Phideaux set to return at RoSFest in 2019

Roldan Entertainment is happy to announce that US band Phideaux, has been signed to RoSFest for 2019.

Phideaux, the band as well as the main man in the band, are dedicated friends of RoSfest. Phideaux Xavier has actually attended most of our festivals as a guest. We sometimes forget that he is also an excellent progressive rock musician with a top-notch band backing him on stage. Those who remember back to 2011, will recall just how impressive this band is to see live.

Phideaux has been working for around a decade to follow up on his massive success album, “Doomsday Afternoon“, and in 2018 that album is finally here. It is called “Infernal“, and is at the CD pressing plant at the time this press release is written. This is an album that has been eagerly awaited by progressive rock fans worldwide, and we do presume that songs from this album will be at the core of the concert to be given at RoSfest 2019. All existing fans of Phideaux will see that as natural and expected. Obviously, he has a massive back catalog of excellent material to choose from as well, which will ensure a memorable concert experience.

For those who may not be familiar with Phideaux, he has been recording and releasing music since the early 1990’s, and with this year’s album, he has a total of ten studio albums to his name. He is something of an expert in creating atmospheric laden, symphonic progressive rock, often with darker, shimmering Floydian details amidst lighter toned, elegant overlays. His material tends to be developed over many years, and with an immaculate eye for perfection covering even minor, minute details. His last three studio albums, in particular, have been impressive, and expectations are high for the album he is about to launch. In addition, the live performances from him and his band are as impressive as the material found on the albums.

It has been too long since Phideaux last played at RoSfest and we thought it was high time that he returned for the 2019 edition. Especially as the long-awaited “Infernal” now is about to be released.

RoSfest 2019, will take place on May 3rd through 5th, 2019 at the Sarasota Opera House, Florida. The final line-up and schedule for the festival are still TBA. Confirmed bands to appear so far are Jethro Tull 50th Anniversary Tour with Martin Barre, Clive Bunker and, Jonathan Noyce, Riverside, Karmamoi, Edge of Reality, Entransient, & Traverser.…/

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The Aaron Clift Experiment – Introducing our new guitarist: Mathew Aboujaoude

It’s never easy to find a guitarist with the skill and background to play the diverse range of music in our catalog, but we’re very happy to announce that we’ve found the guy.  Introducing our new guitarist, Mathew Aboujaoude:

Currently studying guitar and songwriting at Berklee College of Music Online, Mathew started playing keyboards at the age of 7 and picked up the guitar at age 9.  For the past 4 years, he has toured extensively in Texas, Louisiana, and the Middle East with Brick Floyd, a Lebanese Pink Floyd tribute act.  Mathew has done session work with various artists in the US and abroad and is currently recording an original solo progressive rock album to be released this year.

We’re looking forward to working with Mathew as we gear up for more live shows this fall and beyond.  Mathew will be making his live debut with us at our September 27 show at One 2 One Bar in Austin, so please be sure to come out and welcome him to the ACE family!


To celebrate 10 years of Fruits De Mer Records, they have released a triple vinyl set of songs that have appeared on the label, plus a 7” single featuring another two songs that were provided too late to make it onto the main set. In all, 30 songs with a running time of two hours and fifteen minutes in length. There are quite a few cover songs contained within this, and I must confess to only knowing a few of the artists involved, but overall this is an amazing release that has made me realize just how much I have been missing out on by not coming across this label before this. It starts with “Theme One”, but not the original by VDGG but a cover by Tor Peders (taken from his ‘Brev Fran Ederstorp’ album). Now, those of a certain age will remember the song not from the original, nor even from it being played on Radio One at the beginning and end of the day, but rather as being used by Tommy Vance on his Radio One Rock Show each week for the Friday Night Connection quiz. I hadn’t played it for a while, and while this is a very different version indeed, it contains all the power and anarchy of VDGG in their prime.

Other highlights that must be mentioned include Tír na nÓg, with “I Pick Up Birds At Funerals”. These guys have had a chequered career to say the least, but their first albums from the early Seventies are indispensable, and this progressive folk psych number shows that they have lost none of their immediacy and passion. White Sails need to be held up for covering Black Sabbath’s “Fluff”, the acoustic number from the mighty ‘Sabbath Bloody Sabbath’ and certainly not a number that many would think of to pick. I am also incredibly enamored of Hills Have Riffs and “Down By The River”, as I’ve never heard anyone else captures the really early sound of Jethro Tull like this. Psychedelic bluesy whimsy, this is incredible. I was soon realizing that each and every song was important in its own way, introducing me to songs I hadn’t come across before, or covers that were taking songs I knew into different areas, often by bands I didn’t know even existed. While The Pretty Things are a known entity, I was actually more impressed by the likes of The Honey Pot and “Dr. Crippen’s Meeting Room” which is a psychedelic masterpiece. But, one that really made me smile is one of the songs that are on the single, namely “White Horses”. This was originally the theme music to a Sixties Yugoslav-German co-production about a teenage girl’s equine adventures, called ‘White Horses’, which was dubbed into English and screened on BBC One. In 2003 it was voted the greatest theme music of all time, but it never sounded quite like this.

