Progressive metal band Joviac released a new single and music video Dissemination

Promo pic by: Carolin Büttner

Finnish progressive metal band Joviac released a new single and music video ‘Dissemination’. Since their latest single ‘The Fine Line‘ the band has now expanded from trio to quintet when Johannes Leipälä (Guitar) & Tuomas Honkkila (Keyboards) were added to the line-up earlier this summer.  

WATCH Dissemination music video:

Viljami Wenttola’s comments:
“When the global pandemic began and we all became familiar with the term “lockdown”, I noticed that it wasn’t the disease itself that was most anxiety and fear inducing for me personally, but the amount of misinformation and disinformation surrounding the disease. Fake news was rampant. People used the disease to further their at times questionable motives and armed themselves with arguments that supported only their own nefarious or ignorant ends. Suddenly everyone felt like they knew better than everyone else and trust in their “own research” was stronger than in the scientific community. In many ways the pandemic brought out the darkest sides of humanity. I channelled all of my pandemic anxiety and fear into this song and the result is definitely the heaviest song that we’ve ever released. I even tried out harsh vocals/growling for the first time!”

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Viljami Jupiter Wenttola – Vocals & Guitar 

Antti Varjanne – Bass

Rudy Fabritius – Drums 

Johannes Leipälä – Guitar 

Tuomas Honkkila – Keys



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World Premier of new video, “Spain” feat Joe Deninzon, Rachel Flowers, & Alex Alex Skolnick

­­­Joe Deninzon & musical friends Rachel Flowers (flute, piano) and Alex Skolnick (guitar) perform Chick Corea’s “Spain” on the upcoming Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius’ “Behind the Curtain: Live From ProgStock” via Four-Disc Box Set – Double CD, DVD & Blu-Ray to be released by Melodic Revolution Records.

“Spain” will premiere on YouTube on Friday, October 14 at 9 PM ET/6 PM PT/ 3 AM Amsterdam time (October 15, Saturday) Watch it here or on YouTube.

“Spain,” and how it came to be by Joe Deninzon

One of the perks of being a jazz musician is that you can walk into a room anywhere in the world, jump on stage with people you’ve never met who may or may not speak your language, and weave together a spontaneous concert based on a shared musical language.

On October 2nd, 2021, when the late great John Goodsall from Brand X fell ill, Stratospheerius was asked last minute to headline Progstock, the biggest prog rock festival in the Northeastern U.S. Preceding our set was the amazing multi-instrumentalist Rachel Flowers, who recently contributed her talents to our single, “Storm Surge.” Following us later that night was the bassist Percy Jones. Joining Percy on guitar was Alex Skolnick. Alex is an old friend who recorded and toured with our band in the early 2000s. I saw a great opportunity to reunite with Alex and include Rachel in a song. It was also nice to give the band a break and play something more stripped-down in the middle of our set. We decided to play Chick Corea’s “Spain,” a song we all knew well.  There was no time to rehearse. Alex had heard of Rachel but had never met her. That night, Rachel and Alex met on stage, never having played together before. This performance was completely on the fly! Judging by the audience’s reaction, I think we created some magic that night and are excited to share it with everyone who couldn’t be there in person.

Behind the Curtain: Live at ProgStock (2022) 4 Disc Box set 
Spain “Live at ProgStock” (2022) Digital Single
The Prism “Live at ProgStock” (2022) Digital Single
Game of Chicken (Live at ProgStock) (2021) Digital Single
Cognitive Dissonance (2021) Digital Single
Storm Surge (2020) Digital Single
Frame by Frame (2020) Digital Single
Impostor! (2019) Digital Single
Guilty of Innocence (2018) LP/Vinyl
Guilty of Innocence (2017) CD & Digital Album
Hysteria (2017) Digital Single
The Next World (2012) CD & Digital
Headspace (2007) CD & Digital
Live Wire (2004) CD & Digital
The Adventures of Stratospheerius (2002) CD & Digital  
Electric / Blue (1998) CD & Digital  

Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius Online  

Rachael Flowers
Alex Skolnic

Melodic Revolution Records Online:

Amanda Lehmann – One Last Spin – Gambling Harms (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

The official video for the single ‘One Last Spin’, was written and performed by Amanda Lehmann. Video courtesy of COPEScotland. Written to compliment the documentary ‘One Last Spin’ and raise awareness about the harms of gambling. Amanda Lehmann is an international solo recording artist, performer, composer, singer, and guitarist, also known for her collaborations with former Genesis guitarist: Steve Hackett.

