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Review by David Pearson of Rock Society magazine

Len Rice  Download Compilation  (http://www.reverbnation.com/lenrice)

     "Not a commercially produced CD, but a set of songs available as free downloads from a Yank with a deep love of British prog bands that have clearly left a subconscious influence on his compositions. He is currently attempting to distribute his music worldwide by simply giving away as many free downloads as…


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Reviews by Steven Reid of Sea of Tranquility, Rocktopia, & Fireworks magazine

 From:  http://www.seaoftranquility.org/sections.php?op=viewarticle&artid=203

"Len Rice - various tracks. I stumbled across Len's music on his ReverbNation site & have to say that I was rather captivated by the expansive & delicately crafted music he has created. Progressive rock…


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To: ALL MUSICIANS, ENGINEERS, PRODUCERS- A must-read editorial from Pro Sound News 6-13

-Reprinted with kind permission from author Frank Wells, editor of Pro Sound News magazine June 2013 issue, Vol.35, No.6, Pg.8.  (Added to Power of Prog July 13, 2013.)  

From the Editor of Pro Sound News:  Seeing The Small…


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Top 10 Reasons Why Most People Don't Understand Prog Rock:

 #10. No rapping.

  #9. Rarely a "hot chick" singer.

  #8. No Auto-Tune for rare "hot chick" singer.

  #7. No accompanying videos exploiting rare "hot chick" singer. 

  #6. Disoriented by lack of verse/chorus/verse/chorus/bridge/chorus/chorus format.

  #5. Confused by instrumental passages; require constant lyrics to explain song.

  #4. Too complicated...make brain huuurt!!!!

  #3. Bass drum not loudest thing in mix.

  #2. Frustrated trying to dance to…


Added by Len Rice on April 12, 2012 at 1:30pm — 2 Comments

Why My Free Downloads Aren't Hurting Anyone:

I received the following comment from a Power of Prog member:


"Hi Len, Nice work there, maybe add some vocals?.

But...please don't give your work away for free. You have Reverbnation, so make up a CD for people to buy, it's free and you set the price. This hurts all bands that try to make a living. just put up excerpts for listeners, that will spread…


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Tips for Humanizing the Sound & Feel of Your Programmed Drum Parts

Here I'm going to reveal some of my "secrets" for creating (semi-)realistic drum machine/ sequencer-driven drum parts.  This process is not for the timid or impatient as it requires probably as many, or far more, hours than prepping & recording a real drumset.  However, for those of us without access to the latter, a good room, good enough chops, or understanding neighbors, the following hard-learned tricks can help prevent that "fake" drum machine sound from…


Added by Len Rice on April 7, 2012 at 12:30am — 1 Comment

The Eight Keyboards that Defined the Sound of Early Progressive Rock:

NOTE:  Unfortunately, I do not own any of the instruments discussed or pictured here.

     This list was tricky to compile as many of these instruments were used widely by other genres besides prog & some were used by only a few prog musicians who had a big impact on the genre.  Consequently, I tried to weight my choices based on their proliferation in recordings as well as their contribution to the unique sounds…


Added by Len Rice on April 5, 2012 at 4:00pm — 1 Comment

How I Became a Musician

     I'm the youngest of seven, in a musical family in which everyone was encouraged to learn to play an instrument by our father, a life-long reed player, & our mother, an only-child who never had the opportunity, but wished she had. Of course this meant nightly practice sessions in which each sibling futilely attempted to isolate him or herself in a portion of the house with the inevitable result being a dissonant cacophony of competition from drums or marimba,…


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"FEEL" & How to Play a Musical Instrument:

Hi There,

     I know most, if not all, of the artists reading this are well beyond much of the advice I've written below, but I thought as musicians you might appreciate & enjoy reading about the concepts I've tried to outline here & perhaps share them with younger players or maybe even find something applicable to your own joy of making music.  Do not be offended as this is intended neither to suggest that anyone in particular needs this advice, nor that…


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The Ten Albums that Changed My Life & Why:

     Creating this list was difficult.  How would I narrow down the nearly 1,000 albums I own(a small collection compared to many) to a mere 1/10% of the whole to arrive at "The Ten Albums That Changed My Life"? Some titles came to mind immediately, but I have many favorite bands whose entire catalog I own & love dearly in one way or another;  so I decided I must limit each of these bands to only one selection.  Furthermore, I had to consider not only which albums I enjoy the…


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When Less is More... Should Bands Release 70-80 Minute Albums?

     In the "old days" days when the 33 1/3 LP vinyl record had a maximum capacity of 30-50 minutes(longer albums generally meant less bass & lower fidelity), bands were restricted to including only their best material(although we all know there was often some filler, too, usually confined to side-B).  The practice was to at least start & end each side with a strong track or hit single.  In the case of single & double LPs this formula was generally…


Added by Len Rice on March 6, 2012 at 3:30am — 1 Comment

"DyNaMiC RaNgE" -What It Is & Why Recorded Music Needs Its Return:

     The simplest explanation of dynamic range is: "the difference between the loudest & softest sound" in any environment(recorded or otherwise).  The human ear is an amazing device!  It allows us to perceive an incredibly wide range of volume levels from the quietest thing we can hear(i.e. the threshold of human hearing) to the loudest sounds imaginable & translates these incredibly different sound/air pressure levels into what we perceive as a smooth increase in…


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