Frontiers Music Srl Announces Signing of UK Hard Rock Band “A NEW TOMORROW”

New Studio Album Universe To Be Released In 2019 | The Band Is Another Excellent Addition to Label’s New Breed Roster!

Vocalist/guitarist Alessio Garavello (Ex-Power Quest/Arthemis) and bassist Andrea Lonardi formed A New Tomorrow in London in 2009. The two were later joined by drummer Tim Hall and guitarist Michael Kew (Vega). The band have since honed their sound into powerful, uplifting, hard-hitting melodic hard rock, which drew the attention of Frontiers in 2018 and led to the band’s signing. 

Rock giants like Alter Bridge, Foo Fighters, Metallica, and Green Day are influential to A New Tomorrow’s musical roots and this rock solid foundation is the road map from which the band developed their sound. Conveying A New Tomorrow’s love for life and go-getter attitude, both on and off stage, their music is meant to motivate and inspire. 

Drummer Tim Hall comments, “Several years of amazing times, full of both ups and downs, not just as a band, but as great friends, gave us the foundation to write something special for our music. Universe became the only title to encompass all our experiences as individuals and as a band, with themes – from fear and doubt to taking back the pursuit of our hopes and dreams – that I think all of us can identify with.”

Hall continues, “Expect dynamic and heavy songs, with intricate, interwoven grooves, alongside blankets of melodic guitars and powerful vocals. We feel invigorated playing this music and can’t wait to unleash that energy live in 2019.” 

Alessio Garavello on signing to Frontiers: “It’s fantastic to start working with a label that shares the same vision for our music that we do! This union presents an opportunity for us to grow and evolve as a band and we really can’t wait to continue the journey in 2019 and beyond.”

For those unfamiliar with A New Tomorrow, check out videos for previously released tracks “Brighter Than The Sun” and “Damn You” HERE: 

Stay tuned for more info on UNIVERSE and the release of the first single from the album later this year.

Alessio Garavello – Vocals/Guitar
Andrea Lonardi – Bass
Tim Hall – Drums
Michael Kew – Guitar

Connect with A New Tomorrow:

The Steve Bonino Project returns with Stargazer 2

Album Art El Kay

Melodic Revolution Records is pleased to announce the upcoming album Stargazer 2 by The Steve Bonino Project.

Hot on the heels of the highly acclaimed debut album Stargazer… Bomber Goggles Multi-instrumentalist Steve Bonino returns with Stargazer 2. 

Stargazer is the nickname given to the hero of the story born into a dystopian future in which man’s neglect has made Earth no longer habitable. 

For the past 20 years on Proxima b, the colonists have been feverishly building a transparent dome to protect themselves from the sun’s radiation and to able to control their environment.

Upon its completion, it is decided they should send out an exploration party to try to replenish lost supplies. After a two day trek, they come upon what looks like the ruins of an abandoned alien city where they find what appear to be texts written in an alien language.

Are the writings actually alien, or could there be a connection to the colonists they could never dare to imagine?
Tune in to Stargazer 2 for the shocking truth.

‘Stargazer 2’ will be Released & selections Performed Live along with songs from Stargazer by The Steve Bonino Project on April 14th, 2019 at Alvas Showroom 1417 W 8th Street. San Pedro, CA 90732  

Showtime 4:00 PM 
General Admission $15.00
Buy Tickets Here:

The Live Band:
Steve Bonino Bass/Vocals 
Peter Matuchniak Guitar/Vocals 
Both Steve and Peter are members of the critically acclaimed band Bomber Goggles whose debut album ‘Gyerland’ spent weeks in the top ten at Prog Archives. 
Jimmy Keegan Drums/Vocals (formerly Spock’s Beard and played drums on Santana’s ‘Supernatural’ album). 
Jonathan Sindelman Keyboards/Vocals (has performed with Allan White of Yes, 
Mike Keneally from Frank Zappa’s band and Joe Travers from Zappa Plays Zappa).
Seth Romano Guitar/Keyboards/Percussion/Vocals (‘The Trip’).