“I was not fully aware of the extent of gambling addiction before, and now I find myself noticing stuff all over the place luring people in, it’s very scary. With this song, I have tried to capture the vicious circles of gambling leading to feelings of desperation and isolation in the face of continual temptation from gambling companies. Now with the accompanying video by COPEScotland, the message has an additional powerful visual aspect.” Amanda Lehmann. “COPEScotland recognizes the value of what the Community Interest Company “Machine Zone” set out to do: raising awareness of the harms caused by gambling with the Documentary ‘One Last Spin’. COPEScotland was delighted at the support offered by Amanda to create a song to support the documentary. We wanted to support this further by creating a music video to accompany the track. Together we can be the change” COPEScotland

Watch the featured video here.

Music, lyrics, guitar, vocals: Amanda Lehmann Keyboards and programming:
Nick Magnus Video: COPEScotland


Twitter: @amandalehmann25
Twitter: @COPEScotland

Song: One Last Spin Artist: Amanda Lehmann
Video: COPEScotland
Including visuals from Amanda’s Memory Lane and Watcher videos by Crooked Hand Productions
Licensed to YouTube by PRS (Performing Rights Society)

Vancouver’s HUNTING GIANTS Present Increasingly Intense, Progressive New Album “Mythos”; Unveil Music Video “Ancient Text”

L-R – Corey Wharton (Bass), Bradley Trivett (Guitar), Daniel Beavington (Drums), Stephen Atkey (Vocals)
Photographer Credit – Bradley Trivett

Canada’s Hunting Giants are proud to announce their new record “Mythos”, a progressive, high-caliber album that will grab listeners and amaze them with intricate woven stories, energetic riffs, and distinctive vocals. Their first presentation from the new offering will be the single “Ancient Text” and its music video.

The single is a story about a doomsday prophecy from a long-forgotten culture. While lyrically referencing both archaeological discoveries as well as age-old myths, the listener gets to experience how a shaman from the distant past might interpret a meteor shower that destroys his tribe. The band explains further:

“Ancient Text weaves an auditory puzzle in the ear of the listener while it tells the tale. It was inspired by the Taurid meteor stream, a stretch of space densely packed with astral debris which the Earth passes through twice a year, as well as the unknown catalyst which initiated the previous ice age 12,500 years ago. This adrenaline-pumping track plays host to a soft and sensual breakdown where our shamanic protagonist bears witness to the coming end of days.”

Referencing both scientific discovery and age-old myth, “Ancient Text” is a wild ride that maintains engagement and leaves one breathless. Full of tension, and raging riffs, Hunting Giants ends the song with a rhythmic labyrinth of guitar, bass, and percussion framing the climax of their tale.

Hunting Giants is confident that new listeners, as well as those familiar with them through their previous release “Skyward Eyes”, will find an accomplished intensity and listenability in “Mythos”,which represents their musical growth and evolution. Each of the thirteen songs was specially picked for the album to contribute to the overarching story in a theatrical and energetic manner.

With riffs that will inspire and lyrics that will mystify, Hunting Giants is recommended for those who enjoy a 90s vibe and progressive elements, especially fans of Alice In Chains, Soundgarden and Audioslave.

The music video for the first single “Ancient Text” can be seen and heard via its premiere on Spaceuntravel at

Digital Single –

The album “Mythos” is out on September 30, 2022.

CD pre-order –

Digital – Huntinggiants.bandcamp.comApple MusicSpotify.

Track Listing:
1. Mythos – 3:28
2. Ancient Text – 3:18
3. Too Big To Kill – 3:06
4. Rituals – 3:57
5. Among Thieves – 5:28
6. Whispers – 2:16
7. Vanguard – 2:54
8. Mantle – 3:19
9. Kindred – 4:05
10. Epitaph – 1:09
11. Into Stone – 4:55
12. Remnant – 4:00
13. King of Ashes – 2:52
Album Length: 44:49

Hunting Giants is:
Corey Wharton – Bass Guitar
Stephen Atkey – Vocals
Bradley Trivett – Guitar
Daniel Beavington – Drums

For more info:

Hunting Giants was started in 2017 with Bradley Trivett assembling the first musical themes and combining the percussive expertise of Daniel Beavington with the explosive rhythmic prowess of Corey J. Wharton into the foundation of a team set to discover and dominate the most enormous sounds and daunting massive ideas they could find. Led by the visionary passion and styling of frontman Stephen Atkey, Hunting Giants is poised to deliver an incredible auditory and visual experience.

