Power of Prog

An old song re-recorded in 2005.

Performed by ifsounds.
Words and Music by Dario Lastella.

Francesco Bussoli - bass guitar.
Claudio Lapenna - piano.
Dario Lastella - guitars.
Elena Ricci - backing vocals.

Paolo De Santis - lead vocals.
Luca Tilli - cello.

I wish

I wish I were the petal of a flower
Which runs down your cheek and skims your neck.
I wish I were the sun which lies on your skin,
I would caress your shoulder, I would not let you freeze.

I wish my eyes lightened up with you.
I wish I smelt your scent, oh its true!
I wish I felt your heartbeat going through me.
I wish I were not afraid to say what I feel.

I wish I were the roof of your room
To shelter you when you sleep, to stay with you.
I wish I were the glass to be skimmed by your fingers,
To be held by your hand, to die on your lips.

I wish I had the voice
To cry to the world how much I love you.
I wish I had the heart
To say you how much I need you.
I wish I gave you everything,
Everything I have.
I wish, I wish, I wish
I wish you were glad.

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