Fernando Perdomo releases new album “Fernando Perdomo Has Lost His Voice” without any warning

Taken directly from Perdomo’s facebook page

IT’S MY BIRTHDAY AND I DO WHAT I WANT. That includes dropping a 37 track album with zero warning! without

Here is “Fernando Perdomo Has Lost His Voice”

37 of my songs and co writes sung by 37 of my favorite singer’s/Bands


An album I have wanted to make for over 10 years… It presents my songs in a new, fresh way. In many ways, I made my own tribute album while I am still very much alive.

Here is the tracklist

1. Spotlight Smile featuring Dr. Danny (Danny Ayala of The Lemon Twigs)
2. California Moon featuring Pat Sansone of Wilco and The Autumn Defense
3. Fill My Sky featuring The Rosannah Sisters
4. Smile featuring Eric Matthews and Linda Perhacs
5. Home featuring Cait Brennan
6. Girl With a Record Collection featuring Derek Cintron
7. Let Me Love You featuring Katie Ferrara
8. Music All Around Me featuring Jacob Jeffries
9. In A World Without You featuring Terry Draper of Klaatu – The Band
10. Something’s Missing featuring The Super Fuzz Group
11. Here With me Featuring David Divad
12. Dar Sin Recibir featuring Miguel Luna
13. Dead Flowers feat Zach Ziskin
14. Lullaby featuring Ferny Coipel of Humbert
15. Where Will We Be featuring Nikki Kidd
16. The One You run To featuring Ken Sharp
17. Feels featuring Chloe Dolandis
18. Gold featuring Edan Archer
19. Standing Still While The World Goes Round featuring A Bad Think
20. Sleep featuring FARRINGTON James Patrick
21. On Sunday Morning featuring Durga McBroom
22.Photographers In Love featuring Jim Camacho
23. Half Dead featuring Brian Jay Cline
24. 1970 featuring James Houlahan
25. Look at The Moon featuring Sj Acoustic
26.Warm featuring Yves LF Giraud
27. This Can Be You feat Ex Norwegian
28. Love Loss repeat featuring David Goodstein
29. Sometimes Featuring Casandra Perez
30. Love is a Journey feat Robert Avellanet of Menudo
31. Like Yeah No I Don’t Know featuring Blaylock John ‘Franco’ Blaylock
32. The Will To Love featuring Marisol Koss
33. Holding Back I Love Yous featuring Girl Disappearing Harcharan Kaur
34. Andreas Fault feat MINKY STARSHINE
35. Steal this Song Feat Robbie Gennet
36. Carole’s Catastrophe feat Ed Hale and The Transcendence and the grand finale
37. Amicable feat Dave Kerzner

I have to thank Cyndi Trissel for the cover and moral support
Zach Ziskin for the mixing, mastering and singing
@yves for engineering Edan Archer Howland-Cook
Rodolfo Troncoso for engineering Casandra
Ducky Carlisle for engineering Minky

and all the people involved who kicked ass on their songs..

I am truly happy on my 38th birthday

Oh.. and guess what

THIS IS VOLUME 1 .. More to come!

Grab your copy on Bandcamp 


Steve Perry 24 years after For the Love of Strange Medicine

Yesterday STEVE PERRY re-launched his social media pages with one phrase

This had social media all abuzz and today there is more news of a pending solo album titled Traces to be released worldwide through Fantasy Records/Concord Records/UMG

If the rumors are true ‘Traces’ will hit the streets on October 5th, 2018
Track Listing according to Amazon:
01. No Erasin’
02. We’re Still Here
03. Most Of All
04. No More Cryin’
05. In The Rain
06. Sun Shines Gray
07. You Belong To Me
08. Easy To Love
09. I Need You
10. We Fly

