Cirrha Niva Release New ’24/7 Smile’ Live Video!


We hope you and the people you care about are in good health and Covid free!! In these strange times we can imagine you want to visit some cool concerts again. We feel thesame about being on stage. To bridge the time we hope you like our new video! 

It’s a brand new live video from our song 24/7 Smile, and it’s released 12 PM today.
You can watch it here!

Vocalist Legrand about the lyrics he wrote to the song:
“A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear .. and preferably 24/7. Imposed by the media and environment, the girl in the text can barely meet this 24-hour smile. But that 24/7 fake smile makes real emotion more and more difficult for her. Only when she cuts herself she feels real and alive, but she also thinks about the youth she wanted to forget …”

When all that’s happening without reason
Makes her sad and shaded
All those mend to fit pieces
Now form out of shape faces

Reach down in time
Try to get the fragments you left behind
Reach down in time
Try to get the pieces all in line

You might look for a lifetime
But will never ever find
The truth when it’s hiding
Locked between wrong and right
Girl, you better line up the pieces
Girl, you better let them decide
Let them decide

Reach down in time
Trying to get the fragments you left behind
Reach down in time
Trying to get the pieces all in line

There’s a fine line that ties sense to reason
There’s a fine line that keeps Heaven from Hell
So said the Priest to the blind man
“Then like a spell”
For only the sane can see without eyes to tell

While the common and plain just live their lives
So not you girl
For some of them life plans otherwise
Your mother left you with your dad when you were ten years old
All because of you it was you knew it was your fault
So you cut as deep as you can
And hope it’s deep enough for her to return

Dear Lord praying for her to return
Dear Lord for so long I’ve been riding
My personal custom made losing streak
Been riding that trail now for so long
Been riding
Tell me what the hell did I do
What the hell did I do wrong?

You might look for a life sign
You might look for me
You might look for a life sign
Your wounds might have healed
But you cannot hide the scars from me

Strange thing they call it time
As seen through a child’s eye
Who cannot stop crying
In search for excitement

There’s a fine line that gives sense to reason
There’s a fine line between Heaven and Hell
So said the Priest to the blind man
“Then like a spell”
For only the sane can see without eyes to tell

The track was recorded during our concert in Willem Twee Poppodium last year, months before the Covid-19 era, and appears on our ‘Out Of The Freakshow‘ album, which is still available on CD and 2LP.

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“Wish You Were Here” Featured Video from The McBroom Sisters Debut Album

Wish You Were Here is from the debut album of “Black Floyd,” “titled to honor the roots of Rock and Roll, as we revisit the genre.” The McBroom Sisters are Durga McBroom and Lorelei McBroom, former backing vocalists for the legendary Pink Floyd and many others. On this album they sing both lead and backing vocals on a combination of classic Pink Floyd covers and their own original songs co-written with Jon Carin, Guy Pratt, Lemmy Kilmister, Paul Litteral, Dave Kerzner and more.

This is the debut album of The McBroom Sisters called “Black Floyd,” “titled to honor the roots of Rock and Roll, as we revisit the genre.” The McBroom Sisters are Durga McBroom and Lorelei McBroom, former backing vocalists for the legendary Pink Floyd and many others. On this album they sing both lead and backing vocals on a combination of classic Pink Floyd covers and their own original songs co-written with Jon Carin, Guy Pratt, Lemmy Kilmister, Paul Litteral, Dave Kerzner and more.

Produced by David Domminney Fowler and Dave Kerzner Co-Produced by Lorelei McBroom and Durga McBroom Mixed and Mastered by David Domminney Fowler Additional recording, mixing and editing by Dave Kerzner, Tom Lord-Alge and Zach Ziskin Additional recording, mixing and editing by David Domminney Fowler, Dave Kerzner and Zach Ziskin Additional vocal production for Durga McBroom Meridian Studios, Wandsworth, London UK Stan Manning , engineer Graphic Design, Layout and Illustration by Album (Front Cover only) Design by Don Welch for D’Art Cover photo of Lorelei by Agustina V. Cornejo, of Durga by Léon © All rights reserved

1. Gods and Lovers 06:22
2. Money Don’t Make The Man 05:35
3. Wish You Were Here 05:21
4. What Do You Want From Me 04:18
5. Love of a Lifetime 04:15
6. Poles Apart 07:03
7. Have A Cigar 07:23
8. Goodbye Blue Sky 03:06
9. A Girl Like That 05:55
10. On The Turning Away 05:58
11. The Great Gig In The Sky 04:37
12. Forgotten How To Smile 06:13
13. Intermission 00:39
14. Cocoon 09:07

Black Floyd by The McBroom Sisters features vocals by Lorelei McBroom, Durga McBroom and special guest vocalists Louise Goffin, Lara Smiles and Emily Lynn. Guitars by David Domminney Fowler, Fernando Perdomo, Randy McStine, Billy Sherwood and Steve McElroy. Keyboards by Dave Kerzner, Jon Carin, Jason Sawford, Dave Innis, David Domminney Fowler and Paul Grant. Bass by Fernando Perdomo, Ricky Howard and drums by Derek Cintron, Paul Bonney, Nick Mason and David Domminney Fowler. Trumpet Paul Litteral, Saxophone Mike Kidson and Violin by Lili Haydn. 


