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At 9:21pm on January 27, 2014, Tom Hayden said…

Wow, Len!  I'd forgotten how awesome your songs are.  Sunquake rocks now even more than I remembered!!  Thanks for the post.

Peace, Tom

At 11:07pm on January 24, 2013, Len Rice said…
At 12:48am on October 13, 2012, Len Rice said…


DOWNLOAD all 7 Songs FREE using the player below!

(for listening & non-commercial use)


I have no cd for sale.  I am simply sharing my music worldwide with as many people as possible hoping it will be enjoyed indefinitely.

If you like my songs,  please let me know,  and share with friends!




No Spam from me, only the occasional friendly update!

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Profile Information

I am the following; a
Musician, Song Writer, Engineer
Style of Prog
Progressive Rock, Symphonic Rock, Also a fan of other genres of music
I'm a perfectionist who'll spend hours on tiny details of tone &/or feel, even if barely noticeable, until everything's 99% right. I prefer a final mix with an organic quality & avoid compression to maintain dynamics. I devote much time to making sounds fit together. Enjoy!
Influences or Favorite Bands
Alphabetically: Brand X, Camel, ELP, Focus, GENESIS(especially w/Peter Gabriel & solo), Gentle Giant, Steve Hackett, Marillion(Fish & solo), RUSH, Starcastle, YES, plus classic rock, fusion, & a variety of metal.

See: http://powerofprog.com/profiles/blogs/the-ten-albums-that-changed-m...
You can find me.
https://twitter.com/LenRice (or) @LenRice
More info;