Word has it the album is being produced by: Steve Perry & Thom Flowers

In December 2015, Perry announced that he was completing a new album, which he stated was to be released in 2016. In April 2017, Perry announced that a new solo LP would be released later in the year. Perry describes the new album as a “cathartic” and “emotional expression” about the loss of a loved one. This will be Perry’s third studio album and first since For the Love of Strange Medicine (1994)

More Info To Come
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/steveperrymusic
Twitter https://twitter.com/steveperrymusic
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/steveperrymusic/
YouTube https://www.youtube.com/steveperrymusic


Photo by Francois Bisi

Bokanté’s second record What Heat, a collaboration with the Metropole Orkest (conducted by Jules Buckley) will be out on Peter Gabriel’s record label, Real World Records. It will be released internationally September 28th, and October 5th in the US and France. Discover on Friday the first single and music video for “All The Way Home”, shot on three continents.

Bokanté’s Personnel
Malika Tirolien – vocals
Jamey Haddad – percussion
André Ferrari – percussion
Keita Ogawa – percussion
Weedie Braimah – mdjembe, vocals
Chris McQueen –  guitars, vocals
Bob Lanzetti – guitars, vocals
Roosevelt Collier – steel pedal guitar, vocals
Michael League – guitar, bass, percussion, vocals
Jules Buckley – Conductor
Metropole Orkest – Orchestra

1. All the Way Home
2. Fanm
3. Lé An Gadé-w En Zyé
4. Réparasyons
5. Bòd Lanmé Pa Lwe
6. Don’t Do It:
7. Chambre à Échos
8. Maison En Feu

Produced by Michael League. Engineered by Nic Hard at Dreamland Recording in West Hurley, New York, and Atlantic Sound Studios in Brooklyn, New York. Metropole Orkest recorded by Paul Pouwer and Nic Hard at Muziekcentrum van de Omroep, Studio 5, in Hilversum, the Netherlands on 6-8 January 2018. Electric bass engineered by Diko Shoturma at Atlantic Sound Studios in Brooklyn, New York. Acoustic bass engineered by Onür Ozçelik at Kalan Studios in Istanbul, Turkey. Mixed by Nic Hard and Michael League at Atlantic Sound Studios in Brooklyn, New York. Mix assisted by Denis Rens and Ken Helmlinger. Mastered by Dave McNair in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Orchestra arranged and orchestrated by Michael League and Jules Buckley. “Réparasyons”, “Don’t Do It”, and “Chambre à Échos” arranged and orchestrated by Michael League and Stefan Behrisch. Orchestra conducted by Jules Buckley. Orchestra artistic production by Robert Soomer. Graphic design by Marc Bessant.

This heat: Bokanté and the Metropole Orkest, together. Two internationally acclaimed outfits made up of players at the top of their games. Music doesn’t get any hotter, or more accomplished than this.

Bokanté: the fresh new supergroup founded by musician and composer Michael League, he of Grammy-winning, Texan–bred, New York-based instrumental jazz collective, Snarky Puppy. A supergroup of players from five countries and four continents, different genders, races and generations working in harmony, celebrating individuality. A band whose members are united in the belief that music should be a voice for the voiceless, a force for change against a rising tide of exclusion and indifference in a world that is, well, reaching boiling point.

The Metropole Orkest: that multiple Grammy-winning hybrid ensemble, part jazz big band, part symphony orchestra, helmed by feted English conductor, composer and musician, Jules Buckley, and based in the Netherlands. A specialist in all styles, with a deep understanding of music, the Metropole is at ease playing jazz and pop, traditional music and film scores and has collaborated with legends from Ella Fitzgerald to Gregory Porter and of course, Snarky Puppy, along with a veritable constellation of rising stars.

Teamed with an outfit like Bokanté – which means ‘exchange’ in Guadeloupian Creole, the language of vocalist Malika Tirolien’s childhood island – the possibilities seemed endless.

