DEVIN TOWNSEND – announces ERAS Part 1 vinyl collection

Devin Townsend has announced a series of high quality, lavish vinyl collections under the name of ‘ERAS’. The first in this series is released on June 8th, 2018 and features the quadrilogy of albums that came out during the period of 2009-2011 when the Devin Townsend Project was first created.

The boxset comes with 7LP’s and includes the albums KI, Addicted, Deconstruction and Ghost, marking the first time that the latter two have ever been available on vinyl, while the former have been long out of print. All albums come in gatefold sleeves on 180g vinyl, and have been specially remastered for the format to guarantee the best possible sound and listening experience. The sturdy 2-piece box also includes an LP-booklet that features complete lyrics, liner notes and comments from Devin, and is limited to 2000 copies worldwide. There will be a total of 4 boxsets released over the course of the next few months.

Devin comments: “The Devin Townsend Project, although it went further than I had originally planned, began life as these four albums. Ki, Addicted, Deconstruction and Ghost. The music evolved in line with a period of intense personal growth, and the albums in chronological order were meant to illustrate that change. The amount of people involved with this was extensive, and the journey was one that defined my career in ways I cannot over express. These four albums are really what the Devin Townsend Project was about.

I have been asked repeatedly over the last few years to provide these albums on vinyl, in one set. So we took this opportunity to put together ‘ERAS’, which is the definitive vinyl box-set encapsulating this period of my life and work that I am exceptionally proud of. As always, this wouldn’t have come to fruition without the support of the tremendous audience who has allowed it to flourish, so respect to both yourselves, the people involved, and the music itself, we present to you; ‘ERAS’. Thank you for allowing me to continue to do what I do.”

~Devin Townsend

You can pre-order your copy, including various coloured vinyl versions, now here:

Devin Townsend Project released the much acclaimed ‘Transcendence’ in late 2016, before embarking on one of his biggest world tours ever, as well as playing a landmark show at The Ancient Roman Theatre Plovdiv, Bulgaria alongside the Orchestra of Plovdiv State Opera. This special performance saw them celebrate the 20th anniversary of his landmark ‘Ocean Machine’ album, and was filmed for a Blu-Ray/DVD release this year.  This marks the end of an era, as Devin Townsend Project was disbanded in early 2018 to pave the way for Devin to focus on numerous other creative, musical endeavours of which he is currently hard at work on.



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Nick Mason’s Saucerful Of Secrets Announcement 

The secret is now revealed… Nick Mason’s Saucerful Of Secrets will be playing early Pink Floyd at four intimate live shows across London. The tickets go on sale from 10 AM today at

This is a unique opportunity to experience Pink Floyd’s celebrated and significant early body of work played live including songs from albums ‘The Piper At The Gates of Dawn’ and ‘A Saucerful Of Secrets’.

Very few bands are as culturally important as Pink Floyd. They are one of the best selling music artists of all time and Nick Mason is a founder and the only constant member of the band performing on all of their albums as well as all of their live shows. This will be Nick Mason’s first live musical outing since Pink Floyd played at the 2005 Live 8 concert in London.

Nick Mason’s Saucerful Of Secrets are Nick Mason, Gary Kemp, Guy Pratt, Lee Harris and Dom Beken.

The dates in London are:
Sunday, May 20 – Dingwalls, Camden
Monday, May 21 – Half Moon, Putney
Wednesday, May 23 – Half Moon, Putney
Thursday, May 24 – Half Moon, Putney

Tickets are limited and go on sale at 10 AM today, Tuesday 17th April, at All ticket holders will require photo ID with their ticket for entry to the shows.


The music was written specifically to accompany a book written by Wildlife photographer and biologist Lesley Wood and founder of Elephants for Africa Dr. Kate Evans.

Featuring unique recordings by former Genesis members and celebrated solo artists STEVE HACKETT & ANTHONY PHILLIPS (both on a collaborative track with ROGER KING and several solo pieces), award-winning vocalist NAD SYLVAN and ADDITIONAL superb contributions by artists NICK MAGNUS, TONY PATTERSON, BRENDAN EYRE, ROB TOWNSEND, AMANDA LEHMANN, ANDY TILLISON DISKDRIVE, ANDY NEVE, DALE NEWMAN & ANNA MADSEN, “HARMONY FOR ELEPHANTS” is a fine collection of music created for a most worthy cause.

