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Sarus - Hampshire based Prog band, influences include Genesis, IQ, Floyd, It Bites, Spocks Beard, Twelfth Night and many more!



Hello to all in progworld, we are Cruciform Soul from Seattle WA, USA.

As you all know, prog is almost a dirty word in Seattle, being the original home of grunge. To find a prog band that is not a tribute cover band is nigh on impossible. My bassist, Randy George, has his Ajaon project, and was also the leader of a Yes tribute, Parallels. I was in a Rush tribute, Anthem, and of course that's how we met. I have a group on Facebook Prog Rock in Seattle that I've started to try and connect with other like minded bands, and players. Feel free to connect and say hi.


Cruciform Soul is a band that writes commercial sounding, prog influenced and based rock music, less concerned about virtuosity than song writing. Not to say we aren't good at what we do.

We are just starting to connect with our peers, and hope to chat with you further.

Peace, hope and love : Rob Fowler, Randy George, Dan Lile, and Arny Bailey: CRUCIFORM SOUL

Cruciform Soul @ Reverbnation


Hi there... our band RAK is at


or you can go directly to the BandPage app at http://listn.to/rak



Spleen Arcana on Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/spleenarcana ;)


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