Danny De La Rosa Releases New Single/ Video “Third Wheel Man”

Danny De La Rosa released his second single “Third Wheel Man” off of his debut solo album titled 12 Weekends due out early 2020.

The video can be seen here:

“This song is a tongue in cheek story of a girl who wants to bring other girls into the relationship and gets mad because her boyfriend likes it too much, but he’s happily having a hard time keeping up… ” says Danny De La Rosa.

The Pre-order / buy link is https://ingroov.es/third-wheel-man-uz

From the very beginning, Danny De La Rosa has been drawn to play the melodies he hears constantly in his head. “There was something about a distorted guitar and melodies that caught my attention at a very early age. It subconsciously and consciously pulled me in.” Music and Danny are magnets that just attract. Songwriter, self-taught guitarist Danny De La Rosa left the band Babylon A.D. in 2017 and began working on his own personal development: writing his own style of music, learning and playing the instruments and establishing his own brand of Hard Rock-Pop. It has always been Danny’s dream to establish his own sound. “Writing and recording is my passion. I constantly hum and have melodies in my head. I can’t wait to record a second album as I have it written already.” It took twelve weekends of travel to record his music at the American Made Studios in Fresno, California. Hence, Danny’s debut solo album will be titled 12 Weekends and is due out in early 2020.

The results of Danny’s journey have been pleasing. His first single, co-produced with Marc Kapetan, “Acid Flame” is due out Friday, December 20th. Danny De La Rosa has already established his directive as he auditioned and jammed with the band KISS when Ace Frehley left the band. In addition, while at Arista Records, Danny had three of the songs he wrote chosen by record mogul Clive Davis. All three charted brilliantly on the radio. Clearly, Danny De La Rosa’s passion for music will continue to keep growing.

When it comes to making music Danny De La Rosa is still learning and growing on his journey as he writes and records his brand and style; creating music that falls in between the realm of Cheap Trick and a little hard rock Beatles’esc’ sound.

1. Acid Flame
2. Third Wheel Man
3. It’s Alright It’s OK
4. The Mirror
5. The Secret
6. You Bring Me down
7. Leave It Alone
8. So Low
9. As Weak As I Am
10. Downtown Slide
11. It’s Alright It’s OK (Borracho Version)

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Drifting Sun reach out to fans for Twilight vinyl release

We are incredibly pleased to offer you guys a one-off chance to own some Drifting Sun music on vinyl for the very first time, and hear the classic album Twilight in the way music should be heard.
The 2017 release by Drifting Sun received much acclaim from the press and media when it came out.

The maturity of the writing and musicianship of the highest of standards created a defining moment in the development of this studio project!
The rich deep production, broad soundscapes, and complex harmonies are perfectly suited to the warmth of the vinyl experience.
Today we are pledging to all our fans who would like to get their hands on this great album on vinyl.

Once the amount required to manufacture the album has been reached with your orders, we will go into production and turn this dream into reality!

We do need your support to make it happen, pre-orders can be taken from February 8th on the pledge website below:

As per the nature of every pledge, we are bound to reach the amount set in the pledge to put the project to fruition, or all those who have invested in the pledge will be fully reimbursed… we have complete faith that this is something we can achieve!

It will be a double album of the original record, plus an extra bonus song.
The discs, pressed on 180gr finest quality vinyl, will be offered in a stylish gatefold jacket with color-printed labels, poly-lined inner sleeves in black, and delivered shrink-wrapped. The record will retain the original Twilight artwork and will contain song lyrics and photos of the band.

The album is priced at £25 per copy + postage (£5 for UK orders, £7 for the order to the EU, and £10 for rest of the world).

As a special token of our appreciation for your commitment to this exciting project, everyone who places an order during the pledge (that is until we have received enough orders to launch the manufacturing of the actual disc) will get their name mentioned in the thank you section on the album sleeve.

If you have never purchased Drifting Sun before this is a superb introduction and if I haven’t said it before it’s on VINYL!

