorded their latest album. This would contain a piece of the puzzle – a clue to be used in the process of solving that week’s mystery. The puzzles were usually based on some encryption scheme or hiding information in the files, such as hiding a zipped file with text in an image file or hiding text within the spectrogram of an audio file. One puzzle had the fans decoding Morse Code on a light diode of recording equipment, while another had the fans decoding a touch-tone number from a phone call. Fans had to solve a sonogram, sudoku puzzle, reverse engineer an encryption scheme to find a key that would decrypt a specific text. They had to solve crosswords and trivia games. Fans were eager to participate and often worked together to collectively solve the puzzles within hours of their release.

Ultimately, there would be one person – one fan who would be the first to solve the final clue. As their prize, this fan would be the first person to possess previously unreleased Dream Theater content. The very first person outside the band to have possession of any new music, new artwork, new album title. It would be the fans who would solve the puzzle, complete the game and break the news of the release, disseminating this brand new Dream Theater news to the world from their personal online presence.

It is the hope of Dream Theater to have created a fun and engaging fan experience. A unique manner to amp up the excitement for the new release, and to involve the band’s fanbase in a new and interesting way. On behalf of Dream Theater – congratulations to the winner, and thank you to everyone who participated.

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Gryphon to Release “Reinvention” LP via Plane Groovy Records

Gryphon are a British progressive rock band return with first ne studio album in 41 tears, formed in the 1970s, and best known for their unusual medieval and Renaissance sound and instrumentation. The band briefly flourished in the progressive rock heyday of the early 1970s, and then retired to other musical activities before reforming for a one-off reunion in 2009. Subsequently, Gryphon played some gigs in 2015, featured at the Cropredy Festival in 2016, and in 2017, an invitation to a ProgRock festival in Portugal, and in the UK, the NewDay Festival near Canterbury.

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Pipe Up Downsland Derry Dell Danko (4:49)
2. Rhubarb Crumhorn (5:56)
3. A Futuristic Auntyquarian (5:58)
4. Haddocks’ Eyes (10:58)
5. Hampton Caught (5:12)
6. Hospitality At A Price… Anyone For? (3:11)
7. Dumbe Dum Chit (3:08)
8. Bathsheba (5:37)
9. Sailor V (8:37)
10. Ashes (3:32)
11. The Euphrates Connection (4:43)
12. Bonus Track

Line-up / Musicians

Graeme Taylor / acoustic & electric guitars, producer
Graham Preskett / violin, mandolin, keyboards, harmonica
Brian Gulland / bassoon, bass crumhorn, baritone sax, recorders, piano, vocalizations
Andrew Findon / flute, piccolo, fife, soprano crumhorn, soprano sax, clarinet
Rory McFarlane / electric & double basses
Dave Oberlé / drums, percussion, vocals

Releases information

Artwork: John Hurford

CD was self-released on August 17, 2018, in the UK

According Chri Topham at Plane Groovy, Another huge announcement today; the wonderful new album from Gryphon”Reinvention” will be released on Plane Groovy, hopefully just before Christmas. We’ve been given a priority manufacturing slot for this one. Double heavyweight vinyl, strictly limited to just 300 copies worldwide. There is one bonus track in addition to the CD version. Orders through Burning Shed will come with a download code too. We *might* be making a small number of these colored if so it will be just 100 copies. I expect pre-ordering to go live next week and details will be finalized before then

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Please feel free to share this message; let’s spread the word!

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Conception Return With A Few Surprises After 21 Year Hiatus

According to the band’s website

Norwegian hard rock band is known for melodic and rhythmic music of a unique, powerful, yet dynamic blend, with influences from flamenco, jazz, and classical music. was formed in 1989 with Roy Khan, vocals, Tore Østby, guitar, Ingar Amlien, bass, and Arve Heimdal, drums.

Active 1989-1997 with tours in Europe and Japan. Reunited for three shows in 2005: co-headlining Prog Power in Atlanta, also headlining shows in Rockefeller in Oslo and their hometown Gjøvik.

