Freedom To Glide | FALL

Label: Independent
Release Year: 2016
Country: United Kingdom
Genre: Progressive Rock

Band Members

Andy Nixon – Lead vocals, guitars, bass, Drum production.
Pete Riley – Piano, synthesizers, organ. (Vocal on ‘Sleep Under The flag’)

Guest Musicians

Louise Wilson (KAFKADIVA) – Voice Over on ‘Exit Wound’ & The Middle Game’.
Bob Jackson (BADFINGER) – Piano Solo on ‘Silent Code’.

Contact Links 

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Freedom To Glide Official YouTube Channel

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Freedom 2 Glide are a two man outfit that stem from out of a Pink Floyd tribute band called Darkside Of The Wall. It is made up of Andy Nixon and Pete Riley. With a handful of EP’s and the first two in a trilogy of albums, RAIN and FALL under their belts, Freedom 2 Glide have set themselves up pretty well as a formidable band. Their current offering in the planned trilogy about life between both World War I and World War 2 have certainly cemented the band in the progressive rock community as concept specialists.

As I had to go back and listen to RAIN on their Bandcamp page as well as FALL which the band provided for me to do this review, I must say you have to have both to really notice where the story is going. Meanwhile we wait for the third and final in this trilogy. The emphasis and focus to this review however will be solely on FALL.

FALL is the second in the continuation of the trilogy. FALL is also a common themed or a thematic concept album where there is not a deliberate intro and concluding outro. FALL is 13 tracks that speak about various stories that are somehow tied to both World War 1 & World War 2 .  With FALL the band has dug a little deeper and have taken a much more atmospheric approach to the song structure. The band has a uncanny ability of folk storytelling with a modern progressive rock element.

Throughout FALL , Freedom 2 Glide have recorded with such clarity that every note is allowed to breathe and every lyric is able to be understood.  It is like that from Track #1 – Fall to Track#13 October. Throughout the album the band utilizes the musical notes to convey as much emotion , matching each lyrical syllable to project that emotion with a very serious harmonious clarity. The stringed section runs very concurrent with the rhythm section instrumentally while the lyrical quality maintains its very integrity.

Although the guys play most the time in the Pink Floyd tribute Darkside of the Wall, make no mistake about this, they have their own unique quality and distinctive sound and never use the ‘Floydian Influence‘ to run through the Freedom 2 Glide recording process. This album and the band’s sound command a objective mindset and a open soul to comprehend the melodic value of this album and band on their own merits. I have chosen not to go into a track to track analysis on this album review because it would not do it much justice. Freedom 2 Glide’s FALL must be consumed in its entirety like its Part #1 companion RAIN to truly grasp the story and narrative as a collective. Both RAIN and FALL are 2 multi tracked one hour plus epics with how easily the tracks run concurrent with one another.

On its own individual merit, I give Freedom 2 Glide’s FALL a 4/5 for it unique quality and easy listening experience. It will be interesting to hear how they conclude this trilogy.

Video Courtesy Of: (Freedom To Glide Official YouTube Channel )