Track Listing

01. The Grand Finale
02. Under The Dome 
03. The Dark Light Divide 
04. So Familiar
05. City Out Of Time 
06. Alien Progeny 
07. Broken Record 
08. Hyperspeed Overdrive
09. Codex 
10. The Ancient Sumerian 
11. Fear

Studio Band

Stave Bonino, Vocals/Guitars/Bass/Keybords and Drum Programming
Peter Matuchniak, lead guitar on The Dark Light Divide, City out of Time and Fear
Mike Lewis, Drums on The Grand Finale and The Ancient Sumerian 
Jimmy Keegan, Drums on The Dark Light Divide
Marco Minnemann, Drums on Hyperspeed Overdrive
Seth Lewis, Backing vocals on The Grand Finale
Erik Johnson, Rythm Guitar on City Out Of Time 

The Steve Bonino Projects Bandcamp Superstore

Follow Steve Bonino

Melodic Revolution Records Online:

Melodic Revolution Records Spotify Playlists:

The Zombies Announce Complete Studio Recordings Vinyl Box Set

We are happy to announce that our “Complete Studio Recordings” vinyl box set will be released on Varèse Sarabande in the US and Canada on Feb. 22nd!

“For the first time, the essential studio recordings of Britain’s legendary Zombies are assembled in one place on vinyl. This set includes their two original US albums: She’s Not There/Tell Her No and Odessey & Oracle; two important compilations: I Love You and R.I.P.; as well as a bespoke collection of rare singles and UK-only album tracks: Oddities & Extras. It’s five albums on 180gm vinyl.”

Disc: 1

  1. She’s Not There (Side One)
  2. Summertime (Side One)
  3. It’s Alright With Me (Side One)
  4. You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me / Bring It On Home To Me (Side One)
  5. Sometimes (Side One)
  6. Woman (Side One)
  7. Tell Her No (Side Two)
  8. I Don’t Want To Know (Side Two)
  9. Work ‘n’ Play (Side Two)
  10. Can’t Nobody Love You (Side Two)
  11. What More Can I Do (Side Two)
  12. Got My Mojo Working (Side Two)

Disc: 2

  1. The Way I Feel Inside (Side One)
  2. How We Were Before (Side One)
  3. Is This The Dream (Side One)
  4. Whenever You’re Ready (Side One)
  5. Woman (Side One)
  6. You Make Me Feel Good (Side One)
  7. Gotta Get A Hold Of Myself (Side Two)
  8. Indication (Side Two)
  9. Don’t Go Away (Side Two)
  10. I Love You (Side Two)
  11. Leave Me Be (Side Two)
  12. She’s Not There (Side Two)o

Disc: 3

  1. Care of Cell 44 (Side One)
  2. A Rose for Emily (Side One)
  3. Maybe After He’s Gone (Side One)
  4. Beechwood Park (Side One)
  5. Brief Candles (Side One)
  6. Hung Up On A Dream (Side One)
  7. Changes (Side Two)
  8. I Want Her She Wants Me (Side Two)
  9. This Will Be Our Year (Side Two)
  10. Butcher’s Tale (Western Front 1914) (Side Two)
  11. Friends of Mine (Side Two)
  12. Time of the Season (Side Two)

Disc: 4

  1. She Loves The Way They Love Her (Side One)
  2. Imagine The Swan (Side One)
  3. Smokey Day (Side One)
  4. Girl Help Me (Side One)
  5. I Could Spend The Day (Side One)
  6. Conversation Off Floral Street (Side One)
  7. If It Don’t Work Out (Side Two)
  8. I’ll Call You Mine (Side Two)
  9. I’ll Keep Trying (Side Two)
  10. I Know She Will (Side Two)
  11. Don’t Cry For Me (Side Two)
  12. Walking In The Sun (Side Two)

Disc: 5

  1. Kind Of Girl (Side One)
  2. She’s Coming Home (Side One)
  3. I Must Move (Side One)
  4. I Want You Back Again (Side One)
  5. I Can’t Make Up My Mind (Side One)
  6. I Remember When I Loved Her (Side One)
  7. I’m Going Home (Side One)
  8. Remember You (Side Two)
  9. Just Out Of Reach (Side Two)
  10. Nothing’s Changed (Side Two)
  11. Goin’ Out Of My Head (Side Two)
  12. She Does Everything For Me (Side Two)
  13. A Love That Never Was (Side Two)

To pre-order:…/…/B07MBHPKVH

Prog Ensemble Shumaun To Release Anticipated Second Album “One Day Closer to Yesterday”

If you like Rush–Porcupine Tree-Dream Theater, Shumaun is a must for you!

Prog ensemble Shumaun will be releasing their highly anticipated sophomore album “One Day Closer to Yesterday” on February 22, 2019. The new release has an underlying concept of love gone wrong. The album begins with two souls in a state of preexistence bonded by love, and continues after they are both assigned bodies on Earth. All attempts at a blissful reunion are complicated, as only one of them can recall their state together prior to birth… and yet their connection is undeniable. “One Day Closer to Yesterday” touches on the many real struggles, conflicts, and experiences that romantic relationships might go through… the good, bad, spiritual, and terrestrial.