“My first collaboration with the Metropole was with Snarky Puppy on Sylva, which won a Grammy in 2016 for Best Instrumental Album,” says League, who produced, arranged and co–wrote What Heat, with Buckley co–arranging, adding, changing, enhancing. “What Heat is an acoustic album, and every bit as adventurous. The orchestra is a huge part of the record; we explored sonic landscapes and had so much fun. It was a very creative opportunity.

“I couldn’t imagine doing any sort of orchestral record without Jules,” he continues. “He’s so in tune with the role the orchestra assumes in the context of a collaboration. He’s a true musician, a good friend and he lives in the world of modern music. He gets it.”

Working with Snarky Puppy’s now familiar funk, improv, and the jazz-based sound was one thing, states Buckley. Conveying the honesty of Bokanté’s music, with its disparate musical influences – music that also reflects the respective personal journeys of co-writers League and Tirolien – and ensuring that the two groups were in harmony, was another.

“Part of Michael’s brilliance as a composer is the way he captures the mosaic feeling of the group,” offers Buckley. “Each member of Bokanté is a virtuoso on their chosen instrument and a musical cog that eventually forms the overall sound. We honed the various elements and chipped away at anything we felt was unnecessary, and rewrote when we felt we’d missed the target, to make the record feel even more cohesive. There’s such a beautiful imagining of these compositions with an absolute non-compromise on the groove and feel.”

Listen to What Heat, to its earthy, almost rooted sound (think low brass, big strings, spiced up woodwinds), to the Creole and French–sung songs given life and magic by Malika Tirolien’s astounding voice, and it’s hard to believe that Bokanté was only founded just over a year ago, releasing a debut album, Strange Circles, that hinted at magnificent things to come. What Heat fulfills that promise, and then some.

“I wanted to put together a band that traces the blues from its roots in Africa and the Arab world throughout the diaspora and into a modern context,” says League, here playing everything from oud, Minimoog and fretless acoustic bass to bendir, riq and daf frame drum; he’s spent time studying Turkish percussion in Istanbul, and it shows. “A big part of the blues belongs to an acoustic idiom; I wanted this band to pursue how groove–based and soulful it can be.”

Joining League are Snarky guitarists Chris McQueen and Bob Lanzetti, and Miami–based pedal steel virtuoso, Roosevelt Collier. The group’s three main percussionists include Keita Ogawa – Nagasaki–raised, Rio–trained, a veteran of orchestras including the London Symphony and the group backing superstar cellist, Yo-Yo Ma. There is Jamey Haddad, the percussionist’s percussionist, ex–Berkeley music professor and longtime rhythm man for Sting and Paul Simon.

There is André Ferrari, a mohawked Swede whose innovative flourishes – on goat nails, grouse pipe, wooden Japanese bicycle bell – were a trademark of the Swedish folk outfit, Väsen, and whose self–penned ‘Shapons Vindaloo’ is the first track Snarky Puppy ever recorded. There is special guest Weedie Braimah, a Ghanaian djembe master whose skills stretch back for generations.

And then, of course, there is Malika Tirolien, the Montreal–based Guadeloupian vocalist with the huge honeyed voice. “Malika’s voice covers several frequency bands,” says Buckley, “so the challenge on What Heat was to make sure there was enough space for all the different elements – winds, strings, brass, percussion, guitars, drums, more drums – to thrive during the recording. I think Mike’s producing achieved that task brilliantly.”

Trained in classical piano and jazz, Tirolien was fronting a hip-hop–leaning group called Groundfood that supported Snarky Puppy in Quebec and duly blew League and Co away. “The whole band was like, ’Who the **** is that?’” grins League. “She was one of our first guests on the [2014] Snarky Puppy record Family Dinner Volume 1; she sang in Creole and everybody loved how it sounded. When I started writing music for Bokanté I was thinking of singers and she was the only one I thought would work. Plus we’d known each other for five years by then and had become like family.”

