UK Progressive AOR Band Kracked Earth to Release Classic Moody Blues Track Penned by Justin Hayward

Kracked Earth New Horizons Art 1500In a statement by Andy Kinch of Kracked Earth;
The NASA New Horizons mission was launched January 19th 2006. Its goal was to explore Pluto and its moons during July 2015, and then to journey out into the vast unknown regions of space. On its way to its encounter with Pluto, in Feb 2007 it swung past the giant gas planet of Jupiter.

New Horizons has always been one of Justin Hayward’s best songs, and during the summer of 2015, the success of the NASA mission resonated with my feelings for the song and resulted in my desire to record my own version. I hope you enjoy.

More information about NASA’s New Horizons mission can be found here:

The single will be available worldwide March 17th, via all major digital retailers.

New Horizons Performed By Kracked Earth:
Andy Kinch. Vocals, Guitars, Mellotron, Piano, Minimoog & Drum Programming.
Don Schiff. NS Stick Bass.

Production Notes:
Recorded between 2016/17
Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Andy Kinch, Buckinghamshire UK. 2017.
From the Moody Blues album Seventh Sojourn © 1972
Written by Justin Hayward © 1972

Kracked Earth Logo: Ed Unitsky.
Single Art Concept & Layout Nick Katona

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Kracked Earth Release New Horizons Video

British Progressive AOR band Kracked Earth have just released a new video containing a beautiful remake of the Moody Blues classic “New Horizons” The video is dedicated to NASA’s New Horizons mission. Click on the image to watch.

Or click on the link below to watch this video.

Track Information

Andy Kinch: Vocals, Guitar, Mellotron, Piano Mini Moog, Drum Programming.
Don Schiff: NT Stick Bass
Kracked Earth Logo: Ed Unitsky


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