The Shumaun sound is shaped by the soaring vocals and lead guitar work of Farhad Hossain, the pounding melodic bass lines of Jose Mora, the subtle guitar nuances of Tyler Kim, and the technical and groove-oriented drumming of Tanvir Tomal.

Says vocalist/guitarist Farhad Hossain, “Stylistically, this album is a bit more raw and heavier than our last one. Guitar wise, there are surprisingly a lot of riffs throughout the album. I use the term ‘surprisingly’ because I never really considered myself to be a riff writer, but somehow that’s the natural direction that this album took a turn to. Much of the lyrics were comprised from improved vocal sessions that were further refined in order to capture something real and unfiltered. Many of the vocal melodies were spontaneous. I incorporated more vocal harmonies and vocal textures this time around as well. Tanvir Tomal is playing his heart out on this one. Some of the drum rhythms are simplistic in approach and yet somehow technical in nature. As always, Jose Mora’s bass playing is tasteful, melodic, and technical all at once, And of course, you can hear Tyler Kim’s guitar textures throughout the album.”

Watch the Lyric video for first single off new album called “Go”

Shumaun initially started as a solo project by Farhad Hossain. After recording a few demos, he decided to recruit a few friends to help build the project into a full-fledged collaborative band. The band released their self-titled debut album on Nov 13, 2015 to rave reviews, and supported it with several shows. Both Mark Zonder (Fates Warning) and Travis Orbin (Darkest Hour) played drums on the first record. Shumaun made it on many lists for best records of 2015 such as Decibel Geek, ProgMetal Zone, Metal Asylum, Rockway.Gr, Progressive Music Planet and The Deli DC Magazine.

Track listing: 
Sensus Divinitatis
The Writing’s on the Wall
Fear Is
Nafsi Ammara
City of Gold
Central Station
Prove Yourself
Remember Me and I Will Remember You
One Day Closer to Yesterday

Mixing: Brett Caldas-Lima at Tower Studio (Pain of Salvation, Cynic)

Farhad Hossain: Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Jose Mora: Bass
Tyler Kim: Guitars
Tanvir Tomal: Drums

Here’s what the press has said about Shumaun:

“Great vocals, well-written songs, and solid musicianship are the hallmarks for the debut self-titled release by Shumaun. It’s a very enjoyable album for anyone who likes to sing along with their music. With Shumaun, the songs come first. And that makes for a very enjoyable experience.” 

“Shumaun have recorded a perfect debut album that might appeal to a large audience. The music is impressive and pretty close to brilliant.”

“Every part of the journey brings unexpected twists and fresh rewards, blending multi-cultural rhythms and sounds for one of the best rock/metal/prog songs of 2015.” 

“It’s rock music with a lot of replay value, and some strong messages at heart. Shumaun is REAL music with REAL effort and REAL values put behind it. There’s a definite positivity here, and it comes off as a rather heartfelt and passionate moment that I’m thankful to have been able to recommend your way.”

“AWESOME! OK, this band is AWESOME and have produced probably my favourite album of the year. A new band in age, this is a set of serious musos, with chops that your local butcher would envy. If you like the axis of Rush–Genesis-King Crimson, Shumaun is a must for you.”

Bringing something fresh and invigorating to the world with their debut self-titled album, Shumaun paints a beautiful soundscape with progressive, rock, pop and touches of delectable South Asian flair. The writing ranges from outright gorgeous with ear-catching progressive rock grooves to straight forward pop-influenced rock.”

In closing Farhad has this to impart, “The message we want to convey through our music is that no matter how different we might view one another; our similarities far exceed those differences. We have the potential of exuding a profound love for one another, as we are all united in more ways than we might think.”

Shumaun is currently playing gigs in the Washington DC area to promote the new record and will start planning an east coast tour of the US in the late Spring of 2019.

Release Date: February 22, 2019


The Novelists release Live video of “Thunder Road”

Hi folks,

We have a new video of our cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “Thunder Road”. We performed it at Hawkins Amphitheater in Reno, NV on October 6th, 2018 and it’s now available in audio and video formats on the streaming platforms listed below. Bruce is a constant inspiration and this song is a joy to perform. We hope you enjoy! 

