Hi Pals,

a few words prior the upcoming Gig @ Party MC Scorpions Hessen Eschbach on July the 10th.


On this evening we will play along with the following Bands in the following order:

  2. The First Guess
  3. Please

We’ve planned the following set list including some new songs:

  1. Darkland Intro
  2. Sleep my child
  3. Blowing away
  4. Blue collar man
  5. Watching TV
  6. Cold and strange
  7. Faceless smile
  8. On the loose
  9. Go this way
  10. Tie your mother down
  11. The real thing
  12. In the mirror
  13. Marching on

We will start 8:30 pm and Thomas Dumke will be responsible once again for our Sound.  That’ s it from our side, we look forward to see you in Eschbach.