After the release of Flow Roy Khan joined American melodic metal band Kamelot, Tore formed progressive metal band ARK, Ingar focused on his black metal band Crest of Darkness and Arve recorded with Norwegian blues-rock band Nickels and Dimes and progressive band Glow.

Conception Discography
1991 The Last Sunset
1993 Parallel Minds
1995 In Your Multitude
1997 Flow

According to the bands Instagram page
After a break from releasing of (just!) 21 years, we’re super excited to share our new single package re:conception with you all today.
P.S. Thanks to everyone for your support. Some of you who pre-ordered might just be in for an early surprise treat 😉

Re:Conception Single Buy Now Links https://conception.lnk.to/ReConceptionIN

Also to be released soon is the My Dark Symphony EP

On April 1, 2018, Roy Khan released a song on YouTube called “For All”, leading many fans to speculate in an upcoming return to music. The speculations were proven true a few weeks later when Conception announced their reunion with Khan returning as lead singer.

Both Re:Conception Single and My Dark Symphony EP are available on CD, LP, as well as Digital and features the return of Roy Kahn to music, Roy left in 2011 after working with Kamelot on 7 releases.

Conception Online
Website; https://www.conceptionmusic.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/conceptionmusi2/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/conceptionmusic/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/conceptionmusi2
YouTube: https://youtube.com/conceptionmusic

Listen to 3 new tracks on Spotify

Peruvian Progressive Folk Metal Band “Flor de Loto” Launch Pre-order for Highly Antipicated New Album “Eclipse”

Flor de Loto is happy to announce that, after much effort, their new album Eclipse is finished and is ready for pre-order. The album will be released in many formats including CD and digital (Vinyl is coming soon) through Melodic Revolution Records on November 16th, in a private concert with limited seats in the CAFAE auditorium in San Isidro, Lima. The band is very proud of the final result and they hope that everyone will enjoy the most important album they have released to date. During the pre-order, there will be a limited amount of autographed Eclipse CDs

01. El Cóndor pasa/Locomotive
02. Tempestad
03. Animal
04. Eclipse
05. Esclavitud de tu ser
06. Támesis
07. Paraíso
08. Almas Perdidas
09. Eterna Proyección
10. Líneas de Nazca
11. Bonus track: El Cóndor pasa/Locomotive (Live at Rosfest 2018)

Additional Album Information
Produced and Mixed by Roy Z (Bruce Dickinson, Halford, Judas Priest, Driver, Sebastian Bach, Helloween, W.A.S.P, etc) at Mountain View Studios, Los Ángeles CA
Pre-production by Roy Z
Mastered by Maor Appelbaum
Recorded by Roy Z and Eddie Plegue at Dragón Verde Studios, Perú.
Digital Editing by Caverao
Additional Recording by Kenneth Quiroz at Lunch Box Studios, Perú.
Album Cover and Booklet Artwork by Estefania Fernandez “Fania”
Band Photo: Soledad Cisneros
Mastered by Maor Appelbaum at Maor Appelbaum Mastering – California – USA

Flor de Loto is:
Alonso Herrera: Vocals and guitar
Alejandro Jarrin: Bass
Sergio Checho Cuadros: Quena
Gabriel Iwasaki: Keyboards
Alvaro Escobar: Drums

Flor de Loto Online

MRR Profile Page

Email: fdlprogre@gmail.com

Melodic Revolution Records

Melodic Revolution Records Online:

Melodic Revolution Records Spotify Playlists:



MAGNUM Announce New Live Album “Live At The Symphony Hall” Out January 18th, 2019 on SPV/Steamhammer

Every music lover knows that the closing concert of a long tour is always a very special event. For weeks in advance, the audience has been able to read up on how much the band has been celebrated in their previous concerts evening after evening and they are all the more excited to see their heroes with their own eyes. After having played those numerous concerts, the band is in excellent shape, perfectly attuned to one another and of course, they want to outdo themselves with this final show. One of those tour finales took place on 19 April 2018 inside Birmingham`s Symphony Hall. It was there that the British rock band Magnum completed their Road To Eternity tour, which consisted of 42 concerts, and performed at the highest level.