The Novelists

Video production by Bryon Evans Films (
Video director and editor – Bryon Evans
Cameras – Bryon Evans, Chris Holloman, Don Gustavson, Jake Willers, Quentin Monroe
Audio mixing – David Peters
Audio engineering – Joel Ackerson

The Novelists:
Joel Ackerson – lead vocals, guitar
Eric Andersen – lead vocals, piano
Zack Teran – vocals, bass
Miguel Jimenez-Cruz – vocals, drums






Tim Bowness – launches “I Go Deeper”; the firs​t single from new album ‘Flowers At The Scene’

Tim Bowness’ fifth solo album ‘Flowers At The Scene’ is set for release on InsideOutMusic/Sony on March 1st,  2019. Produced by no-man, the album is a vibrant collection of 11 strikingly diverse songs.

Today sees the launch of the album’s first single, “I Go Deeper.” You can watch the video for the track here: 

Tim comments: “This was one of the last tracks written for the album. I co-wrote it last Summer with Italian musician Stefano Panunzi for use in a film. The original is in the more romantic tradition of no-man (and Porcupine Tree at its most lush), but I heard something very different in the piece so set about accentuating the differences between the sections and completely changing the instrumentation. Colin Edwin and Tom Atherton make for a formidable rhythm section on this and the soaring guitar solo by Brian Hulse is also a highlight for me.”

‘Flowers At The Scene’ will be available as CD, LP + CD & as a digital album, as well as a limited edition red colored vinyl version available exclusively through Burning Shed. Pre-order now here:

Tim added of the new album: “’Lost In The Ghost Light felt like a conclusion to a particular way of writing and working. In the wake of that, Flowers At The Scene very much feels like a new beginning.

It was an exciting project to put together and it was great working closely with old sparring partners, Brian Hulse, and Steven Wilson. Steven was initially brought in to mix the album, but very quickly he was doing far more and developing production ideas alongside Brian and I. Listening to pieces such as Not Married Anymore, Borderline and The War On Me, we both felt that the project had more than a hint of the spirit of no-man and it became obvious that this was a no-man co-production rather than a Bowness/Wilson one.

Elsewhere, the likes of Fates Warning’s Jim Matheos, Colin Edwin, Dylan Howe, and Tom Atherton delivered some incredible performances and it was a delight to get Peter Hammill, Kevin Godley, Andy Partridge and David Longdon involved. 

Peter and Kevin were two of my favorite singers growing up and I’ve been a long-term fan of XTC, so it was genuinely a thrill to hear their excellent contributions.”

Representing the duo of Tim Bowness and Steven Wilson’s first joint production in over a decade, the album features performances from an extraordinary cast of players including Peter Hammill (Van Der Graaf Generator), Andy Partridge (XTC), Kevin Godley (10cc), Colin Edwin(Porcupine Tree), Jim Matheos (Fates Warning/OSI), David Longdon (Big Big Train), co-producer Brian Hulse (Plenty), Australian trumpeter Ian Dixon, and drummers Tom Atherton and Dylan HoweThe CuratorDavid K Jones, violinist Fran Broady, and Charles Grimsdale also guest.

Mixed by Steven Wilson and mastered by Steve Kitch (The Pineapple Thief), the album’s artwork is once again by Jarrod Gosling.

The full track-listing is as follows:

I Go Deeper (4.15)
2) The Train That Pulled Away (4.04)
3) Rainmark (4.15)
4) Not Married Anymore (3.30)
5) Flowers At The Scene (3.04)
6) It’s The World (3.03)
7) Borderline  (3.45)
8) Ghostlike (5.08)
9) The War On Me (3.47)
10) Killing To Survive (3.59)
11) What Lies Here (4.00)

Tim Bowness is primarily known as vocalist/co-writer with no-man, a long-running collaboration with Steven Wilson.

In addition to releasing six studio albums and a documentary DVD with no-man, Tim has worked with popular Italian artist Alice, Mercury Prize nominated Banco De Gaia, Robert Fripp, Peter Hammill and Roxy Music’s Phil Manzanera (amongst many others).

Tim recorded the album Flame (1994) with Richard Barbieri (Porcupine Tree/ex-Japan), and co-produced/co-wrote Talking With Strangers (2009) for Judy Dyble (ex-Fairport Convention).

Tim Bowness released his fourth solo album, ‘Lost In The Ghost Light’ last year through InsideOutMusic, garnering the best solo reviews he has ever received and reaching #5 in the official UK rock chart. It also picked up Best Cover Artwork at the prestigious annual Progressive Music Awards 2017.



INSIDEOUTMUSIC Spotify Playlist:

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