Featured Video ~ Ai tempi di Kate Moss and Pete Doherty by la Stella Rossa del Kinotto

“We are so closed and alone in an open society…”
… Brano tratto da:
la Stella Rossa del Kinotto (album, 2018)
Musica: Joe Roial
Lyrics: Jesus Blanco III
Arrangementi: Gianluca Vergalito​
Registrazione: BradipHouse​
Mixaggio e master: Gianluca Vergalito​
Video realizzato con filmati tratti da Mazwai.com
(Licenza Creative Commons 3.0)

Titoli e autori dei filmati utilizzati: “
The London feeling” by Davide Quatela
“Journey Through the Crimean Caves” by Eugene Bryohin
“Never sleep” by Colby Moore “
Between 14th & Bedford – NY Subway Dancers” by Mollie Mills
“Boneyard” by Andrew Arthur Breese Montaggio: Cocai Iscriviti anche tu a Tele Kinottorosso:


Final Coil debut You Waste My Time live at The Lab Studios in London “Power of Prog Exclusive”

“I’ve always loved live sessions. There’s something so thrilling about taking a band and throwing them in at the deep end, especially when their studio work is typically meticulous in preparation and tracking. As a teenager, I spent hours glued to my stereo, taping and absorbing every Peel and Radio One session I could get my hands on. From the icy blasts of Napalm Death to the feral assault of Nirvana’s epic Aneurysm, it always felt like you were listening to something special, something intimate in the way that a normal studio recording could never be, and I always wanted to do something similar for Final Coil. 

So, with the release of Convicted Of The Right, I wanted to do something special for the fans who have journeyed this far along the road with us. The idea of producing a limited-edition cassette (along with suitably compelling artwork) came first, but what about B sides? We didn’t have anything left from either of our trips to the studio, and demos just wouldn’t cut it. I wanted to do something that was new, and so the idea of a live session returned. It felt like the right time, not least because Barry, our drummer, hadn’t played on our debut album, and this was an opportunity for him to put his own stamp on a couple of tracks from that record. Of those, the one on which I was particularly keen (and the one being premiered here) was You Waste My Time. The studio version is just fine, and I am really proud of the juxtaposition of live and sampled drums; but live, it has always taken on a much rawer aspect and Barry hammers the hell out of the kit during his fills… it was the ideal choice. 

The studio session was great. We cut the whole thing live, doing a couple of takes of each song and steadfastly avoiding any studio trickery or overdubs. I think it came out really well, capturing a touch of our live spirit, yet proving a little tighter than our typically chaotic performances and I really hope fans get a kick out of it.”

Watch The Worldwide Premiere Of “Waste My Time” Here

About The Music
Last year Final Coil released their incredible second album, The World We Left Behind For Others. This sprawling, complex, emotionally charged concept piece captured the hearts of fans and critics alike, as the band told a story both intensely personal and yet universally relatable; inspired by particular past events, but so relevant to the paths our modern society is following. The whole cycle of The World We Left Behind For Others has been a story in itself: from a personal bereavement that lead to the discovery of a collection of treasured letters, which inspired the creation of the album, to the band’s journey to Italy to record at Real Sound Studio. As the glowing reviews cascaded in, in ever-growing numbers, Final Coil played some wonderful shows – appearing at the HRH Metal: Metal Meltdown festival with Decapitated, the Fusion Festival with Focus and playing prestigious London shows with Shonen Knife and then Marky Ramone. From melancholy beginnings, the tale of The World We Left Behind For Others has grown into something incredible for Final Coil – and there is still one last chapter left in this particular book…

On May 1st the band, in conjunction with their label, Wormholedeath, will release the Convicted Of The Right EP. Convicted Of The Right itself is one of the most powerful tracks from The World We Left Behind For Others, both musically and lyrically and the EP’s title track is backed by an array of exciting, exclusive material. The band traveled down to The Lab in London where they recorded three tracks live in the studio. These vibrant versions of ‘Empty Handed’, ‘Spider Feet’ and ‘You Waste My Time’ will all appear on the new EP and were all captured on film for video release, the first of which we present here – ‘You Waste My Time’.

Track Listing:
1 – Convicted Of The Right
2 – Empty Handed (Live In At The Lab)
3 – Spider Feet (Live At The Lab) 
4 – You Waste My Time (Live At The Lab)

About Final Coil
They began their musical life in howls of feedback and chaos, a raging entity that tore up the stages of endless small clubs as they slowly found their direction. Gradually, that energy and electricity were channeled into smoother paths as the band looked deeper into themselves and their music, discovering how much more their individual abilities could create; realizing they had so much more to say, that a fleeting impact wasn’t all they wished to achieve – they wanted to carve musical monuments that would stand the test of time and stand for something as well. Under the guiding hand of founding member Phil Stiles, the line-up of the band morphed and shifted to reflect that change in focus and the first recorded output from the new look Final Coil was released in 2015. The Closed To The Light EP highlighted the significant developments in the band’s style so effectively that it caught the ear of Italian record label WormHoleDeath, who immediately signed the band up. Throughout 2016 Final Coil worked on their debut full-length album, which was then unveiled by their new label in 2017…

