Who Am I // Featured Album of the Week // by Cynity

cynity - who am i

Cynity – Who Am I – All Songs written and performed by: Chris Grundmann

Karsten Frohn: Lyrics and Vocals on Blacklisted
Robert Lutz: Lyrics and Vocals on BloodSnowMurder & Haunting Melody
Andreas Grundmann: Lyrics and Vocals on Lion’s Cage
Markus Schley: Lyrics and Vocals on Mechanical Dolphin
Sebastian Busacker: Lead Guitars on Lion’s Cage & Haunting Melody
Robert Polikarpow: Lead Guitar on The Secret Of Rusty Things
Christian “Eule” Eulig: Lead Guitar on Mechanical Dolphin

Released January 29, 2017

About Cynity
“Music has always been a vocation for Chris Grundmann. Ever since his childhood days as a piano student, he has heard the call. During his days as ivory-tinkler extraordinaire for German prog metal band Freaks On The Roof, he significantly influenced the outfit’s direction. Equipped with exquisite songwriting skills, remarkable talent as a performer, and a producer’s ear, Chris always succeeds in meshing complex and catchy structures into appealing songs.

Cynity, his solo project, expresses all of that – and much more. The songs are a mixture of Chris’s pop sensibilities and progressive roots that showcase a broad range of talents and variety of styles at the same time. Each of them a distinctive sonic tapestry, they interweave melody, heaviness, and intricate rhythms into an accessible and intriguing whole.”

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