“A truly magical evening”, guitarist Tony Clarkin confirms, “especially seeing as the show was a sort of home game for us, since all of us are from around the area between Birmingham and Wolverhampton, although during the last 20 years we have performed in Birmingham only once. In this respect, it was a special moment for Magnum in more than one way.” According to the occasion, band members Tony Clarkin, vocalist Bob Catley, bassist Al Barrow as well as their two newest members keyboarder Rick Benton and drummer Lee Morris confidently played their way through a well-chosen mix of classics and newer songs, which rather successfully join the ranks of the band`s long tradition of atmospheric rock songs.

Star guest Tobias Sammet (Avantasia, Edguy), too, was swept along by this enthusiasm and the blazing interaction between the musicians and their Birmingham audience when he went on stage for ‘Lost On The Road To Eternity’ to lend energetic support to vocalist Bob Catley just like he did for the track’s studio recording. Oh and just by the way: As a forerunner to this gripping live album ‘Lost On The Road To Eternity’ will hit the market as a digital single on November 9th, 2018.

All that’s left to ask now is what makes Live At The Symphony Hall any different from former Magnum live recordings. “Bob and I have been in this band for quite a while now, but we’ve never lost our passion for Magnum”, Clarkin elaborates. “We want to keep learning new things and are open to tips and advice. That’s why we constantly revise our old songs, sometimes we play them a bit faster, sometimes a bit slower, we change a solo here and a part of the melody there. That way we not only keep our audience interested but also our own enjoyment in these pieces alive.” There isn’t a more fitting way to describe the magic that happens on Live At The Symphony Hall.

“Live At The Symphony Hall” will be released through SPV/Steamhammer on January 18th, 2019 as 2CD DigiPak, 3LP Gatefold, download, and stream.


1. When We Were Younger 8:00
2. Sacred Blood ‘Divine’ Lies 6:28
3. Lost on the Road to Eternity 6:11
4. Crazy Old Mothers 5:35
5. Without Love 6:14
6. Your Dreams Won’t Die 5:42
7. Peaches and Cream 5:09
8. How Far Jerusalem 10:46

1. Les Morts Dansant 5:46
2. Show Me Your Hands 5:52
3. All England’s Eyes 4:48
4. Vigilante 5:24
5. Don’t Wake the Lion (Too Old to Die Young) 11:43
6. The Spirit 4:30
7. When the World Comes Down 6:11

MAGNUM Live 2018
18.11. DE-Bochum – Zeche
19.11. DE-Frankfurt – Batschkapp
20.11. DE-Augsburg – Spectrum
22.11. UK-Edinburgh – Liquid Rooms
23.11. UK-Troon – Winterstorm Festival
24.11. UK-Newcastle – Riverside
25.11. UK-Sheffield – Plug
27.11. UK-Norwich – Waterfront
28.11. UK-Bilston – Robin 2
30.11. GR-Athens – Gagarin 205

MAGNUM Live 2019
15.06. ES-Malaga – Rock The Coast Festival

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Arena release new video for their first ever single ‘Poisoned

Arena are set to release their first ever single ‘Poisoned (single version)’.  The track has been one of the most popular songs from their latest and ninth album, ‘Double Vision’, and was a poignant and much commented on a moment from their last UK and European tour. The single version is a reworked version of the album track and the band have recorded they’re first ever video to accompany the song, which will be released on October 26th, 2018.

The song was written for loved ones and close friends lost to illness and Arena are asking everyone to join the band in commemorating anyone lost to them who represented an important part of their lives.

Fans can join in with the #arenapoisoned campaign by posting a picture and the name of someone important in their life who has passed on, on social media, with the hashtag #arenapoisoned and encourage others to do the same. The band’s plan is to collate the photographs and create a montage of the pictures in a forthcoming vinyl version of Double Vision – something special for posterity.

The Single was released on 26th October.  The single is be available from iTunes, Amazon Music amongst others.

Please see the website for more details: http://www.arenaband.co.uk/

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