In a world of ever-shifting trends and fashions, where it’s always time to move on to the next thing and the value of anything and everything is fleeting, it’s a beautiful moment to find an album that stops you in your tracks. A combination of musicianship, songcraft, depth of emotion and attention to detail that holds you transfixed while the rest of the world continues its unthinking charge into oblivion. An album where the lyrics invite thought and reflection and the artwork fires the imagination as the music brings it to vibrant life. Final Coil’s debut album, entitled Persistence Of Memory was just such an album; an island of color and beauty in the ever-flowing grey tides of modern life. The band joined forces with Imperative PR to promote the album and the reaction from the music press was outstanding. The band finished 2017 with a flurry of well-received live shows and returned to Imperative PR once more – this time for a long term management deal. The press continued to pick up on the brilliance of Persistence Of Memory throughout the early months of 2018 and away from the stage, the band began to work on their most ambitious material to date. As summer neared its end Final Coil set off for Italy and Real Sound Studios to record their second full-length album. Featuring the skills of session drummer Barry French (ex-Sarpanitum) blending beautifully with the flowing bottom end of bassist Jola Stiles and the twin guitars of Phil Stiles and Richard Awdry the new songs that Final Coil has created are going to stun everyone who hears them. Before the end of the year, the band also managed to fit in live shows with OHHMS, Boss Keloid, Zero Point Zero, and Staghorn. Aside from his work with Final Coil, Phil Stiles was invited to make a guest appearance on the latest album from prog-rock royalty, Glass Hammer (the band where Yes discovered vocalist Jon Davison). 2019 began with an appearance at the massive HRH Metal III: Metal Meltdown event at the O2 Academy in Birmingham, with Final Coil playing alongside Decapitated, Devilment and many more, to a large and appreciative audience. Next up for the band was a place on the bill of the Fusion Festival 2019, which took place at the Stourhead Civic Centre on March 22nd – 24th and featured prog legends like Focus and IO Earth. Hot on the heels of these two major shows came the April 12th release of Final Coil’s second full-length album, the momentous concept album The World We Left Behind For Others. The World We Left Behind For Others, inspired by a collection of family letters discovered by frontman Phil Stiles, made a powerful impression on fans and critics alike and the band celebrated the success of their new album with two prestigious London dates, firstly with Shonen Knife at the Underworld and then with the legendary Marky Ramone at The Garage. As 2020 dawned Final Coil’s stock was higher than ever before. So, before turning the page and leaving this wonderful chapter in their story behind, they decided to release the Convicted Of The Right EP. Convicted Of The Right featured the title track, taken from The World We Left Behind For Others and three Final Coil classics recorded live at The Lab studios in London. As the positive press began to flow the band returned to the studio and began work on album number three…

Final Coil Online

Shelter Skelter Offer Free Download of Coronavirus Rhapsody our Featured Video

Coronavirus Rhapsody – performed by Shelter Skelter (Timmy Sean, Fernando Perdomo, & Nick Bertling)

Inspired by comedian Dana Jay Bein’s (@danajaybein) Twitter thread of parody lyrics to Queen’s classic “Bohemian Rhapsody,” we decided to do the unthinkable…re-record one of the greatest recordings of all time, with Dana’s lyrics. We hope we did both justice! Recorded in each of our home studios in California and Indiana remotely, we are three multi-instrumentalist producers who came together during the pandemic to form “Shelter Skelter.”

FREE Download at: https://shelterskelter.bandcamp.com


Please check out all of our original music projects below, and contact us to book us for remote sessions.

TIMMY SEAN – lead vocals, guitars, piano, video director & editor

NICK BERTLING AKA Bertling Noise Laboratories – drums, backup vocals, audio mixing & mastering

FERNANDO PERDOMO – bass & vocals

SHELTER SKELTER proudly plays Brian May Guitars, VOX Amps, Magnatone Amps, Tama Drums, Ernie Ball guitar strings, and heavily relied on IK Multimedia’s Amplitube Brian May Collection to replicate Dr. May’s guitar tones on this track.

“Bohemian Rhapsody” written by Freddie Mercury

“Coronavirus Rhapsody” parody lyrics by Dana Jay Bein

Original Lyrics Thread:

Featured Video OBRASQi – Najbardziej Ciemny Świt (Official Video)

OBRASQi or emotions in sounds, a story in a musical space. Connected by passion, we go on a joint journey with music, word, and image …

Photo. Richard Dominowski

Monika – vocals, lyrics,
Artur – guitars, keyboards, loop,
Jarek – drums.