The French-based Creole language has a percussive flow; Tirolien’s dialect is particular to Guadeloupe and not dissimilar to the neighboring Caribbean island of Martinique: “It’s a very funky language to listen to. Of course, the whole island speaks French, their colonial language, but Creole is really a Guadeloupe thing so we thought it was more genuine for her to be expressing herself in this language– she was happy about that.”

Tirolien has the gift of conveying real emotion, even if we don’t understand what it is she’s saying.

“The important thing for us is that the groove feels good and the melodies resonate within you,” says League. “Because you don’t get to that second step – what are the lyrics about, what is the statement? – until you’ve actually been enjoying the sound. Then, seeing us as a group of people from five countries and four continents, each one with their own story and upbringing… all of that co-existing to create a sound that is harmonious and groovy and joyful is, in itself, a message.”

A smile. “Then they read the lyrics and go, ‘Oh. She’s talking about some heavy stuff.’”

Tirolien and League had started Bokanté by co-writing remotely, their creative exchanges fleshing out the ideas on the latter’s iPhone: “I would send Malika the music and a lyrical concept that was socially conscious, to do with individual and social struggles or more specifically about strife and success, racism and apathy and the refugee crisis; hopes for peace and unity. She would write the lyrics and melody, demo the song and send it back.”

This time around, for What Heat, the two came together to write, carving out space for a creative retreat in Spain. “There’s no replacement for spending time together onstage and offstage. That made a big difference to us, actually being there together and looking at that first record and building upon what works. I wrote most of these songs on oud, which I hear as a blues instrument. It has no frets so is it comes across like a slide guitar, in a way.

“Malika is an observer of life,” he says. “She has such a talent for writing these lyrics with images that tell stories, that take interesting perspectives without beating you over the head with their message.”

But the message delivered by Bokanté and the Metropole Orkest, by these two, determinedly woke and musically gifted outfits, is laced throughout What Heat – and it is urgent. Injustice is raging all around. Look. Notice. Wake up.

Dance, too; What Heat makes you want to dance.

“If it makes you want to change something,” says League, “then that’s a bonus.”

Listen here

Tacita Intesa (RPI band) Launch Crowdfunding for new CD

Photo by Andrea Liguori

“Hi everyone, we’re Tacita Intesa, we come from Casentino valley, in Tuscany, and we play Progressive Rock.

Back in 2014, we released our debut album, available on all the streaming platforms; since then we’ve composed and arranged 9 new songs which we recorded live-in-the-studio and mixed in two great recording studios in Arezzo, at the beginning of 2018. Now it’s time to get the work done and release what shall be our second album: FARO (which can be translated into `Lighthouse’.)

Producing this album literally made us run out of money though, and our only hope to turn FARO on is you; together we can have the project published, get the physical copy and finally enjoy these 9 tracks.
The way to actually become our co-worker is to help us with our crowdfunding campaign here on Musicraiser.

Starting from 15 € you can buy in advance a physical copy of FARO and get your name written on the booklet, financing in this way the publishing of the album.

Is the target reaching 1500 € in maximum 45 days. Thanks to this money we will be able to pay for:

– the printing of 500 digipak CDs;
– the shipping expenses for deliveries.

In case we manage to collect more than 1500 € we’ll make other cool and new gadgets, or maybe even a vinyl special edition of FARO.

Using this link https://www.musicraiser.com/projects/8524 you’ll be able to visit our Musicraiser page, listening to a preview of the new songs and choose which bundle to buy.

As you can see there are several bundles, with different combinations and items. It’s up to you to decide whether you are more keen on a nice T-shirt, a signed poster, a good craft beer (of the Bifrons brewery, the property of our guitarist Filippo) or perhaps our debut album if you don’t have it yet! A digital download is provided with whatever bundle you choose and you’ll receive it as soon as the campaign ends!

Our music isn’t the usual rock’n’roll; it isn’t cultural meditative stuff, neither easy-listening pop: actually, it’s the mix of all of these and even more.

C’mon, what we need is your very help: LIGHT THE FARO!

