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From 1990 – 2006 I ran Feedback fanzine in the UK, writing about bands that were never covered in the mainstream press, many of whom were in the progressive underground. I built close ties with many of the UK groups in particular, including writing the newsletter for Freewill, getting gigs for Credo and writing the introduction to Galahad’s OCMDII compilation. I reviewed literally thousands of cassettes and then CDs from prog bands from throughout the world, and was lucky enough to interview many of them. During this period I also contributed to the French progzine Acid Dragon, and was also asked to write for Rock ‘n’ Reel and for the Ghostland website.

In 2006 I moved to NZ, and stopped running Feedback (which was then renamed Amplified after I left at my request) having produced over 80 editions with more than 11,000 pages of print and heaven knows how many reviews and interviews.

Although I stopped writing and reviewing when I came over to NZ I was gradually brought back into the scene (initially kicking and screaming until I accepted my fate) and started contributing to many different sites and magazines. I was heavily involved with the Crossover sub-genre team on PA, wrote the booklets for the Red Jasper reissues, and generally tried to be as involved in the scene as I had some 20 years previously. However, I stopped this in 2014 to start work on a book containing all of my progressive reviews from Feedback, and finally finished this at the end of 2016, after more than half a million words! (To be published by Gonzo Media later this year, watch this space!)

My aim for 2017 was to review every album I have been sent over the last three years, but even though I managed to knock out more than 600 I still have plenty more to get through!

All of my reviews appear in the hard copy UK fanzine Amplified, and are also submitted to the weekly e-magazine Gonzo, plus they all appear on (where Artur is posting a couple of my reviews each day in the English language section), as well as on the website for Firebrand radio,, plus In addition, all progressive rock reviews are submitted to the French progzine Acid Dragon, and if the band is listed then it will appear on ProgArchives, all metal on Metalmusicarchives and jazz on jazzmusicarchives.


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