Apparently this metalcore quartet started off life as Coldsight in 2014, only changing the name when founding guitarist Florent Salfati switched to lead vocals. They self-released their debut, ‘Hollow’, in 2016 and have now signed to Arising Empire Records for their second. I have never made secret my general dislike of the metalcore genre, and here I find myself rather more frustrated than normal, as what we have here are a bloody good metal band who are mixing in other bits and pieces which I find distracting. They are much heavier than many in the genre, with heavily distorted bass, and very strong guitars indeed. For me they lose it on the vocals, and some of the more “emotional” moments should be removed and the band just keep powering it out. But they are bombastic and powerful, and I am sure those who enjoy the genre far more than me will get a great deal from this highly polished and energetic band.  6/10