Release date 25th May.

Greek Melodic Proggers “SL Theory” Sign with Melodic Revolution Records

Melodic Revolution Records is thrilled to sign Greek Melodic Prog Rock Band SL Theory. 

About The Album
“Progressively Dark (A Concert for Group & String Orchestra)” commemorates SL Theory’s groundbreaking March 3rd, 2017 show in Athens Greece at the Passport Kerameikos Live Stage, a rare collaboration between a rock band with a live string orchestra that was welcomed with rave reviews from media and fans alike.

“Progressively Dark A Concert for Group & String Orchestra” will be released in multiple formats this spring,

About the Band
Eight years after its forming and the release of SL Theory I and SL Theory II albums, Sotiris Lagonikas’s SL Theory have evolved into a 10-piece band consisting of Mike Karasoulis (Dakrya / Double Treat) on vocals, Alex Flouros (Seduce The Heaven / Fragile Vastness / What’s The Buzz?” on guitars, Yiannis Nigdelis (Double Treat) on guitars, Manos Gavalas (Sound Of Silence / Airged Lamh / Noely Rayn) on keyboards and Chris Kollias (Seduce The Heaven / Persona Non Grata) on bass, as well as Alexandros Louziotis, Kandia Bouzioti, Christina Alexiou and Margarita Papadimitriou on choir vocals

SL Theory Statement
SL Theory is excited to announce their collaboration with Melodic Revolution Records and the release of their new “Progressively Dark (A Concert for Group & String Orchestra)” double CD album and DVD.

The band is very happy for becoming a member of the Melodic Revolution Records family, a label that embraces and actively supports Progressive Rock music. The news makes SL Theory eager to work harder and deliver their absolute best!

SL Theory – Now (Official Live Video)

Lead vocals: Mike Karasoulis
Guitars: Yiannis Nigdelis / Alex Flouros
Bass: Chris Kollias
Keyboards: Manos Gavalas
Drums: Sotiris Lagonikas
Backing vocals: Alexandros Louziotis / Margarita Papadimitriou / Kandia Bouzioti / Christina Alexiou

Music & Lyrics by Sotiris Lagonikas Sound Engineer: Manos Backline Soundflakes Studio Mix: Nick Papadopoulos
Lighting Director/ Video 3D mapping: Andreas Kourtis / Giannis Kalogridis / Panagiotis Tsevrenis Video
Filmed by Fotis “Ingie” Papatheodorou & Panagiotis Maidis
Video Edited by Chris Tsoukalas
Filmed live on location on March 3rd, 2017 at Passport Keramikos

Important Links:
Website | Facebook  | YouTube | MRR Band Profile |

French Bassist Shob To Release Second Album “Karma Obscur” In April 2018

Talented French bass player Shob, who has collaborated with many artists (Roger Biwandu (Zawinul Syndicate), Patrick Rondat (G3), PapaGuyo (Sly & Family Stone), Patrick Bebey, Charles X, Eths…), will be releasing his second album “Karma Obscur” in Spring 2018! His critically acclaimed debut “Pragmatism” (2015) received over 500,000 hits on youtube, more than 600 physical copies sold, 10,000 downloads sold!

Shob’s new album “Karma Obscur” is a progressive rock/funk album with a really tight and meticulous production. Sixteen guests have participated in the recording, all amazing musicians. The album is described as “Dark Funk,” which was really Shob’s state of mind when it was written. Throughout the record, you will encounter crazy beatbox parts (Beasty), amazing soul vocalist (Laurène P Magnani), insane metal guitar solos (Pierre Danel/Kadinja), body-builded drum parts (Morgan Berthet), African percussion and grooves (Ludo Lesage)….Always cleverly mixed.

In support of his forthcoming album, Shob is preparing to tour Europe in April 2018 covering 7 countries: France, Germany, Holland, Slovaquia, Italy, Austria, Norway. His band features Morgan Berthet (Myrath, Eths, Klone, Kadinja) on drums, Denis Cornardeau on guitar and Tony Lavaud (Charles X, Santa Machete) on keyboards.

