Murdock is probably best known for being drummer and leader in progressive rock band Cymballic Encounters, and here he has used some of the musicians involved in that plus other guests in what is presumably a concept album of some type. Singer Tim Pepper is one of these, but while he can hit the notes, his delivery rarely has any real presence, and when that is combined with music which is rarely inspiring it results in a somewhat flat album where everything just washes over the listener who is soon looking to see how much longer there is to go (74 minutes in total).  This is a real pity as there are bits and pieces which are real sparks of delight. For example, at the beginning of second track “Time Travelers from the Future” there is an instrumental passage which reminded me immediately of Colosseum II and I was looking forward to something of great speed and intricacy, but although that passage was repeated a few times, the rest of the song was somewhat lethargic.

I have not heard any of Cymballic Encounters’ four albums, but if they are in a similar vein to this then that will not be something I will be looking to address. Played multiple times, and I know that will never happen again.
Kev Rowland 6/10