I have been a fan of this Dutch outfit for some fifteen years, since the release of their third album ‘The Silent Force’, so when I realised they were back with their seventh (it has been way too long since ‘Hydra’) I was incredibly excited as I have always loved the vocals of Sharon den Adel and their symphonic almost gothic approach to metal. Then I listened to it. According to Sharon, “After ‘Hydra’ we didn’t feel inspired anymore, up to a point where for the very first time we could see the end of the band coming near. After so many years of making music, only creative inspiration and innovation can motivate you to make a new record. And a very long break, no hasty decisions plus refilling your battery with new experiences. Like I did with recording my solo record ‘My Indigo.’ It eventually turned the tide. Our hunger to create and innovate awoke again. With this record, we’ve taken inspiration from modern music and gave it a face – a very dark one. Sometimes it feels that today’s pop music lacks a rebellious edge. Our main goal was to collect pieces from sounds we did like and roughen it up as much as we could. ‘Resist’ is our take on metal in a new way: to give modern music its rebellious edge.” 

Which is all well and good, and I always want bands to change and move, but this just feels too artificial, where production and manipulation of sound has become more important than the end result. I am sure, I hope, that when these songs transfer to the live environment then they will be quite different, but as they stand at the present, they lack emotion and direction. The keyboards sound as if they have come straight from the electronic realm as opposed to the symphonic, the music feels ragged with sharp edges, and although Sharon’s vocals are as strong as ever, here they don’t have the impact they used to. I am sure there are plenty who will be pleased with the new direction of the band, but it just doesn’t work for me at all, and will watch with interest what happens with the next album. But given it has taken five years for this one to be released, I’m not sure when/if that will happen.
5/10 Kev Rowland

Within Temptation launch new video We’re living in a Mad World!

We’re living in a Mad World!

Sharon: “When we wrote the song, it felt as if we were in a rollercoaster. There was another terrorist attack in the world and at the same time there was a lot of things happening in our personal lives. Sometimes all these things happen at the same time and you are like: I don’t understand this world anymore! That’s what’s ‘Mad World’ all about”.

From the album RESIST a new record on vinyl is coming soon! 

2 LP – Vinyl Album

Vinyl 1
01 | The Reckoning
02 | Endless War
03 | Raise Your Banner
01 | Supernova
02 | Holy Ground

Vinyl 2
01 | In Vain          
02 | Firelight        
03 | Mad World
01 | Mercy Mirror              
02 | Trophy Hunter

Order RESISThere. 

Within Temptation to Release “Enter” and “The Dance” on Vinyl

Taking you back to 1996

Back to the beginning, to our debut EP “Enter” and its follow up EP “The Dance”! This is where it all started more than 20 years ago!
It has been years since both EP’s have been individually manufactured and the time has come for both EP’s to be released on vinyl for the very first time.

You are the first to know and also the first to be given the opportunity to pre-order through this direct link. Click here.
Both LPs will be released on October 12th, 2018, both editions will be numbered limited editions curated by the band.

The vinyl package of Enter includes a 4-page booklet with pictures and lyrics. The first pressing is available as a limited edition of 5.000 individually numbered copies on coloured (transparent green, solid white & black mixed) vinyl. Numbers 1-500 are exclusively reserved and available via below link.

The Dance was released shortly after “Enter” in 1997. The 5 track EP will be released as a limited edition of 3.000 individually numbered copies on transparent red coloured vinyl. Numbers 1-300 are exclusively reserved and available via below link.

And last, both EP’s will appear on a combined limited numbered edition CD. The first numbers of the numbered edition are also available in our shop.

You can order HERE

Rani Chatoorgoon Launches Crowd Funding For New EP “Chaotic Wonder”


I am rock singer and songwriter from Deep River, Canada. I’m the first Canadian-born generation to immigrant parents from Trinidad & Tobago (#jumpup), with ancestral roots originating in India (#zen).

My musical style is best described as a unique marriage of symphonic rock with the melodies and instruments of the east weaved. Imagine heavy guitars, soaring orchestras, killer drums all balanced with the delicate instruments of India such as sitar, sarangi, tabla and santoor. These instruments aren’t just an accent or a hook, they inform the song from the moment I first put pen to paper and often, the rock elements are built around the Indian ones. On my last record “Samsara”, I had twelve (!) musicians directly contribute to my project and true to form, this new EP will have a similar scale.

It’s been two years since the release of “Samsara” and I’m hungry again to return to the studio. Featuring all, new, original material, this EP will be the fourth major project I’ve released since 2009 (never mind the few singles and collaborations that exist out there on the interweb). This time around, the legendary Joost Van Den Broek is sitting in the producer’s chair and I’ve got a team of amazing collaborators around the world ready to help breathe life into this project.


“Rani Chatoorgoon is unknown to me but what a discovery I have just made. Her voice is beautiful sometimes it’s like an angel sings and it goes well with the musical style.” ~ Louis Hamel (full review here)

Since 2009 I’ve been releasing music independently, traveling and living around the world to better refine my sound. I’ve been influenced by a wide range of artists including Within Temptation, Evanescence, Sarah McLachlan, Loreena McKennit, The Cranberries and A.R. Rahman.

I always try to tell a story through my music. A story rooted in the truths as I’ve come to know them. Whether that story is one I’ve experienced or one I’ve observed, I write about people, their light and dark sides, about events in this world and their consequences so that collectively, my songs become a diary of the life I’ve led. My last record was warmly embraced by critics around the world who opened their minds to an unfamiliar style and credited the scale of the production and uniqueness of the music (read more reviews here).

Check out a few of Rani’s  videos



Full details can be found here:

Maiden uniteD to Release Empire of the Clouds

Looking back at the best show we could ever wish for at The Royal Theatre of Amsterdam, last January 27th, Maiden uniteD decided to go into the studio to record the track ‘Empire of the Clouds’.
This new release will be released June 8th as 12” vinyl EP, digi-sleeve CD with a bonus disc and in digital format on all major download and streaming platforms. It contains the full story of the Silver Ghost, the R101: tragedy, hopes, and dreams…

The Sailors of the Sky are:
Vocals: Wudstik (For All We Know, Ayreon)
Guitar: Ruud Jolie (Within Temptation, For All We Know)
Bass: Joey Bruers (Up The Irons)
Piano: Huub van Loon (The Ultraverse)
Cello: Perttu Kivilaakso (Apocalyptica)
Hammond: Thijs Schrijnemakers (Orgel Vreten)
Drums: Mike Coolen (Within Temptation)
Narrator: Edward Reekers (Kayak, Ayreon)

Tracklist Vinyl edition:
Side A: Empire Of The Clouds Part 1 & 2
Side B: Empire Of The Clouds Part 3 & 4

Tracklist CD edition:
CD: Empire Of The Clouds Part 1, 2, 3 & 4
Bonus disc: Empire Of The Clouds Part 2, 3 & 4 (Live in Carré, Amsterdam) + Killers (ft. Wudstik on vocals)

Pre-order now at: http://nuppel.com/category/band/maiden_united/