The tracklist below shows how the album will be broken down:
1 Twilight
2 Wings of Hope
1 Mystery of Lies
2 Soldiers
1 Summer Skies
2 Remedy
1 Outside
2 Remain
3 Atlantis (Bonus Track)

Get your copy of this extremely limited edition of only 300 copies and get in early because once it has gone it has gone!

Peter Falconer – Vocals
Mathieu Spaeter – Guitars
Pat Sanders – Keyboards
Manu Michael – Bass
Will Jones – Drums

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Sonic Divide Come “Alive” with Second Single and Lyrical Video

Australian rock band Sonic Divide returns with “ALIVE” their second single from the upcoming sophomore album “The Other Side”.

The Sophomore album was completed late 2019 in Adelaide, Australia and produced by Sean Timms at Timms Tunes Studio and will be available in the first half of 2020.

About Alive
I had a demo version of the music that I recorded at home in Logic, and I sent the song to Wayne for him to come up with lyrics. I had a chorus lyric and vocal which was “Come Alive”.

Wayne came up with the lyrics and melody which ended up being based around “Now I’m Coming To Life” but we all preferred to just keep calling the song Alive.

Alive, was a late entry to the album, the other guys literally learned it a week before we hit the studio.

The keyboard parts heard in the final album version are actually from the original demo that I sent Wayne.

Music G.Johnson, Lyrics W.Holden

The single “ALIVE” is available worldwide via all your favorite digital retailers including:
CD Baby:  http://bit.ly/2uiJ6WM
Bandcamp: http://bit.ly/2OAxpBw

The Band
Wayne Holden – Lead Vocals
Glenn Johnson – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Andy Young – Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Ian Slade – Bass, Backing Vocals
Evan Johnson – Drums, Backing Vocals
Steve Pirie – Guitars, Backing Vocals

The Other Side (2020) CD & Digital – Melodic Revolution Records
Alive (2020) Digital Single – Melodic Revolution Records
Come Back Again (2020) Digital Single – Melodic Revolution Records
Sonic Divide (2013) CD & Digital – Self-Released

Follow Sonic Divide
Website: www.sonicdivide.net
Facebook: www.facebook.com/sonicdivide/
Instagram: www.instagram.com/sonicdivide/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SonicDivideBand
Melodic Revolution Records: https://mrrmusic.com/sonic-divide/

Melodic Revolution Records Online:

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Fire Garden releases new single Idiot Brain feat. Adam Holzman of Steven Wilson band

After 3 years of the release of Far and Near, Fire Garden have released their new single Idiot BrainAdam Holzman of Steven Wilson band played all keyboards and synths.

Music and Production: Zee Baig
Keyboards: Adam Holzman
Drums: Bill Kiser
Bass: Marc Malitz
Guitars and Vocals: Zee Baig
Video: Zee Baig
Audio Master: Machine

Idiot Brain is a hard rock tune from Fire Garden’s upcoming EP point-blank releasing on 02.20.2020.

Point Blank will be released (February 20, 2020). Point Blank features Adam Holzman of Steven Wilson band on all keyboards and synths

The EP will contain 3 new tracks and 1 bonus track.

The album cover was designed by legendary artist Carl Grover (famously worked with Steven Wilson and Porcupine Tree).

Enjoy the single Idiot Brain.

Thank you for your support. Please share this video with your friends.


P.S. Point Blank EP pre-orders would start soon I will keep you guys posted.

Download Idiot Brain at
Stream it on Spotify

Nili Brosh Announces Third Studio Concept Album, Spectrum, along with Visually Stunning Music Video “Primal Feels”

After two solo records and work with several guitar legends, Nili Brosh (Michael Jackson ONE by Cirque du Soleil, Tony MacAlpine) is no stranger to instrumental guitar albums. However, her latest effort Spectrum steps beyond the expected and into a global exploration of musical genres. A literal spectrum, the album seamlessly blends from one genre to the next, starting in one place and ending up in a completely different one; all the while suggesting that music – much like humans – is all the same. Spectrum will be released on December 20th.

