14 Oct. 2013
Artist: Spiral Key
Released: May 11, 2013
Genre: Progressive Rock
Posted by: GFreedom Team

Spiral Key were formed almost 1.5 years ago in Swindon UK, and is the project of two very talented musicians, David McCabe and Ken Wynne. Their love for Progressive Rock was the main reason why they came together, and decided to unite their skills and play something more PROGelegant!

They released only one record so far called “Perfect Machine” (2013) which includes 7 songs with a total running time of almost 46 minutes.

As I mentioned above, the band consists of two musicians who do everything. Composing, arranging, playing, singing etc. Having this fact in mind, I must admit that their record is an excellent example of modern Progressive Rock. Their music flirts with Progressive Metal in many occasions, having many “sharp edges”, but I wouldn’t categorize them under the Progressive Metal banner by no means. Their sound is based, in many instances, on collaboration of heavy guitar riffs and bass, but it contains also many melodic parts which leave a nice flavor to the listener. The thing I didn’t like is the drums that are most probably programmed; and I didn’t like the sound of them (well, even if they are not programmed they sound a little artificial!).

They seem to have many influences from other Progressive Rock & Metal bands, and you can find small riffs or rhythms every now and then that might bring to mind other bands and/or songs. That is not a bad thing of course, I’m just pointing it out. I’ve listened to their album a few times so far, and my most beloved songs are ‘Colder than Heaven’ followed closely by the opening track ‘At Sixes and Sevens’. I am sure that after some more listening experiences, I will discover more parts and songs which I will surely like, but those two songs caught my attention immediately (to make it more clear to you, I’m planning already to play those two songs in some of the forthcoming Prog & Roll shows!).

Concluding this review I have to say that in a nutshell, ‘Spiral Key’ seems like a very promising band, and their record is a very good one. It has its ups and downs, but, in average, is more than just satisfying.