Power of Prog

Tell us which album you believe is
best prog album of all time and
why you believe it is so.

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Ah serious boys!
You're great and you've maybe progbreaking plans, you're too old, but yeah it could... not ;-)

Serious, to become big you need the support of a recordcompany or an other guy who is loaded and who wants to invest a lot of money in an advertise plan and tour. And if you found that, the music doesn't count anymore, but the looks do.

But yes i keep my fingers croseed for Mangrove so now and then, they deserve it!
This is not true many bands have sold millions of copies of there album out of the trunk of there car with out the help of anyone but there own self determination and great marketing shills, here is one example though they are not prog it still goes to prove a point motley crue sold over 1 million copies of there 1st album before signing to a label, and this pre-dates cell phone cable tv and yes even the internet.
I thought you would find your way here, Mr. Gielkens! And there I was about to send you the link!
Nick, mmmm i'm breaking my head, which Nick are you... Magenta... jeemie my memorie... did we ever met?
This is one of those questions that can't really be answered with just ONE album choice, since there are so many great ones to choose from, and certainly more to choose from all the time! (lucky us!)
But I'm not going to cop out just for that reason, SO.....
I believe Genesis's "The lamb lies down on Broadway" to be the album that, (when it came out) was the one that stands out the MOST STRONGLY in my memory proggybank.....or would that be "Proggy memorybank"? :)
It is not easy for pick one album for another- there are many fine prog rock albums, but having to chose one, I will pick out Genesis The Lamb lies down on Broadway, too. The story combined with great music makes this album so brilliant.
Carpet Crawlers is still one of my favourite songs, and probably always will be.
Isn't that the album with "The Chamber of 32 Doors"?
I love that song!

I think DT (Images And Words), Enchant ( A blueprint Of The World ) and Lemur Voice ( Divided ) 3 of the greatest Prog albums I have heard and the last 2 are criminally underrated!! The total package of great musicianship and total Feeling is what brings tears to my eyes!!
hard to say, what kind of Prog? My fusion side would say : The Grand Wazoo (Frank Zappa). It's an adventure, a war of notes. My Folk-Prog side would say : Thick As A Brick (Jethro Tull) because the mix between Folk and Prog is so natural. "The Yes Album" (Yes), although their most commercial album, still sounds innovative! (I mean, listen to Chris Squire). And Atom Heart Mother is an old time favorite as well. (This is becoming a list, I know)

While not necessarily prog rock , she sure is Art Rock and that's Kate Bush with her album The Dreaming. At the time of it's release in 1982, she was pushing boundaries with her writing, her voice and with her use of recording technology. A great eclectic and weird album for sure.


Yes, Kate Bush is very unique in her approach !
I guess the equation for us was kate/weird = better

We've always put The Dreaming in our Prog Rock list, as it was a huge step forward ("progress") in comparison to anything she'd done before, and pretty much everything we heard out at the time (it was the '80's!). It was hardly a pop album (I think her worst selling to date) and actually considered a flop by those pop-chart types. Which of course means - it was GREAT ;-)

That was my introduction to Kate's work, and has always been my favorite of her albums. If there is one negative mark against it, it would be the first use of the "orchestral hit", which is still being used to death in pop even today.


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