Melodic Revolution Records Double Feature Album October 2016 {Part 2} | Petri Lindstrom Project | Hail To Sabbath



Petri Lindstrom Project | Hail To Sabbath

Label: Melodic Revolution Records

Release Year : 2016

Country: International

Genre: Doom Metal


Band Members

Petri ‘Lemmy’ Lindström – Guitars, Bass & Keyboards

Special Guests:

Blake Carpenter – (The Minstrel’s Ghost, Voice of The Enslaved, Corvus Stone) Vocals

Juha-Matti Koppelomäki – (Wolfhorde) Solo Guitar

Janne Ahonen – Drums

Track List:

My Time Is Now

Fall Into Hands of Reality

Lost Children

Get Away

Keeper of the Gates



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Petri Lindstrom Official Website

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When it comes to Black Sabbath tributes you always hear about a multi band and multi song album full of Black Sabbath covers. Most notably the albums Nativity In Black 1&2 or NIB A Cover To Black Sabbath have really been the major Black Sabbath cover albums. While cover albums like those certainly help the posterity of both the band and the music they created,  they have not really addressed the very essence of the music. Most of those cover albums we see the band taking the Black Sabbath track and making it their own with their own signature sounds uniquely.

I have always asked myself what if a band or artist were to write and record an entire album of originals with the very tuned down doom sound Black Sabbath basically created Heavy Metal with. After almost 27 years since this thought first hit me there is now a album that now has done that very thing. Petri Lindstrom Project  Hail To Sabbath is a album of six original songs written by Petri  Lindstrom himself that really dive into the very essence of the sound of Black Sabbath. Thus making Hail To Sabbath a very appropriate title to this new release on Melodic Revolution Records.

It is albums such as this as to why I do special features on Melodic Revolution Records artists. Nick Katona and staff never fail to impress or amaze the listener with unconventional find and sign acts such as Petri Lindstrom Project. It is albums like this and the first half of this monthly feature from NeverWake that display originality and the fact that Melodic Revolution Records refuses to be pigeonholed or typecast to who or what genre they sign and present to the world. This is what makes a record label a quality buffet of various sounds and flavours throughout the world.

Petri Lindstrom Project’s new doom laden Hail To Sabbath is the ultimate irony as it contains Blake Carpenter – Vocals – The Minstrel’s Ghost, Voice of The Enslaved, Corvus Stone  Juha-Matti Koppelomäki – Solo Guitar – Wolfhorde , Janne Ahonen – Drums . This is also a testament to both label and artists that there is a melodic family atmosphere. There seems to be a tight knit community within Melodic Revolution Records where its individual artists continue to work with one another much like a fraternity or sorority. They are not just so called “side projects” these are whole other bands with whole other combination of artists about them.

As for Hail To Sabbath, this album stays very true to the origins of not only just Black Sabbath but the very spirit that gave metal its birth, ‘Doom Metal’.  To my surprise Blake Carpenter does a fine job transitioning his vocals with great versatility between various genres, sounds and band participation he has been involved with vocally. This project is no exception to that rule either. Petri does a wonderful job channeling both his inner Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler transitioning in and out between guitars and bass. The way this whole project has been written, recorded and produced show the listener the clear vision all participants have paying such original homage to Black Sabbath.

Petri Lindstrom has managed to bring together four world class musicians that clearly looked at his vision and to see it through. I hope Petri Lindstrom’s Hail To Sabbath will inspire future projects to pay very unconventional tributes with original standards and songs to bands they were influenced by and loved. Petri Lindstrom’s Hail To Sabbath takes tribute albums into uncharted territory I hope is explored more in the future. Petri Lindstrom’s Hail To Sabbath gets a 4.5/5 for very original content and courage to carry it out.  



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Melodic Revolution Records Double Feature Album October 2016 {Part 1} NeverWake | Incinerate



NeverWake | Incinerate

Label: Melodic Revolution Records

Release Year: 2016

Country: USA

Genre: Modern Alternative Metal/New Wave Of American Heavy Metal 

Band Members

Johnny DiCarlo – Lead Vocals/Guitar

Justin Sanford – Guitar/Vocals

Marcus Giannamore – Drums

George Scott – Bass


Track Listing





Thriller – Michael Jackson Cover 

Incinerate – Radio Edit


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Melodic Revolution Records Official Website




I can remember a time when heavy metal music in America seemed to have reached its zenith and was about ready to be a null and potentially void genre of music here in America. This all happened around the latter part of the 1970’s. Disco and Punk had somehow served as a 1-2 punch for hard rock and heavy metal. Some hard rock bands even conformed to the sound of the time and alienated many of its original core of fans. Then something happened. There was a wave of heavy metal out of Great Britain about to become a melodic tsunami and crash upon the shores of America. This would be the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. Bands like Iron Maiden, Def Leppard, Diamondhead, Quartz, Tygers Of Pan Tang , etc …would give heavy a shot in the arm in both America and on a worldwide global scale The NWOBHM not only altered the landscape for metal at the time but it also helped the bands that it was supposedly trying to replace.

In the early 1990’s metal would face another threat of extinction within heavy metal out of the Pacific Northwest of Seattle with the Grunge movement. It seems like American metal has always faced some threat to its vitality every 10 to 15 years. However not this time. In the early 2000’s a new crop of bands would enter the fray. Bands such as Disturbed,Killswitch Engage, Shadows Fall, Lamb Of God, Black Dahlia Murder, Godsmack,  etc… . These bands would be called the New Wave Of American Heavy Metal.

With this major resurgence of modern heavy metal within America for the last 15 years or so, it has certainly inspired many more NWOAHM bands to form and grow. One of them is Melodic Revolution Records own NeverWake. Hailing out of the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area, the guys at NeverWake have certainly carved out their own path in the NWOAHM. This is very evident with their new release Incinerate. Produced by Disturbed’s own John Moyer, NeverWake’s Incinerate carries all the dark, symphonic thrash signatures produced by the NWOAHM.

On Incinerate you have a very in your face smash mouth style of metal that is very heavy from the first note to closing note of the album. Hallmarks such as tuned down guitars and bass alongside the deep brutal double blast beats of the drums allow this band to experiment with both levels of heavy melody with heavy clean and grunting vocal harmony. Even with John Moyer as the producer NeverWake has its own distinct sound, if you are expecting a Disturbed clone of a band this album is NOT for you. If you are objective and judge a band on its own presentation and merits than NeverWake’s Incinerate is a album you should invest in. With only 6 tracks on the album I am not doing a track by track analysis on this review. There is something about the album you must hear for yourself to make your own conclusion on in which a track by track analysis would not do this justice. I do however give NeverWake’s Incinerate a 4/5 only because I felt the band could of made a little longer album. Outside that their sound and hooks are spot on.



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