Following six years of work on their debut album “Prismatic Dream” (2018) and several live performances, Mystery Art Orchestra returned to the studio and produced the 7″ Vinyl “ENJOY THE VIOLENCE”.

This cheeky new EP contains three new tracks and comes with an emergence of new darker sounds.

Light-minded or not, fragments of sounds are the only form that Mystery Art Orchestra trust. Measured against the east german landscape of their hometowns, its only slightly sentimental.

Hypnotic, disruptive and sometimes strangely familiar, almost as if different musical decades have been torn apart and stitched back together in unexpected ways.

“if you like blurry guitar sounds, melancholic vocals and long stretches of instrumentals lining your car rides, lonely walks or meaningful stares out of the windows, you’ve reached the right address with Mystery Art Orchestra”


“a post-punk tribute with a hallucinogenic twang”