"Wonderful;master musician" J.Hasnip/ME

"Amazing" M.Teixeira/CANADA

"Awesome!" OttoZone/PA

"Great!" H.Byrne/MI

"Like-GrayHares" EmbersOfAutumn/OH

"Great" OctoberDawn/CT

"Like Sunquake" UnifiedPast/NY

"Excellent" B.Parker/FL

"Like Love&Logic" E.Shippert/IL

"Like PulseRift" B.Schick/IL

"Awesome!" TEFiroved/PA

"Nice-Sunquake" Stirling/AUSTRALIA

"Cool!" M.HarperSmith/CANADA

"Interesting!" Deano2112/UK

"Fantastic" Progology/UK

"Luv" TimesUp/UK

"Nice!" Ifsounds/ITALY

"Great!" BunChakeze/UK

"Cool" A.Farnfield/UK

"Luv" Fleece/IRELAND

"Enjoyed!" P.Munday/UK

"Like" J.Kuragari/BERLIN

"Pleasure" OrchestreCelesti/ITALY

"Enjoyed" M.Swanson/MI

"Like!" A.Serri/ITALY

"Awesome" SubjectToThoughts/TX

"Quality" GardenWall/ITALY

"Sunquake ambitious as 70sGenesis" HebIkJouDaar/NETHERLANDS

"Great!" Afterburners/WA

"Sunquake-excellent,GrayHares-amazing!" WahWhoWhyWoh!/SPAIN

"Great" A.Henriquez/BRAZIL

"Sunquake catch ear!" B.Noya/INDONESIA

"Great-Sunquake" Minstrel'sGhost/AZ

"Enjoyed" R.Bussey/NC

"Great" P.Bjarne/DENMARK

"Luv Sunquake!" InSiren/ICELAND

"Great!" DreamTheElectricSleep/KY

"Wonderful Genesis influence" B.Dyke/SC

"Great!" CorvusStone/FINLAND

"Discovery!" F.Polenta/ARGENTINA

"Awesome" LiquidUniverse/AUSTRALIA

"Like" H.Arve/GERMANY

"Inspiring" V.Chrobek/SLOVAKIA

"Sunquake's nice!" Amyrrhond/MN

"Well done!" ObsidianKey/UK

"Great!" Flammärion/PORTUGAL

"Fantastic!" R.Utasato/JAPAN

"Bravo!-Sunquake" J.Compagna/MA

"Nice!" C.Lloyd/WI

"Nice,Esp.Love&Logic" S.Cochrane/CANADA

"Great chords!" P.Rautell/SWEDEN

"Like" P.Kollar/NC

"Great!" L.Riccio/GA

"Excellent" C.Avril/FRANCE

"Great" SupernalEndgame/TX

"Luv the synths!" hAND/UK

"Blended influences into uniqueness!" B.Hobbs/CA

"Like the surprises!" ElektrykBestia/NY

"Brilliant!-Sunquake" BigNaif/UK

"Great!" B.Graml/KY

"Brilliant!-Sunquake" HurryHurry/AUSTRALIA

"Luv!" J.Pope/US

"Often Love&Logic dont fit;u did it" G.Mangion/MALTA

"Awesome!-Sunquake;Luv Love&Logic" JJLentz/NC

"Great" J.Hintz/IL

"Progtastic" Tinkicker/DENMARK

"Very good!" E.Lindholm/FINLAND

"Great-LiquidLen" Starfish64/GERMANY

"Enjoyed" DreamAria/CANADA

"Great" Klust/FRANCE

"Great" T.Baker/NY

"Great!" Viima/FINLAND

"Very cool" ABigGoodbye/FL

"Great" CetusRex/ARGENTINA

"Nice!world's richer" Aethellis/MD

"Great-Unproductive" Grenwa/FL

"Like" J.Harris/CO

"Oldfield aspects" D.Clark/OR

"Like" E.Rosvold/CA

"Great!" P.Rivrain/FRANCE

"Love Arp!" J.Vazquez/ARGENTINA

"Like Love&Logic/PulseRift" N.Matzukis/S.AFRICA

"Loved" MadPride/AUSTRALIA

"Really good!" J.Taranto/BRAZIL

"Really enjoy!" S.Brad/CA

"Nice-Sunquake" Prahma/BRAZIL

"Great" R.Boyd/GA

"Nice" Larne/GERMANY

"Great!" MurkyRed/BELGIUM

"Nice" Electrohedron/US

"Great!" N.Lupi/PORTUGAL

"Brill!" M.Ramsay/UK

"Great!" P.Savage/CANADA

"Awesome-GrayHares" EDDuro/LUXEMBOURG

"Great" Patroux/FRANCE

"Very cool-TimeMarchesOn" L.Bodner/CANADA

"Great" K.Coffey/IRELAND

"Enjoying" ScarletHollow/CA

"Great!-Love&Logic" EdenConcept/WI

"Like discovering Rush&Yes again!" SolusAuxilium/CA

"Wonderful" K.Yoshihara/JAPAN

"Luv GrayHares" D.Reich/TX

"Great" R.Allen/TX

"Excellent" Fatamorgana/INDONESIA

"Luv!" Markke/NY

"Great!" V.Staccato/PERU

"Beautiful" K.Kristiansen/CANADA

"Great" E.Rojas/VENEZUELA

"Luv Sunquake" OkusDolphin/UK

"Great" F.P.Morin/CANADA

"Love&Logic,wow!" J.VanCleaf/DE

"Great" LightAfternoon/UK

"Extraordinary" M.Thompson/UK

"Very good" V.Palmieri/PA

"Epic" P.Minihane/IRELAND

"Luv" RaphaelGTR/GERMANY

"GREAT" 1st50/NY

"Like GrayHares" B.Weiner/MI

"Like" B.Breland/GA

"Like GrayHares" C.Holm/NETHERLANDS

"Very nice" A.Giachino/CA

"Amazed" Prototyp/GERMANY

"Awesome" LeMystique/IL

"Great!-Sunquake" EmeraldDawn/UK

"Wow!" Leonov/RUSSIA

"Detail" D.Powell/SWEDEN

"Well done" EdenShadow/UK

"Compelling" MostlyWater/WI

"Masterful" MemphisRain/WA

"Great" KenaniaH1522/AUSTRALIA

"Cool" D.Marrowe/IL


"Epic" Ivan/@Sketchy_HQ

"Cool" M.Glendinning/CA
Additional info - Banners etc;
"Like" P.Thomas/UK

"Buenas rolas!" EKOS/MEXICO

"Great" B.Chamley/AUSTRALIA

"Awesome!" LouieD/NY

"Amazing" A.Doyle/UK

"Love Sunquake" IceChrystalls/UK

"Nice!" Illuminous/AUSTRALIA

"Great!" M.Canter/CA

"Enjoyable" B.Brown/MN

"GREAT!" Cataclysmic/OK

"Terrific" Didorion/MA

"Creative" BadgerStatic/PA

"Good stuff" J.Shinkle/PA

"Enjoyed!" CosmicDreamers/ITALY

"Epic!" J.Covington/VA

"Enjoying" Versuchsanordnung/GERMANY

"Great!-PulseRift" ArBr2/UK

"Creative" T.Hudgins/TX

"Wonderful" T.Schuldiner/SYRIA

"Very good!" SyntheticEng/GERMANY

"Nice!" U.Palk/ESTONIA

"Great" BurningBrains/BRAZIL

"Like!" ConundrumInDeed/UK

