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Just wondering where you buy your Music for Polish Progressive Rock bands; especially for those outside of Poland, and even those in the US?

What stores, online sites or music festivals have you purchased your music?


Thanks and have a great week.

Brian aka Theories of PROG-ability



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I get mine usually from Amazon. I've also purchased from Gemm Records online. Burning Shed carries some stuff also I think.
Like Capndad, most of my stuff comes from Amazon....also have used Gemm a couple of times and Prog Rock Records.....

Great input guys, Thanks.

looking forward to making a list of places to purchase this great music.

I have purchased from LYNXMUSIC.pl (Millenium's site). They have a lot of great POlsih Prog Rock CD's and an English site. They communicate well.


Brian aka Theories of PROG-ability.

yes, this is run by Lyszard(?) the keyboard player from Millenium.  he has some good bands - can i recommend strongly Loonypark who have a female lead and are really good!

This company in Poland sends worldwide and are really efficient.  Not too exensive either!



There is a lot of stuff on the http://synphonic.8m.com


best regards,

Try kinesiscd.com, I recently began ordering from them.  Good prices and fast service.

I've bought many polish cd's off of merlin.pl


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