Roldan Entertainment is pleased to announce that US band Cell 15 have signed for the 2018 edition of the Rites of Spring festival and that they will be the opening band on Saturday, May 5th.

Cell 15 started out as the creative vehicle and one-man band side venture of composer and musician Robert Richardson. Richardson is a seasoned hand with vast experience as a live backing musician for many noted artists over the years, and have also been a part of the bands Hybrid Ice and The Badlees. Cell 15 started out in 2014, when Richardson felt the need to create and explore his passion for progressive rock, resulting in the self-released, critically acclaimed debut album “Chapter One”.

Since then Richardson has chosen to transform his solo project into a band venture, the current line-up consisting of Richardson himself (vocals, keyboards), former Elephants of Scotland member Dan MacDonald (vocals, bass, Kevin Thomas (drums, vocals) and Shane Jones (guitars). A new studio album is in the pipeline too, and if everything goes according to plan one may reckon that it will be available prior to the coming edition of ROSfest.

We always take care to sign some of the many good homegrown progressive rock artists for ROSfest, and with this band based out of Mechanicsburg, literally based in our backyard, this was a band we knew we had to book. Many are aware of them, and those who aren’t can look forward to a fine concert by a high-quality local band that knows their way around the classic era of progressive rock.

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