Anekdoten Until All The Ghosts Are Gone

Anekdoten| Until All The Ghosts Are Gone
Release Year: 2015
Label: Virta, Kscope, Stickman, Disk Union
Genre: Progressive Rock, Experimental, Psychedelic
Country: Sweden

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Band Members:
Nicklas Barker – Vocals, Guitar, Mellotron, Keyboards
Anna Sofi Dahlberg – Vocals, Mellotron, Violin, Synthesizers
Jan Erik Liljeström – Vocals, Bass Guitar
Peter Nordins – Drums, Percussion

With Special Guests:
Per Wiberg (ex-Opeth) – Keyboards
Theo Travis (King Crimson, Steven Wilson) – Saxophone, Flute
Marty Wilson-Piper (The Church, All About Eve) – Guitars

This album has a little of both past and present elements in it. Picture the legends of the past such as Van Der Graaf Generator, Renaissance, King Crimson with the modern styles of Opeth, Porcupine Tree, Steven Wilson Solo. That is what Until All The Ghosts Are Gone carries throughout it. I believe Anekdoten at times were born 500 years too late given their atmospheric medevil sound on this particular outing. However that is not a bad thing and can serve as a education to any progressive listener or aspiring musician.
The keyboards and mellotron definitely serve as the backbone of the composition. This gives this album a sweet consistency to the listener to be immersed in this journey. The rhythm section between drums and bass are as tight as any album I have heard in a while. Normally I would do a track by track breakdown on a review however Until All The Ghosts Are Gone has such a fluid flow to it that doing so would defeat the purpose of the journey this album beholds.
I very rarely give these out and do not do so lightly, however Anekdoten’s Until All The Ghosts Are Gone gets a 5/5 due to its very original elements.


by Robert Brady