By Kev Rowland

What we have here, in effect, is a Russian supergroup featuring musicians from various prog and prog-related Russian bands including Yojo, Algabas, Enine, Roz Vitalis, KGB etc. Apparently, the fundamental goal of the band and its debut album is to open new musical worlds that cannot be analyzed in a rational manner. The applied goal of the band and its debut album is to reveal how to protect peace of mind in the conditions of troubles and stress. So there you go. I have always been a huge fan of Ivan Rozmainsky and Roz Vitalis, so when I was offered the opportunity to hear this I jumped at the chance, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Russian bands continue to excite me, as they are producing some of the most interesting music to be coming through the progressive rock scene. Their reference points are quite different from most Western bands, and often it is only King Crimson that could be seen to be an influence, and that is again the case here. There is a mix of progressive rock, with an almost classical approach. There are stacks of space within the music so much so that it is almost like another instrument, pushing apart the layers and making its presence felt. The music is often delicate, but also clearly defined, with an almost staccato approach that makes it feel strong and empowered. The avant-garde collides with the melodic, to create an album that is constantly inspiring, constantly evolving, and thoroughly enjoyable. This is well worth hearing for any proghead, https://rozmainskymikhaylovproject.bandcamp.com8/10