"Esp.like GrayHares!" T.Mackney/UK

"Enjoyed" @hazbowe/UK

"Nice" C.Arlequin/MEXICO

"Enjoying!" Metropolis/GA

"Top notch" J.Dante/OH

"Loved" J.LaRae/LA

"Impressed!" K.Bueckert/CANADA

"Great!" EvilynStrange/UK

"Cool" TheArtist1/AR

"Great!" MOQ/ITALY

"Amazing" D.Flow/MEXICO

"Talent" Specyphi/OH

"Cool!" LobateScarp/CA


"Cool" Keib/NY

"Great!" T.Gar/JORDAN

"Awesome" ElephantsOfScotland/VT

"Good sound" J.Ryde/UK

"Like" Oopart/ITALY

"Great!" Nupachino/THAILAND

"Like" Soma7/CANADA

"Great" m4xgh/ITALY

"AWESOME-Sunquake" Nightcross/ITALY

"Great" Haze/UK

"Lovin' Sunquake!" 6thStBand/LA

"Really good" KrackedEarth/UK

"Great!" Darturus/BRAZIL

"Brilliant" P.Koivu/FINLAND

"Lovely-Sunquake" M.Wadlow/UK

"Excellent" N.Tillet/UK

"GREAT!" SoToSpeak/OR

"Like" M.Barnes/TX

"Really good" M.Garbagnati/ITALY

"Inspiring" J.Himm/CT

"Well done" A.Kelly/UK

"Rocking-Sunquake" J.Revitte/CA

"Amazing!" N.Dokusousha/JAPAN

"Musicianship-PulseRift" Workers/NY

"Enjoying Sunquake" They/GERMANY

"NICE!" P.Kinsella/OH

"Excellent" MottoPerpetuo/SPAIN

"Good!" AITG/OH

"Tremendous" R.Caban/NC

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"Wonderful!" Tessie/TN

"Enjoyed" M.Kershaw/UK

"Great" C.Carreyó/VENEZUELA

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"Enjoyed!" C.Amoros/NY

"Nice-Love&Logic" E.Kampman/CA

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"Excellent" M.Grugnardi/@ddbarth

"Enjoyed Sunquake" L.Nojaim/NY

"Epic!" M.Johnston/CANADA

"Like!" C.Lebin/PERU

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"Liked!-Sunquake" M.Garner/IL

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"Great" R.Vega/COSTA RICA

"Awesome-Sunquake" J.Graham/US

"Extreme talent" NyteEegle/FL

"Cool-GrayHares" TomRoXX/US

"Great" FabulousDelCounts/MN

"Tops" Synestatic/AUSTRALIA

"Buona!" Pandora/ITALY

"Cool!" B.Waren/MO

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"Wonderful" S.Lloyd/IL

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"Unique" L.Lake/MN

"Love&Logic-beautiful" F.Smith/CANADA

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"Great ear" BigRichie/CANADA

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"Amazing-TimeMarchesOn" C.Guida/CT

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"Outstanding" B.Zen/CA

"Great" P.Dunn/UK

"Superb" Kurve/WY

"Sick!" VieJester/CA

"Really like!" B.Collins/FL

"Cosmic" K.Atwood/CANADA


Len Rice's Blog

Review by David Pearson of Rock Society magazine

Posted on July 30, 2012 at 10:30pm 0 Comments

Len Rice  Download Compilation  (http://www.reverbnation.com/lenrice)

     "Not a commercially produced CD, but a set of songs available as free downloads from a Yank with a deep love of British prog bands that have clearly left a subconscious influence on his compositions. He is currently attempting to distribute his music worldwide by simply giving away as many free downloads as possible of some work in the hopes that people will listen, enjoy, & share it with others. If it generates enough name recognition, it may one day lead to a product for purchase, but even if it doesn’t, he hopes it will keep his music in circulation indefinitely. Instrumentally interesting, texturally & in arrangement, there are well crafted themes throughout, with plenty to interest the casual listener. And it’s free!"  -David Pearson 7-30-12 Mexborough,…


Reviews by Steven Reid of Sea of Tranquility, Rocktopia, & Fireworks magazine

Posted on April 12, 2012 at 2:30pm 0 Comments

 From:  http://www.seaoftranquility.org/sections.php?op=viewarticle&artid=203

"Len Rice - various tracks. I stumbled across Len's music on his ReverbNation site & have to say that I was rather captivated by the expansive & delicately crafted music he has created. Progressive rock that tells a story & takes you on a journey, it is well worth checking out."  -Steven Reid 5-4-12 Perth, UK


   "I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Len Rice's music & far from finding it a chore, spending time with the six songs he has finished was my pleasure!…


My Blog -Shortcuts

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"Wow, Len!  I'd forgotten how awesome your songs are.  Sunquake rocks now even more than I remembered!!  Thanks for the post. Peace, Tom"
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"My song,"Pulse Rift" played on UK 102.5FM radio show,"Honey for Your Ears". Listen, location & credit marked here: http://ning.it/ZR2EeS !"
Apr 12, 2013
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"So true :)"
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