As you know, Evership is recording a two-part rock opera based on a story by early-1900s writer Harold Bell Wright. While COVID-19 has slowed the process a bit, we’ve been moving cautiously forward with recording as best we can. All music is written and demoed. Drums and Lyrics are complete for both parts 1 and 2. We’re a few songs into bass guitar for part 1. Acoustic Guitars (12 and 6-string) are almost done for Part 1.

The recording process has been a patchwork of locations as we are still establishing a new studio space. We’ve been recording Ben on location.

Ben Young recording bass for Evership’s 3rd album

We’re recording acoustic guitars with Matt Harrell (12-String) and John Rose (everything else) with my friend Pat Holt at Pat Holt Productions in Nashville, on Music Row.

Recording Acoustic Guitars on Music Row in Nashville

Pat Holt has been in the industry for 40 years and is a veteran engineer and producer. He’s worked with everyone from Alabama, James Taylor and Doctor Hook to Johnny (And June Carter) Cash, Waylon Jennings and The Judds. (Factoid: Pat is married to Irlene Mandrell of the Mandrell sisters.)

Shane Atkinson and Pat Holt at Pat Holt Productions in Nashville

We are recording direct to a Studer two-inch tape machine through an early 70’s Harrison console. Harrison consoles are manufactured here in Nashville. In fact, Shane worked on building some Harrison consoles in his early music career when not on the road. This particular model was the same used to record Kansas’ Leftoverture in Louisianna. The actual console we’re recording through was used by Styx for their first album, as well as many of Johnny Cash’s records and a slew of other 70’s and 80’s pop and country artists. Ah, the sweet sound of analog is always amazing!

Recently Nashville, like many other cities, issued a “Safer at Home” order for the next few weeks. As many are in quarantine, Shane took a break from the recording process to mix and prepare a section of an Evership’s ProgStock concert to add some entertainment for those also homebound. We thought we’d premier it first for our Evershipenteurs! We hope you enjoy it!

Isle of The Broken Tree (II-IV) – Live Video

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