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At 10:35am on March 4, 2012, Logic Mess said…

Nice to welcome you too. We'll be happy if you play our music on your show! Cheers from Poland! :-) 
Logic Mess 

At 8:06am on March 4, 2012, Eternalkeys said…

nice to meet you too .-)!! i'm so glad if you decide to play my music on your show :-)!!

cheers from Italy

Mimmo D'Ippolito

At 8:05am on March 4, 2012, Eternalkeys said…

thank you for the request! glad to meet you here on Power of Prog too ,-)!!

At 5:59pm on February 9, 2012, Dimension Act said…

First of all, thank you for Power of Prog! Great site and community. Also, thanks for the warm welcome and kind words on our site ;) I got lost in the CSS- codes there a minute, hehe, but I eventually came across, and I think it turned out quite nicely.

Keep up the good work with the site and the progressive community in general. You deserve great praise for keeping the spirit of progressive music alive in an age of piracy and theft. Prog on, mate =)

At 2:35am on February 7, 2012, Tom-Vidar Salangli said…

Thanks for the friends request and the kind words :) !!

Metal greatings


At 6:32pm on February 5, 2012, Elektryk Bestia said…

Thank you very much for the kind words and the positive welcome to the site!! We love power of prog!!!

At 4:37pm on February 2, 2012, Audio Weapon said…

Thanks for a progrock site! There are far to few devoted to this!

At 1:54pm on January 24, 2012, Jaug said…

Hi Nick... I'm glad to see people are still releasing CD's - I am still buying them and probably will until I die or go deaf.  My own experience has taught me that I dont have the nads to deal with the physical product world and I will therefore limit my audience to those who are willing to deal with that.  If they like the music, they can buy it that way, if they must have the CD, they dont have to like it.  Its not a mean spirited thing, its a personal choice.  Pirates typically dont want to put the energy into pirating an electronic only album.  Its too much work for something that isnt considered "released".  I actually lose sleep over the idea  that someone is taking my intellectual property.  Its like I have bugs crawling on me, or someone is snooping through my stuff while I'm asleep or away. - its wierd, its stalker-ish, and it bothers me. Sorry.  What A blow to the artistic community....       

At 2:32pm on January 9, 2012, THINK PINK FLOYD said…

All you touch and all you SEE is all your life will ever be!

At 9:40pm on December 20, 2011, Jarod Bishop said…

Thanks Nick!

At 10:03am on November 27, 2011, Scott Schleifer said…

Thanks for the Birthday wishes, Nick. You rock!

At 6:22am on October 27, 2011, Unified Past said…
Happy Birthday / Happy Anniversary Power Of Prog!!!
At 4:45pm on October 9, 2011, John Arsenault-Rivenburg said…

Hey Nick! Yes I remember you! I was on the Pulse quite a bit back in the day. I also do some work with Fran Cosmo...

LOVE the site. I've been spreading the word since you posted the link on G+!


At 11:20am on September 1, 2011, Mahmood Al-Qaseer said…

Thank you Nick =)

great website!


At 12:30pm on August 14, 2011, Marc Moingeon said…
Thanks a lot for the welcome :o) Marc
At 9:48pm on August 13, 2011, Matt Page said…

Thanks Nick for the support... I am so very glad to know about this site and community... as a new project, we need all the support we can get! I will make sure friends know about the site...


Matt - Dream the Electric Sleep...

At 2:09pm on August 13, 2011, Tony Arnold said…
Thanks, man.  I've always thought the jacket art would be more interesting to look at, but the manager thinks otherwise.
At 8:28am on August 11, 2011, Debs Wing-Colson said…
Thanks very much for the warm welcome :)
At 12:54am on August 7, 2011, Anne Leighton said…
Hey Nick,
I see a friend or two here.... I got an invite through http://twitter.com/#!/ggIANTMUSIC, and I think this site is amazing.

I'll be in and out with updates on all my artists.

Also, I'm getting in the swing of Stratospheerius for 2012--yes, they have a new album. The group's leader Joe Deninzon has an electric violin book with Mel Bay in 2012, too.

Strawbs and Yardbirds, both, touring the States this fall. Will have posts on them.

Jann Klose doing some shows with singer-songwriters in September.
At 10:28am on July 26, 2011, Jay Tausig said…
Truly, an amazing website,
 If you like this site please show your support.
Thank you!

All donations now matter how small help. We thank you for your support...


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