Shob’s music is described as intense progressive rock/funk played live by amazing musicians, and has been compared to Snarky Puppy, Marcus Miller, Herbie Hancock, Oz Noy, and Larry Graham. He has played more than 1000 shows over the past 6 years, and his solo project allowed him to open for great Jazz artists such as Scott Henderson, Jeff Berlin, and Gary Novak. He played some of the greatest places such as: Hell Fest open air (Mainstage France), Graspop fest (Bel), Wacken Fest (Ger), Ziget fest (Hung), Madrid electric fest, Elysée Montmartre (Paris), ST Emilion Jazz festival, Moscow, Rio, Sao Polo, Santiago Chile, Barcelone, St Barth, and Europe.

One thing defines Shob’s shows: GROOVE. Audience must be prepared to burn the dance floor out on this crazy fusion funky sound. This said, technical virtuosity lovers won’t be disappointed. Shob’s quartet are some of the greatest musicians in their category. Also, there’s a large part of improvisation during the ensemble’s shows, in which each musician can express himself, and interact with the audience…which makes every show UNIQUE.

Shob “Karma Obscur” Tour 2018
02.04.2018 FR-Marseilles, venue TBA
05.04.2018 AT-Frauental, Bluegarage
06.04.2018 SK-Bratislava, Museum
07.04.2018 AT-Vienna, Reigen
08.04.2018 AT-Linz, SMARAGD CC     TBC
09.04.2018 DE-Passau, Cafe Museum
10.04.2018 DE-Fürth, Kofferfabrik
12.04.2018 DE-Karlsruhe, KOHI
14.04.2018 NL-Tilburg, Paradox
16.04.2018 DE-Celle, Herzog-Ernst
17.04.2018 DE-Göttingen, Nörgelbuff
19.04.2018 DE-Unna, Kühlschiff
20.04.2018 DE-Nordhausen, Cyriaci-Kapelle
21.04.2018 DE-Rodgau, Maximal Kulturinitiative Rodgau
22.04.2018 NL-Zoetermeer, Boerderij (afternoon show)
24.04.2018 FR-Nancy, MAI France

Shob also has been teaching master classes since 2010 with his amazing musician and friend Morgan Berthet (drums for Myrath, Klone, Eths, Kadinja…) He’s also known for his tutorial bass video on youtube and bandcamp. Shob is sponsored by Sandberg basses, Aguilar Amplification.

“Best fusion album of the year” – Planet Waves / 2014

“Not only for bass players, those who look for groove and various musical colours will be pleased.” – Pavillon 666

“This kind of album is timeless and in 50 years from now, we still can play it, it won´t get old at all” – Metal is the Law / Webzine

Watch Shob’s new video:

To purchase Shob’s “Karma Obscur”: 
iTunes: ;
Bandcamp: ;

Shob’s youtube channel has more than 500 000 hits and 2500 followers:
Shob “Karma Obscur”:
Shon “Green Elephant”:
Audio/Video sample “Sacerdoce”:
Audio/Video sample “Enclosures”:

For more information:

netMusicZone Records
Phone:  0049-(0)-8324-933-851
Fax:  0049-(0)-8324-933-829
E-Mail: ;

Press inquiries: Glass Onyon PR, PH: 828-350-8158 (US),

It Bites Talks New Release “It Bites London Live”

Good afternoon Biters!

I have now completed the mastering of the Hammersmith and Astoria gigs and have to say that they sound great!
Paul has completed the artwork for H/Smith and will be doing the Astoria next. The news here is that I am going to include an extras cd which will contain about 6/7 tracks (subject to change) from another London venue ( no names yet) but it will be earlier material and will mean that all eras of the band will be represented in what I am calling “It Bites London Live” package.
As a matter of interest, would you all be interested in making this a 3 show pack as opposed to using the 3rd as an extras only? This will be dependent on quality and number of tracks available. If we don’t have any more than 6/7 tracks available then we will keep it as an extra and no more.
See packaging details below.

The packaging will be as follows.

Download 1 or 2 shows separately
Or as a download package plus extras download

CD as 1 show or 2 shows sold separately
Or as 2 CD’s with extras CD as a pack

Or buy the download pack and the CD pack both including the extras

According to the bands, Facebook page these may be recordings from their April 7th,1990 Eat Me In St Louis shows in London at the Hammersmith Odeon.

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