We have been operating since April 2019. at that time, we starred in Tomasz Żąda in the program Three Requests Debuts, we played live in Piotr Kaczkowski’s MiniMax, our single “Dopażeenia” reached # 27 of the Third Program Hit List and the top of the Polish Radio Rzeszów List. At the end of 2019, we released the maxi-song “HolyGram“, which came first in the November list of Will Loudly Radio Four. We became the finalists of the Metropolitan Musical Discovery of the Year, we also won the MusicLife Awards in the New Music category.
So much talk, we invite you to the world of our music

Featured Video The New Lickerish Quartet Lyrical Video “Lighthouse Spaceship”

March 13, 2020 — was the semi-reunion Jellyfish fans have been waiting for since 1993. After months of loud buzzing on social media, the time has come to give those fans what they’ve been dreaming of for over two decades. As they say, absence does make the collaborative heart grow fonder. 

The Lickerish Quartet is…
Roger Joseph Manning Jr. (Beck, Air, Cheap Trick, Imperial Drag), Tim Smith (Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, The Finn Brothers, Sheryl Crow, Umajets) and Eric Dover (Imperial Drag, Slash’s Snakepit, Alice Cooper, Sextus)—reconnected the melodiously fruitful bond they formed in 1993 on Jellyfish’s second and last album, SPILT MILK. In the midst of supporting the visions of the other artists they’ve performed with since then, they’ve spent these last three years creating something they could truly call their own. 

To that end, Manning, Smith, and Dover’s undeniable chemistry can now be found within every sonic pore of the four brand new songs that comprise THE LICKERISH QUARTET’s cheekily named THREESOME VOL. 1 EP, which is set for release on May 15 via The Lickerish Quartet/Label Logic, as distributed by INgroovesPre-orders are now available here

Follow The Lickerish Quartet Online


On July 10th, 2020 Fish will release his final studio album ‘Weltschmerz’.

It’s been over 5 years since I first came up with the title which is a German word that translates to ‘world-weariness’ or ‘world pain’. In this present day and age never has an album title become so apt.

The writing process has been prolonged and demanding, taking place over the last 4 years, but the end results I promise you are more than worth the wait.

Together with my long term principal co-writer, the talented multi instrumentalist, engineer and co producer Steve Vantsis who worked with me on 2007’s ‘13th Star’ and the acclaimed last album ‘A Feast of Consequences’, we have put together around 86 minutes of material, an ‘old fashioned’ double album that will be released on 2 cd’s.

Renowned producer Calum Malcolm (Blue Nile, Prefab Sprout, Clannad) is again at the helm and has brought his wealth of expertise and immense musical knowledge to create what is without doubt my finest album to date.


We have utilised an array of musicians including elements of the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, a brass section, sax and whistle player David Jackson (Van Der Graaf Generator), drummer Craig Blundell (Steve Hackett, Porcupine Tree) guitarists John Mitchell (It Bites, Lonely Robot) and Robin Boult, keyboard player Liam Holmes, backing vocalist Doris Brendal and of course Steve Vantsis on bass and various other instruments including programming, to create an exceptional collection of songs that are befitting of my farewell album.

The artwork as always is created and designed by Mark Wilkinson and we decided to create special packaging similar to the ‘Feast of Consequences’ edition. He has done a magnificent piece of work assembling his original artwork, illustrations, photos and my expansive sleeve notes and lyrics across 100 pages that will be presented in a hardback book with slipcase that contains the 2 album CDs and a Blu ray disc.






‘Man with a Stick’ (Single of the Year on Planet Rock 2019) ,’Little Man What Now’ and ‘Waverley Steps (End of the Line) were originally on the ‘Parley with Angels’ EP released in September 2018 and have been remixed for the 2020 release.

The Blu ray disc, only available in the deluxe version, will have a my first ever 5-1 mix produced by Avril Mackintosh and Andy Bradfield (‘Clutching at Straws’, ‘Script for a Jester’s Tear’), the promo videos for ‘Man With a Stick’, ‘Weltschmerz’ and 2 others, live audio recordings of ‘Man with a Stick’, ‘Little Man What Now’ (with David Jackson) , ‘C Song’ and ‘Waverley Steps’ from the 2018 shows, live concert footage of ‘Weltschmerz’ songs from Edinburgh Queens Hall March 2020, demos from 2018/19 and a 90 minute interview conducted by Will Smith of the history and content of the ‘Weltschmerz’ album  filmed here at the Studio by David Barras and Scott Mackay who have created the amazing new video for the title track.

‘Weltschmerz’ will also be released as a heavy duty 180-gram double vinyl album in a gatefold sleeve with colour inserts and as a standard double CD in an FSC approved cardboard wallet with a 24 page colour insert.

The album will also be available for digital download and streaming on recognised providers.

All formats and new ‘Weltschmerz’ merchandise will only be available on our soon to be revamped mail-order service from fishmusic.scot and preorders will start at the beginning of June 2020.

More information on the content and release/ pre-order schedules will be made available as we move forward and up to date news from the March UK tour and the album’s progress will be broadcast on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and of course on the website.

Please subscribe to keep up to date with what is definitely the most exciting release of my career and I’m sure you will not be disappointed when the epic that is my ‘Weltschmerz’ album finally arrives. 

Sincere thanks for all your continued support and belief in my career.

Take care, stay alive


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