New Prog Album Out Now – Eloy Fritsch – Moment in Paradise

Composer and keyboardist Eloy Fritsch is releasing his new CD “Moment in Paradise” in all digital platforms. On His fourteenth solo album, Eloy Fritsch recorded twelve new songs, including the suite “High Places”, formed by four parts in an instrumental fusion style. “Moment in Paradise” is a different album from the previous ones, very diverse and with a variety of modern ideas and harmonies from Jazz. The song “Moment in Paradise” was composed in a symphonic style and seeks to recreate the cover image that illustrates the album, which represents the composer as a child sailing in his boat on a keyboard path that leads to a place of dreams and fantasies. The album also features the composition “Silver Dream”, a tribute to keyboardist Keith Emerson of the English group EL&P, who passed away in 2016, one of the main influences of Eloy Fritsch. Fritsch comments: “This album is very different from the previous Journey to the Future released in 2019. Instead of being melodic and electronic-based on synthesizers, the new album is prog rock and fusion, with a greater variety of solos and improvisations in the songs. In most compositions, in addition to drums and bass, I use piano sounds and other classic keyboards like the Clavinet, Rhodes Fender, Hammond organ, and Minimoog”. The keyboardist from brazilian symphonic prog rock Apocalypse group is also making available the new website with a lot of information and a preview of the album “Moment in Paradise”.

Official Website : Solo works

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