Opening with the Spanish flavor of “Cartagena” and “Andalusian Fantasy”, Brosh effortlessly demonstrates the gentle power of conveying melodies on a nylon string guitar. Fusing into the European folk-inspired “Circus Wedding” and Parisian flavored “Rachel in Paris”, accordionist Hubert Gall makes a guest appearance and takes us further into the stylistic journey. What was Parisian blends into the chill R&B inspired “Solace”, which is where we first hear Brosh’s electric guitar versatility and soaring solos. The transition to a more fusion-esque and progressive sound occurs with ‘Retractable Intent’ and ‘Desert déjà vu’, before finally moving toward the screaming dance-inspired heavy leads of “Djentrification” and “Primal Feels”. Listening in one sitting, one may feel the transitions sneak up on them, at the end arriving at the question “how did I get here?”.

The official music video for the single “Primal Feels”, released September 3, follows a similar concept of diversity and comprises a multi-ethnic cast of male dancers joining Brosh to visually enhance the song melodies. With dazzling film-like cinematography, the dancers mimic Brosh’s musical vocabulary in a style reminiscent of those classic ‘80s and ‘90s music videos. With their visual interpretation of the strong melodic hooks of “Primal Feels”, the dancers remind us once again that people – like music – are all the same.

“Primal Feels” music video is performed by Angel Xplosion Anaya, Amaleke Kidd Bradley, Nili Brosh, Manine Kim, Gabi Torres.
Shot and directed by A&G Productions
Choreography by Gabi Torres

Spectrum is performed by Alex Argento, Nili Brosh, Mariko Friend, Hubert Gall, Pete Lockett, Eli Marcus, Alon Mei-Tal, Gretchen Menn, Ray Rojo.

Track Listing: 

  1. Cartagena
  2. Andalusian Fantasy
  3. Circus Wedding
  4. Rachel In Paris
  5. Solace
  6. Retractable Intent
  7. Desert Deja Vu
  8. Djentrification
  9. Primal Feels
  10. Resistance Piece

Spectrum will be available on CD and digital download via Nili Brosh’s webstore and all major online retailers (Previous releases are also available through the same outlets): https://www.hellomerch.com/collections/nili-brosh

For more information, visit Nili Brosh on:

Sass Jordan to release Rebel Moon Blues in March

Sass Jordan is one of the premiere female rock singers in history, selling over one million albums worldwide. While she has touched upon Blues over her 40-year career, this is the first time she has focused exclusively on creating an album of songs in this tradition, that showcases her talent as a Blues singer. As Jordan acknowledges: “The blues has always been a huge part of my life. It’s a big part of what I grew up with. It’s been there throughout my entire career.”

Her first blues album arrives in raw, earthy style on the magnificent Rebel Moon Blues, to be released on Friday, March 13 on Stony Plain Records. Co-produced with D#, it’s the Juno Award-winner’s ninth studio album and first release in nearly a decade. More crucially, it’s also a watershed that charts a new course in Jordan’s musical voyage while tracing her love of the blues back to its source. The album features eight songs, freshly interpreted and given the Sass Jordan treatment with her band the Champagne Hookers: guitarists Chris Caddell and Jimmy Reid, bassist Derrick Brady, and drummer Cassius Pereira, augmented by blues harp master Steve Marriner and keyboardist Jesse O’Brien.

Track Listing
Leaving Trunk (5:08)
My Babe (3:33)
Am I Wrong (2:36)
One Way Out (3:58)
Palace of the King (3:40)
The Key (4:10)
Too Much Alcohol (4:34)
Still Got The Blues (5:43)



  • The album release coincides with Sass’s participation in a 42 date world tour of “A Bowie Celebration” from January to April, bringing her to several markets she has not been to in years

  • Rebel Moon Blues will have accompanying alcohol, “Rebel Moon Whiskey,” also being launched in 2020, through Dixon distillery

  • A custom Smokey Blue vinyl will ensure each album pressed will be entirely unique

  • National press and radio servicing across Europe and Canada

  • International touring for album release through summer 2020


Web: http://sassjordan.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sassjordanonline/



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