“Hunting Giants stake their claim as a powerful new force in the Pacific Northwest metal scene…this band is absolutely one you’ll want to keep an eye on.” – Wail Magazine

2022 – Mythos – LP
2018 – Skyward Eyes – EP

Shared Stage with:
Unleash the Archers, Wednesday 13, Ophelia Falling, Kayas, Vessel, Sick Logic, Dark Stone

Evership Release The Uncrowned King Act 2 (Official Overture Video)


Progressive Rock act Evership is the conceptualization of composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer/engineer Shane Atkinson. Shane played in Nashville bands and as a backup musician for label artists in the late 80’s and 90’s. As a composer he wrote on Music Row and always having a studio running somewhere in the Nashville area, was a prolific composer with musical work spanning from commercials and film to orchestral and theater. He made two records with the 90’s Alternative Rock band Curious Fools, but with the birth of his first child, he decided to leave the music business for the budding software industry.

Shane says he never really stopped writing. “The music just kept coming, almost haunting me. I’d constantly wake up in the night to record song ideas. Over those years I amassed at least a hundred hours of material. But my success in software made it nearly impossible to get out. Something like Evership was bound to happen, it had to happen.”

Finally, in 2005, in response to a dream, he sold his big house in the suburbs, downsized, built a recording studio, and opened a commercial and film music production company to finance the album effort. It would take about ten years to make the first record; not just for the actual recording, but for raising a family, building a studio, holding down the production company and remaining business interests, and sifting through the mountain of song material.

Many of the Evership songs were written long before the project started. Some were five to ten years old even then, and there is purportedly enough material for four or more albums. “I’ve got other material, but I wanted to do this first. Musically-speaking, Prog is where my heart is.” He said while growing up, listening to bands like Led Zeppelin, Rush, Yes, Queen, Kansas and Jimmy Hotz, he had no idea it was progressive music. He just liked it. Amongst his other influences were classical composers, particularly Bach, Rachmaninov and Ravel. He has a sizable Opera collection and is a Puccini fan. Fusion music also played a role in the early years; Chick Corea, Al Di Miola, Mahavishnu Orchestra, anything that challenged him musically. “Even what I’m writing now is not intentionally Prog. It’s just what comes out. These songs are life-stories, I can’t tell them in three-and-a-half minutes. I was a music and literature major in school. So my lyrics tend to be classically driven as well, lending to a longer format.”

After deciding on material for the debut album, demos were started in 2009, but life circumstances halted production until 2013 when Shane shut the music production company down to focus on the record.

Beau West, the lead vocalist, had moved to Nashville to do music, but nothing materialized for the effort. With no prospects on the horizon Beau shelved music for three years. He says, “My wife asked me if I wanted to do music anymore. My answer was “‘I don’t want to write, I don’t want any creative control, I just want to sing.'” Little did he know that around the corner of that third year he would get exactly that.

Originally, the singer Shane had designed the music for was longtime friend and 90’s band mate Jason Beddoe, who ended up needing to bow out of the project due to life circumstances. Shane says, “This was operatic, expressive music. These kinds of singers just don’t exist anymore. I thought it was over. Beau was literally an answer to prayer.”

Shane met Beau West, the lead vocalist, through session singer Mike Priebe (who sings BGVs on the records, along with Nicelle, Mike’s wife, on strings). Shane and Beau had a conversation about music that lasted hours. The two had the same musical interests and the same vision for what they wanted to accomplish. After an initial meeting to review the material, Beau was invited to the studio to sing on the most challenging vocal track, Ultima Thule. Shane says, “Beau has that rare range and tone that sounds great anywhere on the scale. He could handle anything I threw at him, and had such a great attitude as well, which was critical because so much production had already been done.” Beau says, “This music is everything I’d heard whirling around in my head sinceI was fourteen and couldn’t get it out. Shane unlocked what was already inside and I can’t wait to sing every note he writes.” This set course for a three year journey of finishing the recording and hence was birthed Evership.

On the debut album, Shane choose to play drums, keyboards, and an assortment of more obscure instruments like the Theremin and Chapman Stick, but to sub-out most of the guitar and bass work to like-minded musician friends and family.

