Petri Lindstrom Project | Hail To Sabbath

Label: Melodic Revolution Records

Release Year : 2016

Country: International

Genre: Doom Metal


Band Members

Petri ‘Lemmy’ Lindström – Guitars, Bass & Keyboards

Special Guests:

Blake Carpenter – (The Minstrel’s Ghost, Voice of The Enslaved, Corvus Stone) Vocals

Juha-Matti Koppelomäki – (Wolfhorde) Solo Guitar

Janne Ahonen – Drums

Track List:

My Time Is Now

Fall Into Hands of Reality

Lost Children

Get Away

Keeper of the Gates



Contact Links 

Petri Lindstrom Official Website

Petri Lindstrom Official Melodic Revolution Records Profile

Petri Lindstrom Project Official Facebook Page

Melodic Revolution Records Official Website

Melodic Revolution Records Official YouTube Channel


When it comes to Black Sabbath tributes you always hear about a multi band and multi song album full of Black Sabbath covers. Most notably the albums Nativity In Black 1&2 or NIB A Cover To Black Sabbath have really been the major Black Sabbath cover albums. While cover albums like those certainly help the posterity of both the band and the music they created,  they have not really addressed the very essence of the music. Most of those cover albums we see the band taking the Black Sabbath track and making it their own with their own signature sounds uniquely.

I have always asked myself what if a band or artist were to write and record an entire album of originals with the very tuned down doom sound Black Sabbath basically created Heavy Metal with. After almost 27 years since this thought first hit me there is now a album that now has done that very thing. Petri Lindstrom Project  Hail To Sabbath is a album of six original songs written by Petri  Lindstrom himself that really dive into the very essence of the sound of Black Sabbath. Thus making Hail To Sabbath a very appropriate title to this new release on Melodic Revolution Records.

It is albums such as this as to why I do special features on Melodic Revolution Records artists. Nick Katona and staff never fail to impress or amaze the listener with unconventional find and sign acts such as Petri Lindstrom Project. It is albums like this and the first half of this monthly feature from NeverWake that display originality and the fact that Melodic Revolution Records refuses to be pigeonholed or typecast to who or what genre they sign and present to the world. This is what makes a record label a quality buffet of various sounds and flavours throughout the world.

Petri Lindstrom Project’s new doom laden Hail To Sabbath is the ultimate irony as it contains Blake Carpenter – Vocals – The Minstrel’s Ghost, Voice of The Enslaved, Corvus Stone  Juha-Matti Koppelomäki – Solo Guitar – Wolfhorde , Janne Ahonen – Drums . This is also a testament to both label and artists that there is a melodic family atmosphere. There seems to be a tight knit community within Melodic Revolution Records where its individual artists continue to work with one another much like a fraternity or sorority. They are not just so called “side projects” these are whole other bands with whole other combination of artists about them.

As for Hail To Sabbath, this album stays very true to the origins of not only just Black Sabbath but the very spirit that gave metal its birth, ‘Doom Metal’.  To my surprise Blake Carpenter does a fine job transitioning his vocals with great versatility between various genres, sounds and band participation he has been involved with vocally. This project is no exception to that rule either. Petri does a wonderful job channeling both his inner Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler transitioning in and out between guitars and bass. The way this whole project has been written, recorded and produced show the listener the clear vision all participants have paying such original homage to Black Sabbath.

Petri Lindstrom has managed to bring together four world class musicians that clearly looked at his vision and to see it through. I hope Petri Lindstrom’s Hail To Sabbath will inspire future projects to pay very unconventional tributes with original standards and songs to bands they were influenced by and loved. Petri Lindstrom’s Hail To Sabbath takes tribute albums into uncharted territory I hope is explored more in the future. Petri Lindstrom’s Hail To Sabbath gets a 4.5/5 for very original content and courage to carry it out.  



Video Courtesy of  (Melodic Revolution Records Official YouTube Channel )