Sister May is an exciting Progressive Industrial band from Belgium, with a strong influence from the 80s and 90s industrial music scene. Their upcoming first full album, set to be released on vinyl by Lay Bare Recordings on September 29, 2023, iS a highly anticipated release for fans of this genre.

The band’s musical style is described as a blend of provocative sounds, alternative rhythms, and mechanical noise, all presented with a modern production touch. This fusion of elements create an Industrial Punk vibe, characterized by edgy and genuine sounds that aim to offer a unique listening experience.

The preproduction is handled by Matt McJunkins, who is a member of bands like A Perfect Circle and Puscifer. This is a level of expertise and experience in shaping the project’s sound.

The production of “Undecided Behaviour” is managed by Filip De Bot, known for his work at Penthouse Studio.
For Fans of A Perfect Circle – Nine Inch Nails – Puscifer


01. The Floater

2. Headshot

3. Dust Devil

4. Guts

05. Borderline

06. Sworn

07. The Kneep

08. Dope

Artist: Sister May

Title: Undecided Behaviour

Format:  Digital CD / Physical CD / Vinyl

Label: Independent Release (the CD) and Lay Bare Recordings(the vinyl)

In a live setting, Sister May apparently knows how to create an intense atmosphere, weaving together noise-tinged ambient elements with infectious hooks. With a history of 130 shows across Europe in the past 5 years, it’s evident that they have built a substantial presence in the live music scene.

Fans of industrial music and those looking for a fresh and unconventional musical experience might find Sister May’s work intriguing. The combination of their influences, unique sound, and energetic live performances could make them stand out in the modern music landscape.

The release of this album on September 29, 2023, at De Kreun Kortrijk/Wilde Westen We have already sold 200 tickets for the release, which indicates a strong level of interest and anticipation from our audience.

Ou album will be available on both vinyl and CD formats which we’re providing options for fans who prefer different ways of experiencing our music.

We’re well on our way to making a significant impact with our music project. The combination of a live release event, strong ticket sales, and physical album formats bodes well for the success of our album launch.

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