Djam Karet // All From One, And One From All // Featured album of the Week

Djam Karet is an instrumental progressive rock band based in Topanga, California. The band was founded in 1984 by guitarists Gayle Ellett and Mike Henderson, bassist Henry J. Osborne, and drummer Chuck Oken, Jr.. The band’s name is an Indonesian word (pronounced by English speakers as ‘jam care-RAY) that translates loosely as “elastic time”.

All From One, And One From All is our Featured album of the Week, its a 2016 BANDCAMP Exclusive Digital Only Release. The compilation” contains a track from every one of Djam Karet’s 17 albums!


“Critic’s Choice Award” BILLBOARD magazine
“#2 Independent Album Of The Year” ROLLING STONE magazine
“#2 Album Of The Year” ELECTRONIC MUSICIAN magazine
“#2 Album Of The Year” GAGLIARCHIVES
“#3 Album Of The Year” SEA OF TRANQUILITY
“#6 New Age Album Of The Year” PULSE! magazine
“#6 Album Of The Year” GAGLIARCHIVES
“Top 10 Album Of The Year” DEEP LISTENING magazine
“Top 10 Album Of The Year” EXPOSE’ magazine
“Top 20 Album Of The Year” PROGRESSOR

 Djam Karet 

  • Gayle Ellett: guitar, keyboards, effects, percussion
  • Mike Henderson: guitar, keyboards, effects, percussion
  • Henry J. Osborne: bass, keyboards, percussion
  • Aaron Kenyon: bass
  • Chuck Oken, Jr.: drums, synths, keyboards, percussion
  • M.G. Murray: guitar, effects


  • Judy Garp — Violin in “Lights Over Roswell” on The Devouring.
  • Loren Nerell — Oberheim Synth in “Demon Train” and “Eulogy” on New Dark Age.
  • Michael Ostrich — Melodic Lead Synth Lines in “Requiem” on Recollection Harvest.
  • Steve Roach — Ending guitar atmospheres in “Ukab Maerd” on A Night for Baku.
  • Dion Sorrell — Cello in “Raising Orpheus” on New Dark Age.



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