Alberto Rigoni (feat. Marco Minnemann) – EvoRevolution – AR Music Prod.

After the release of six albums between 2008 and 2017, Italian bassist and composer Alberto Rigoni (soloist, co-producer of Vivaldi Metal Project, founder of Bassists Alliance Project, ex Twinspirits) is back with  ‘EvoRevolution’, an instrumental prog/rock/ambient concept album which also features drummer Marco Minnemann (The Aristocrats, Paul Gilbert). It “consists in a 33-minute long suite divided into six chapters, plus a much shorter second track. Minnemann: “Alberto approached me with the idea of adding drums to a fairly long piece composed mainly on the bass guitar. It goes in chapters and takes you on a trip through a variety of sensitive and dynamic soundscapes, leads through heavy rock song like parts, odd meter prog or jazz orientated sections and many more surprises.”

I’m glad Marco liked it, as I have long been a fan of his drumming, and he certainly adds a great deal to this. But, it doesn’t take away from the fact that this is a 33-minute long piece of music mostly composed and performed on a bass, or series of basses, and it comes across as rather tedious and boring. There is too much reverb and attack in the sound for it to be truly ambient, and not enough interest for it to be anything else. The only thing that got me through to the end of the album was knowing that once I had written about it then I would never have to listen to it again. I much prefer Vivaldi Metal Project to this, sorry.

3/10 – Kev Rowland