US Prog Metal Act Port Mahadia Release Free EP

Port Mahadia has assembled a new four-track EP in the wake of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic. The band understands that we are all living in strange and challenging times and nearly everyone on earth is in lockdown and self-isolation until COVID-19 is no longer a threat.

Time & Space is a gift from the band and is meant to bring some joy during these trying times. Members of Port Mahadia have been working on a 3rd release but are unsure when the album will be released and hope you will enjoy this EP until then.

Time & Space Tracklisting
1) Times Companion from the debut album Echoes In Time 
2) I Walk Beside You from 2nd album Quantum Space 
3) Requiem Of The Mind from the debut album Echoes In Time 
4) Working Man from 2nd album Quantum Space 

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Melodic Revolution Records Releases Mammoth Digital Album For Tenth Anniversary

Melodic Revolution Records is Celebrating its 10th year anniversary as a record label, and they have just released a press release called “A Celebration – 10 Years of Melodic Revolution Records” (Press Release) In the press release they thank music fans for supporting the labels artist. Thus the label have put together a whopper of a Digital Album and is offering it for a limited time as a Free Download it will only be available for seven days.


The digital album features 80 tracks which equates to over 7 hours of Music.

Featured artist include:
Echoes Landing, Laurie Larson,  DDRIVE, J-Zohar, Alyshen, ifsounds, Scarlet Hollow, Cary Clouser, Vitriol, 24k, Jim Crean, Insites, When Friends Come Out to Play,Unified Past, Solstice Coil, Morre, MandalaBand, Aethellis, Don Mancuso,Capricia, Paul D’Adamo,The Minstrel’s Ghost, Kracked Earth,The Room, Halo, King Friday, Hellhaven, Corvus Stone,Anuryzm, Transcend, Oceans of Time, Roads to Damascus, Murky Red, Transport Aerian, Amadeus Awad, Andy John Bradford’s Oceans 5, Luigi Milanese, AzaZello, Sunshine & Bullets, Morpheus Rising, Thoughts Factory, Peter Matuchniak, Marco Ragni, Ellsworth Hall, Backhand, Leon Alvarado, Voice of the Enslaved, Progeland, Drastic Fall, Time Horizon, Kinetic Element, Gekko Projekt, Darrel Treece-Birch, Port Mahadia, Petri Lindström Project and Nth Ascension

Offer expires 10/09/2016
Download Link: