I rarely review singles these days, as I just don’t have the time, but when I heard this I was just blown away – so consequently reviewed all four FdM singles I was sent. I already have multiple versions of this song, as I have long been a fan of Fairport Convention (just checked, I have 44 of their albums!), and this is a song that will always be associated with the incredible Sandy Denny. But, Elizabeth Kearney aka Elfin Bow, has produced what is to my ears the best version by anyone else. Her vocals are pure and clear, the reverb is just right, with an arrangement including orchestra that has taken the song to new heights. Singing a song so closely associated with one artist is always a risk, but here it has most definitely paid off and I can see that I am going to have to discover more by Elfin Bow, as this is simply wonderful. That there is another song on the single, “The Wisdom”, was almost overlooked due to the majesty of the other, yet the way this is totally different, being far more folky and simple with clearer vocals, also makes this a delight. I have been playing these two songs on repeat and if you only buy one vinyl single this year, this decade, it has to be this one. I can only say that this is worth 10/10 as anything higher is a mathematical impossibility, but one almost wishes that it was possible to create a new construct of a higher value, as this is worth it. Simply incredible.

10/10 by Kev Rowland


Apparently, FRUITS DE MER was originally intended as being a 7” reissue label, and after only ten years of existence, they have finally released their first one. Touch released just one album in 1969, and had such an impact on label boss Keith that he copied the band’s logo onto every surface he could. Here we have two songs taken from the album, and a third “We Finally Met Today” which was recorded for an aborted 1968 single and here makes its first appearance on vinyl. This is manically over the top, loads of guitar, and if anyone really wants to understand psychedelic progressive madness then this is the place to go. 7/10

So, four vinyl singles, all being released in December. All worth getting, but one of those is an absolute classic which your ears will never forgive you for missing.

e you a clear indication of why this album is more rock-based. It all comes down to the songwriting.”

The album title may also upset some people if they understood the origins as well. “It’s a verse from the Bible,” Nergal reveals. “It’s actually a quote from Jesus Christ himself. For Behemoth to use it as the basis of our record, it’s sacrilege to the extreme.” No strangers to controversy, Behemoth is back with an album that while not exactly essential, is still pushing all the buttons in the right place.

7/10 by Kev Rowland