The earliest recording, Flying Machine, was performed by Dan Smalley on classical guitar and Brandon Vestal on electric guitar. However, the classically trained Rob Higginbotham performed most of the rhythm electric, acoustic and classical guitars.

Shane’s brother James moved into town later in the process and performed the lead guitars, which turned out to be essential to the Evership sound. “Having my brother here reminded me of when we were young. We used to do these ‘concerts’. The neighbors would set up lawn chairs and watch.” With James on guitar, the ‘brother magic’ (a term James coined to explain their telepathic ability to communicate musically) made the lead guitar production more organic.

The Nashville bassist Jaymi “Pink Bassman” Millard (Innocent Monday, Kinetic Element, Mark Slaughter) rounded out the tracks.

Once the debut album was in full swing Shane engaged the know-how of recording engineer Mark Aartun of Innerspeaker Records who cut the beginning of Flying Machine-Part 1: Dreamcarriers on Plexiglas using a rare 1940 Presto K-8 portable record cutting machine. They then re-recorded it from a Newcomb schoolhouse tube record player. “This gave me the vintage Victorian feel I was after.”

Finally, as a last minute production idea, Shane contacted his oldest Nashville friend and classical composer Charles Heimermann, who had been leading a professional choir made up of session singers and singers from both the Nashville Symphony Chorus and The Nashville Choir, to push the production over the top with live choir, recorded in a cathedral in Green Hills, Tennessee.

The panoramic artwork was illustrated by Nashville-area artist Philip Willis. Like the music, it is immersive.

The eponymous debut album Evership (CD and Digital) was released on July 1, 2016. Within a month Evership was invited to perform at the prestigious 2017 Rite of Spring progressive rock festival in Gettysburg, PA. By years-end was sited as a 2016 top-ten album of the year by scores of prominent international progressive and rock magazine outlets and radio! The vinyl was mastered by Grammy-award winning engineer Cameron Henry at Welcome to 1979 Studios and was released a year later, again to exceptional reviews.

The Evership momentum continued in 2017 and the band was invited to perform in the second iteration of New Jersey’s new Progressive Rock festival “ProgStock”, in 2018. But after RosFest the Evership live band went through a change-up, as the members who joined Shane and Beau to support RosFest were largely part of the original album effort and moved on to other pursuits. Jaymi Millard went on to play with Mark Slaughter and was replaced by Ben Young. James moved back to Atlanta and was replaced by John Rose. Jesse Hardin, who was part of the live effort, went on to pursue his own project (Coatsworth Drive) and was replaced by Matt Harrell. Taking time to secure new members lasted into 2018.

Simultaneous to getting the new band up to speed, Shane embarked on creating a second Evership record to keep up the momentum. What took 10 years for the first record, took 10 months for the second. “I was over-extended but I was compelled to keep the continuity of Evership in front of our listeners and the media. And in a way, I had to clear my head of the first run of material. There is so much more to do!”

Evership II began in January of 2018 and was released on October 19th, 2018. The music received almost instantaneous international praise with a record number of reviews and sales in a short amount of time for the act. “Evership II is really the rest of what would otherwise have been on the Debut. The best way to listen to Evership II is to listen to the debut first and then go into the second. It will make more sense.”

The sophomore record retains James Atkinson on most of the lead guitars, but otherwise the line-up includes most of the new live band; with Ben Young on Bass and Chapman Stick, and the classically-trained John Rose on rhythm electric, classical, acoustic and slide guitars. Beau West continues to shine on lead vocals and Shane fills out the remainder of the instrumentation, with the exception of the opening track which includes some live performance material from live drummer Joel Grumblatt and some guitar work from former bandmate Jesse Hardin. Shane also managed to incorporate a live orchestra and another session with the Charles Heimermann Chorale. The artist Philip Willis was re-engaged to create the new album artwork in the celebrated style of the first album. Portions of Evership II where performed at ProgStock 2018.

In 2019 Evership released their first official music video to the opening cut; “The Serious Room” to wide praise. The band’s proliferation that year caught the notice of PROG magazine and Evership was featured in an interview in issue 97 (along with Yes and Alan Parsons)!