Tacita Intesa

Follow us
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tacitaintesa/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tacitaintesa/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UmCOkNuIHMw

Campaign/Crowdfunding link:

Please be sure to check out our previous work

Faro has had several favorable reviews posted for on this site already

Glass Hammer announce new concept album Chronomonaut

According to a post on http://glasshammer.com/
Glass Hammer has been teasing a Part Two of their 2000 release “Chronometree” for several weeks and it is now finally official. The tongue-in-cheek concept album “Chronometree” told the story of Tom, a prog-rock obsessed teenager in the late seventies who heard alien voices communicating to him through his favorite albums. Tom has since grown up and is apparently none-the-wiser. “Chronomonaut” will tell the story of his recent mid-life crises. Bassist and songwriter Steve Babb explains  “Apparently, the voices have returned and have been urging Tom to time-travel back to the glory days of the early prog scene.”

“Chronomonaut” will be released on Friday, October 12th. Pre-ordering for autographed copies will begin one month ahead of the release on September 12th at the band’s website.

This is the band’s follow up to Valkyrie released in 2016, and the band’s 17th studio release since 1993. “Chronomonaut”  will feature guest appearances include Discipline’s Matthew Parmenter and Chris Herin.”

Italian Prog Band “Overture” Signs with Melodic Revolution Records

Melodic Revolution Records (MRR) is thrilled to sign Overture one of the most awe-inspiring progressive rock bands to come out of Italy in recent years, Overture has just released a self-titled album that will be available through MRR. According to the band the album is inspired by the progressive masterpieces of the 70’s. On the bands Facebook page it states; that Overture is influenced by such artist as P.F.M, Jethro Tull, Banco del Mutuo Soccorso, Area, Camel, Pink Floyd, Steve Wilson, Porcupine Tree. Fans will find that Overture has their own unique & distinctive sound but will fit in nicely with some of the best prog bands that have come before them.

About The Band
was born from the ashes of the Sons of the Rascals in January 2010. The founding members are Simone Desogus on drums, Samuele Desogus on guitar, Mattia Serraon keyboards and vocals, Salvatore Sassu flute and guitar, and Stefano Sanna on bass.

Due to the different musical tastes of the singles, is the Progressive Rock the genre able to satisfy and characterize the group’s works. Then begin the work to give life to original pieces.
Immediately there is a new formation with Fiorella Piras on flute, Salvatore Turtas on keyboards and Andrea Poddighe on vocals, and the name “Overture” is definitely adopted.

In the winter of 2015, Salvatore decides to leave the group, replaced by a new keyboard player (Simone Meli) who immediately shows great passion for the genre and great professionalism.
Even Andrea decides to leave the project and in May 2015, he is replaced in the role of singer, by Luigi Ventroni.

The music of Overture is inspired by the masterpieces of 70s prog, but also incorporates influences of neo-prog and many other genres, due to the varied and heterogeneous background of the musicians involved.

Overture’s Statement:
With great honor and pleasure, Overture announce that we are now part of the Melodic Revolution Records family, the American label specializes in Progressive Rock!
MRR is led by Nick Katona, which with great passion follows and supports most of the interesting bands all around the World.
Our self – titled Album will soon be available in the catalog of this label, in both digital and physicals stores.
You can find out more on this link: http://www.melodicrevolutionrecords.com

Overture Line-up
Luigi Ventroni – Lead Voice
Simone Desogus – Drums, Percussion, Back Vocals
Simone Meli – Keyboards, Back Vocals
Samuele Desogus – Classical Guitar, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Stefano Sanna – Bass, Fretless, Synth Bass, Contrabass
Fiorella Piras – Flute, Back Vocals

Follow Overture

MRR Profile Page

Overture Online Shops

CD Baby
(Coming Soon!)
Amazon Music Italy:
Google Play:

Melodic Revolution Records Online:

Melodic Revolution Records Spotify Playlists:


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