Featured Video “Storm Surge” by Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius” including special performances by Michael Sadler (SAGA) and All-star Cast

“Storm Surge” is about the anxiety we all feel in these uncertain times. With the global pandemic, the fight against racism and the continuing struggle for social justice, climate change, political upheaval, economic turmoil, and a future of uncertainty, there is a storm that’s raging inside of us right now.

….”as stated by Joe Deninzon” 
A little over a year ago, my son Max was playing a short piano piece by 19th-century composer Friedrich Burgmüller, called “The Storm.” The piece was stuck in my head because I would hear him practicing it every day. I started to imagine it as a rock power ballad and began to sketch out a slowed-down version with the basic chord changes and structure.

I was imagining a cello replacing the ostinato part played by the left hand on the piano, so I asked my friend Ruti Celli, who I met on Cruise to the Edge last year when we played with Dave Kerzner and In Continuum, to contribute her beautiful part.

Our drummer, Jason Gianni, had a sketch he never finished that he thought would be a perfect fit in the middle of the song. I layered a huge string orchestra on top of that section and recruited the great guitarist/producer Fernando Perdomo to lay down a soaring guitar solo.

Next, I was hearing a flute during the breakdown section that followed. We have never had a flute, or any woodwinds for that matter, on one of our recordings! I asked the genius multi-instrumentalist Rachel Flowers to play the flute and lay down a piano track for the song. Rachel has been blind since age 3 and plays piano, flute, bass, guitar, drums, stick, sings, and records and mixes her own albums! I’ve met and worked with a lot of gifted people in my career, but don’t think I have ever met a person with this level of talent! Check out the documentary about her, Hearing is Believing, on Amazon Prime.

Finally, I’ve been into the idea of using outside singers in Stratospheerius. Up until his time, I have always been the lead vocalist. The new album we are slowly putting together will feature many special guests. We’ve been longtime fans of the 80’s Canadian band SAGA best known for hits like “Wind Him Up” and “On The Loose.” When we played at the ProgStock Festival afterparty back in 2018Saga’s lead singer Michael Sadlercaught our set after his performance at the festival, and was raving about the band! We were incredibly humbled to receive such words of encouragement from such an iconic artist.

We felt Michael’s voice would be perfect for this song! He ended up contributing a jaw-dropping vocal performance, enhancing the melody, and adding Queenesque harmonies. As a side note, he and his wife Gwen turned out to be some of the nicest and most gracious people I have ever worked with.

Stratospheerius is:
Joe Deninzon – lead vocals/electric violin
Jason Gianni- drums
Michelangelo Quirinale – guitar
Paul Ranieri – bass

Special Performances on Storm Surge Video and Single
Michael Sadler – Vocals
Rachel Flowers – Keys and Flute 
Yulia Ziskel – Violin 
RutiCelli – Cello
Fernando Perdomo – Guitar

Tracked by Rave Tesar (Renaissance)
Mixed and mastered by Rich Mouser (Spocks Beard, Dream Theater)

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Leon Alvarado‎ Re-visits “2014 Music From An Expanded Universe” with New Music Video for Blood Like Red

Blood Like Red is the 3rd track from the 2014 Music From An Expanded Universe album. The video features Leon Alvarado on Keyboards and Drums. Trey Gunn (King Crimson, The Security Project) on Warr Guitar and Bass and Jerry Marotta (Peter Gabriel, Hall & Oates) on Taos Drums percussion. Produced by Leon Alvarado, Engineered by Leon Alvarado, Trey Gunn and
Mastered by Andy Jackson 

For years I had wanted to add visuals to what it is one of my favorite pieces from my music.
Leon Alvarado

Leon Alvarado is Texas-based prog drummer, keyboardist, composer, and illustrator, Alvarado has recorded with many talented musicians including Bill Bruford (Gong, Yes, Genesis, Earthworks), John Goodsall (Brand X, Fire Merchants), Trey Gunn (King Crimson), Jerry Marotta (Peter Gabriel, Hall & Oates, Paul McCartney), Billy Sherwood (Yes, Asia), Rick Wakeman and Tony Levin.

On the graphics front I have done album covers and touring materials for bands such as Brand X, Genesis, Phil Collins, Jethro Tull, Jeff Beck, Peter Gabriel, Roger Waters, The Australian Pink Floyd Show, and King’s X.