In the break after the Evership II support tour and during Codiv, Shane completed writing/curating their third and fourth albums; a two-act rock opera based on a literary work by Harold Bell Wright entitled ‘The Uncrowned King’! The same Evership II band lineup performed the recording and the unique photography of Rory White graces the covers for an altogether different and catching effect. The single ‘Allthetime’ was released April 23nd to great fan and industry acclaim, appeared on PROG magazine’s CD Sampler (Issue #119) and aired internationally on terrestrial and internet radio. The album ‘The Uncrowned King – Act 1’ was released on May 21st, 2021 and garnered many Best Album of 2021 from reviewers and fans! The epic music video to ‘The Tower’ aired on November 24th of that year. Act II is expected to release in Fall 2022. Evership is in full-sail again and the journey continues strong!

Overture of “The Uncrowned King – Act 2”. Album release Fall 2022! Pre-Orders and Merch bundles are available starting June 22nd at!

Watch The New Video Dead Butterfly Here From The Upcoming Pure Reason Revolution Release Above Cirrus

Pure Reason Revolution recently announced their fifth studio album ‘Above Cirrus’ which will be released on May 6th, 2022 via InsideOutMusic. This is the follow-up to 2020’s ‘Eupnea’, which was the band’s first record since reuniting in 2019. This time around, Jon Courtney, Chloë Alper & Greg Jong (who returns as a full-time members for the first time since the ‘Cautionary Tales For The Brave’ EP) find themselves adapting to a world that is radically changing before their eyes, and on this new record, exorcising the isolation and uncertainty in search of something greater.

The band recently completed their first European tour in nearly 13 years, and ahead of the new album’s imminent release, they have launched a video for the latest track ‘Dead Butterfly’. Watch it now.


Jon Courtney comments: “We started living on some land in Brandenburg in a small primitive hut. It was a  safe place with all that was going on around. We spent a lot of time on our patch in nature & one day my daughter came across an in injured, dying butterfly. She was sorrowful to see it die & we couldn’t help. The track stemmed from that. This thing of absolute beauty, passing away. Then we stumble across a caterpillar. Discovery, creation & life breathes on.

This probably sees us at our heaviest. Bring Me The Horizon meets Smashing Pumpkins meets Fleetwood Mac.”

Watch the previously released videos here:
New Kind of Evil:

Of the recently completed tour, the band commented: “We’re really pleased with how the tour went & still have to pinch myself it was possible after multiple postponements! Fan feedback & interaction is incredibly important; seeing headbanging heads, nodding heads or even just the people that let the music wash over them…whatever type of fan you are, a huge thank you to all that came along & inspired us. As the album release approaches we’re excited to launch ‘Dead Butterfly’ at your ears! Hope you enjoy the track along with the dazzling video from Thomas Hicks. “  

On ‘Above Cirrus’, the band continues many of the musical through lines that fans have come to expect; maintaining a balance between somber reflection and intrepid exploration, leading listeners through a shapeshifting collection of seven tracks that evoke a range of emotions. On the songs ‘Our Prism’ and ‘New Kind of Evil’, the energy reaches magnificent heights of guitar-led catharsis, rivaling the best efforts of acts like Tool and Filter, while offerings in ‘Lucid’ and ‘Dead Butterfly’ meld the group’s keyboard-centric song-structures with vast, epic soundscapes. But, unlike its predecessor, ‘Above Cirrus’ is far from a narrative driven concept record. As Jon confides, each song, while fueled by his personal journeys and the condition of modern times, is truly its own device. Reflecting on the lyricism of the record, he adds:
“Often my writing occupies itself with relationships; how we can be so tender/loving with each other in one instance, days later or even in a few flashes we’re tearing each other apart. The sublime & the savage/vicious. The music reflects this light & shade dynamic shift too. Our world shrinks through lockdowns/restrictions & strain is intensified. However, the end message is one of optimism – affirmation we’ll get to the end of this surreal chapter & be stronger together. Through the turbulence, we’ll help each other through the darkness.”

The album will be released as Limited CD, Gatefold LP+CD & as Digital Download, featuring beautiful cover artwork by artist Jill Tegan Doherty, who previously created the cover for ‘Eupnea’. Pre-order now here:


  1. Side A
    1. Our Prism
    2. New Kind of Evil
    3. Phantoms
    4. Cruel Deliverance
  2. Side B
    1. Scream Sideways
    2. Dead Butterfly
    3. Lucid


  1. Our Prism
  2. New Kind of Evil
  3. Phantoms
  4. Cruel Deliverance
  5. Scream Sideways
  6. Dead Butterfly
  7. Lucid


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