Sunburst | Fragments Of Creation 

Label : Inner Wound Recordings
Release Year: 2016
Country: Greece
Genre: Progressive/Power Metal

Band Members

Vasilis Georgiou – Vocals
Gus Drax – Guitars
Kostas Milonas – Drums
Nick Grey – Bass

Special Guest Musicians

John K. – Orchestral Arrangements on “Remedy Of My Heart”
Bob Katsionis – Firewind/Outloud/Serious Black – Keyboards on all songs except
“Reincarnation” & “Remedy Of My Heart”
Mina Giannopoulou – Backing Vocals on “Remedy Of My Heart”
Astrous – Aenaon – Backing Vocals on “Break The Core” & “Remedy Of My Heart”

Contact Links

Sunburst Official Facebook Page

Inner Wound Recordings Official Website

Inner Wound Recordings Official Youtube Channel


Greece is such a significant part of the world and its history. It has been for well over 5000 years now. In a part of the world that gave us Western Cultural values such as democracy, the science’s and some of the first arts comes a progressive metal band Sunburst to continue this rich tradition. Not only are they maintaining such a rich tradition, they are actually innovating it in the 21st century. With all the above said, it is very ironic that Sunburst’s debut album is titled Fragments Of Creation.

Fragments Of Creation takes progressive power metal to another level of sound, structure and intensity. Sunburst was birthed out of the minds of of Gus Drax – Biomechanical Paradox,Black Fate, Vasilis Georgiou – Innosense, Black Fate and Kostas Milonas – New Day Slave,Foray Between Ocean,Paradox, Outloud, Nick Grey -Bass. However I would not call them the typical cliche` of a ‘Supergroup’ per say. Sunburst are more like four really technically proficient musicians with a common collective vision.

This four man metal unit has such a wealthy of sound and multiple layers that it gives the listener a audio illusion that there are more that four in the band. This is accomplished through the powerful and thought provoking finger work of Gus Drax – Guitars,  who strictly plays a seven stringed guitar on Fragments Of Creation thus providing more sonic and melodic instrumental depth to the album itself. Vasilis Georgiou – Vocals is definitely one of the more soulful voices following in the footsteps of other soulful vocalists as the mighty Roy Kahn ex- Kamelot and his successor in Kamelot, Tommy Kerravick. There seems to be a common conceptual theme about life and death and struggle throughout Fragments Of Creation.  Now a breakdown of the monster that is Fragments Of Creation.

Out Of The World starts out with a slamming and thunderous rhythmic passage that is blistering. The band wastes no time with such a beautiful audio assault on the senses. The seven string guitar gives it a very unconventional sound for sure. Between the bass/rhythm sections and guitar rhythm sections tuned down it certainly takes the track to a new depth of sheer heaviness. The shredding solo is quite blistering as well.

Dementia opens up with a beautiful full lush keyboard before going into a wicked time signature based progression. It settles down and Vasilis Georgiou’s vocals open a sense of warmth that really invites the listener into the composition. This is one of the more emotion based track on the album. Lyrically it tells a very articulate story of ones isolation with dementia.

Symbol Of Life begins with a wide open power shred on guitars while the blistering rhythm section creates a atmosphere of fury. This track contains solid choral harmonies that are followed by some passionate and well written time signature progressions. The double blast beats give the track grit along with the powerful solo’s. This track balances both progressive and power metal influences.

Reincarnation tears right into a crunchy and blistering intro. The track carries a more western European element along with some elements of thrash metal in the vein of Death Angel or even Testament. There are even subtle hints of galloping NWOBHM elements within Reincarnation.

Lullaby the first official video single for the album starts out with ethereal layers of atmospheric electric guitar. Warm vocal harmonies perfectly run side by side with warmth and gentleness. These elements plus the lyrical story make this the perfect first single in which to introduce the band to the world. This also has potential to be a staple within live set lists. The solo on this one is definitely charged with great emotion.

End Of The Game begins in a very Everygrey Blinded style of progression. This track has various time signatures and power progressions much in the vein of Symphony X’s Paradise Lost and Pagans Mind’s Enigmatic Calling . The band perfectly balance both sides of the progressive and power metal spectrum’s satisfying the audio pallets of listeners to both sub genres.

Beyond The Darkest Sun opens up with sheer speed power metal elements. The track contains some serious shred work and serious speed rhythmic tenacity. The track therein also contains many various time signatures that continue to support the progressive side to the band. This is a sheer instrumental allowing for the band to display in melodic prowess. It reminds me much of Iron Maiden’s Loss Fer Words off Powerslave.

Forevermore opens up with a wonderful melodic instrumental passage with various signatures before calming down some and the warmth of the vocals take the listener deeper within the track. The band by this time continue to catch the the listener with various great hooks and melodies. By this point in the album the band even seems to tighten up while at the same time becoming more confident in their writing and performing ability.

Break The Core begins with a distortion frenzy before exploding with more infectious hooks, signatures and melodies. The vocals are done with such powerful conviction. The band even incorporates some death metal style vocals in some place creating a even more aggressive composition. The rhythm section has some serious wicked solo’s along with the guitar solo’s. This track has a little bit of everything for even the most discriminating listener.

Remedy Of My Heart is the last track and a nice 12+ minute mini epic. It begins with a symphonic instrumentation along with a choral chant section. This also has a very powerful and beautiful female supporting vocal in Mina Trib Giannopoulou . The instrumental sounds as if a army is marching into battle and every chord reflects that. This track is a very very progressive laden track. It slowly builds up to a pinnacle and climax. There are some nice vocal effects in the backing vocal sections. Remedy Of My Heart is the more methodical and patient track on Fragments Of Creation. The time signatures are very unpredictable that the listener in hooked in both audio channels of the mind.

Sunburst’s Fragments Of Creation certainly took me by surprise. This band is part of the next step in the continuing growth and innovation of pure progressive power metal. Inner Wound Records has one of the best find and sign discovery’s I have heard in many years. Sunburst has the potential to be a staple and fixture at Inner Wound Recordings for many years to come. Sunburst’s Fragments Of Creation gets a 4.5/5 and could easily show up in any top 10 of 2016 album’s list.


Video Courtesy Of: (Inner Wound Recordings Official Youtube Channel