Overall, this is an amazing album, one that has introduced me to so much great music. Now I have another label to investigate, and this one will be a delight.
9/10  – Kev Rowland


 In 2009, drummer Craig Walker was asked to stand in for a local band, where he met keyboard player Darrel Treece-Birch, who was also helping them out. This led to them deciding to start a new project together, and they brought along Darrel’s longtime collaborators Martin Walker (who just happens to be Craig’s dad) and singer/bassist Alan ‘Spud’ Taylor. After the release of a demo, Gavin Walker (Craig’s brother, Martin’s son – are you following this?) was brought in as bassist to allow Alan to concentrate on singing. At the time of the release (2014) Darrel was in two other bands, one of which was Ten (with whom he is still with today), and singer Gary Hughes helped out by engineering and producing Alan, as well as providing some backing vocals. But these guys are a totally different style of music to what Darrel plays in Ten.

Some people will argue that these guys are neo prog, while others may look to crossover, but it is honestly just easier to state that they are a very English sounding prog band. Classic Pendragon has obviously been an influence, but so have some of the more keyboard-oriented pastoral bands of the past, and every time I play the classic “Weight of The World” the vocals remind me of some of the songs from Roger Glover’s ‘The Butterfly Ball’! I think what I like about the album is that there is so little stress within it, it is quite laid back at times, but they know when the guitars need to make an impact without always crunching out riffs. They are all fine musicians but are quite happy to sit back and often let Darrel lead the musical flow while Alan sits over the top of it all with wonderfully melodious vocals. They close with the eighteen-minute-long “Vision” which allows them to musically stretch their wings, yet still, keep it all contained and incredibly melodic. Driving, pastoral yet rocky when they need to be, melodic, musical, this is a really nice album indeed.


by Kev Rowland


This is the sort of album that can only be produced by people who have a wealth of experience behind them, as it is full of the confidence that only comes from the long hours of playing. Here, singer Fred Farell is working with pianist Richie Beirach and Dave Liebman (saxophones, recorder), and together they have produced an album of original material that is laid back, reflective, spiritual, delicate and refreshing all at the same time. No-one here has anything to prove, they just combine in a manner that I found absolutely enthralling in its simplicity and beauty.

Acoustic piano, a gentle sax and vocals that often don’t even have much reverb place on them, it doesn’t get far more stark and sincere than this. Yet, there is a real warmth and depth to what is going on, that belies the fact that it is just three guys gently bouncing off each other to provide an album whose cover art is a perfect reflection of what lies inside. The landscape combines fields with the sea and distant mist, a gentleness that has a strength and power within it. This isn’t the sort of jazz that I listen to often, but rarely have I heard it more controlled and heartfelt than here and is something I have enjoyed considerably.

by Kev Rowland

Landmarq announce new line-up and a few fall shows.

Ok, it’s been a little while coming but LANDMARQ are pleased to announce their shiny new line-up. Woohoo!

Ok, it’s been a little while coming but LANDMARQ are pleased to announce their shiny new line-up. Woohoo!

Line-up change #1
Step forward lead singer, Wolf Campen. A multi-instrumentalist and songwriter himself, Wolf was delighted to get the call following a series of auditions earlier in the year and is now looking forward to working with the band as they begin some fairly intensive rehearsals in preparation for their appearances in October at the Summer’s End Festival and also the Classic Rock Society.

Line-up change #2
However, another change to the line up occurred when drummer Daniel Martin made the decision to move on from the band as he was relocating back to Scotland to start a business producing original artwork.
Now step forward new drummer, Andy Allen. Andy was already known to the band and although fairly busy elsewhere, musically, he was equally delighted to receive the call to join the Landmarq family.

Existing Landmarq members — Mike Varty, Uwe D’rose, and Steve Gee — agree they are very happy to be up to full strength again and are now looking forward to getting back on stage. The band also have plans to release a new album in 2019 with the writing of new material already well underway.

LANDMARQ live dates 2018:
Sat 06 Oct, 2018 – Summers End Festival
Sat 20 Oct, 2018 – Classic Rock Society

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