A Critics Point of View

This is not one of those balls-to-walls prog-rock affairs. For instance on “Blood Like Red,” the artists execute a slowly moving and budding rock pulse, steered by Gunn’s prominent bass lines, in support of the leader’s polytonal voicings, sounding somewhere in between a mellotron and synth strings type soundscape. Moreover, Alvarado layers a tabla vibe to incorporate a world music background into the mix, followed by Gunn’s stinging and crunchy Warr guitar notes. 
All About Jazz

“Blood Like Red” starts and ends with atmospheric wind effects with the middle brimming with Alvarado’s spacier synth exploits and Gunn’s textural Warr guitar crunch. It is here the band really gets into a full but subtle groove.
Jon Neudorf – Sea of Tranquility

Leon Alvarado Online

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AmuZeum – Changing Seasons (promo video) Power of Prog Exclusive World Premier

Changing Seasons is the first official promo video by Southern CA, progressive rock band AmuZeum from their critically acclaimed debut new beginnings. AmuZeum has an impressive pedigree that goes back more than a decade. The five members have crossed paths many times through the years in LA studios and playing in different bands such as Mars Hollow, Ten Jinn, Gabble Ratchet, and Heliopolis, all of which had various degrees of success.

Changing Seasons is basically about living a life to its fullest. To take chances even though sometimes it might feel a bit overwhelming. There is a meaning to it all and if you believe in yourself, you will find your drive, passion and purpose. Remember, we’re only here for a very short time.

Album // “New Beginnings” Released // April 17, 2020 
Music & Lyrics by AmuZeum 
Produced by AmuZeum 
Mixed By Billy Sherwood 
Mastered By Mike Bozzi @ Bernie Grundman Mastering 
Group Shot Photography by Joseph M. Garcia
Video Clips:

Listen ~ Love ~ Share 

Band Media and Booking Contact: Michael Matier [email protected] 
Label Contact: Melodic Revolution Records Nick Katona [email protected]

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Featured Video – One Man Yes by Antoine Baril

Antoine Baril is a An accomplished musician and multi-instrumentist producer, sound technician, and composer.

It is with great emotion and pride that I share my new video to you; One Man Yes. Hard work fed by passion, determination and love of music that has spread over a period of 14 months.

At the dawn of reaching the million views with my similar Genesis video, I wanted to push my limits to both technical and musical levels by presenting my highlights from the band Yes. A group that has influenced me on so many levels during their glorious and long career. It was all that a big challenge to honor the incomparable character of Chris Squire’s bass game (RIP), the angelic melodies of Jon Anderson, the virtuosity and the “catchyness” of Trevor Rabin , the phenomenal flights of Rick Wakeman Music, Steve Howe’s masterfully and so many other achievements of so many amazing musicians who have challenged my imagination throughout my musical awakening until today.

These “One Man Video” projects have always been very personal. This time I opened my heart and soul to precious collaborators who made it possible for me to reach a level that I could never have on my own. My lover Genevieve Dubois has so generously agreed to lend me a strong hand at the visual level with her sensitivity to music her incomparable film sense. Thanks to its natural talent on camera and image processing, this video reaches new horizon that far goes beyond my greatest ambitions. Thank you my love, I will always be grateful, I love you!

For this occasion, I also have the privilege of including my 7-year-old big boy Gabriel who managed to film complex mobile plans that I had the pleasure to integrate into my video. So this time it’s a One Team Video!

In closing, the production of this video is also a treasure hunt for rare musical instruments with which I had the chance to work. It implies the generosity of a lot of people who have allowed me to share their treasures or helped me achieve this project in any way so I have to thank myself with all heart:

Tama Drums Tama Drums Canada – Official Jean Michon Sylvain Sly Gaudet Eric Gobeil Marc-André Gingras Alain Couture Casavant Frères, Organbuilder / Facteur d’orgues Marc Rajotte Nicolas ChamberlandStreetly Electronics MSP Musique David V. Paré PhenixDrone

One Man Yes was Played, recorded, mixed and mastered by Antoine Baril Produced at Hemisphere Studio, Quebec, QC, Canada between March of 2019 and May or 2020

Introduction song: Excerpt for “The Firebird” suite Composed by Igor Stravinsky

Song List:
Endless Dream: Silent Spring Everydays Yours is no Disgrace Siberian Khatru Heart of the Sunrise Close to the Edge – I – The Solid Time of Change And You and I – I – Cord of Life And You and I – II – Eclipse The Revealing Science Of God / Dance Of The Dawn ‘The Ancient’ / Giants Under The Sun The Gates Of Delirium Close to the Edge – III – I Get Up I Get Down Parallels On The Silent Wings Of Freedom Tempus Fugit Changes Cinema Soundcheck (Yes Years Documentary) Endless Dream: Talk Ending song: Awaken

Music composed and released by Yes – Chris Squire (RIP) Trevor Rabin Jon Anderson Rick Wakeman Steve Howe Alan White Patrick Moraz Bill Bruford Tony Kaye Peter Banks Trevor Horn Geoff Downes

More info about Antoine Baril