“Out to Sea 2” is the follow up to Fernando’s first progressive rock album “Out to Sea” which came out last year. 

The new album features 15 original instrumental progressive rock tracks and 2 live bonus tracks. Guests on the record include Joe Deninzon, Jamison Smeltz, Joe Cass Eric Matthews, Tom Bones Malone, The late great Eddie Zyne, Mark Murdock , Derek Cintron, Roger Houdaille and Vic Kingsley

Legendary Genesis artist Paul Whitehead again painted the album cover. 

  1. Two
  2. Super Woofer (feat Joe Deninzon)
  3. Boing! (feat Jamison Smeltz)
  4. Theme from “Dr. Leisure” (featuring Tom Bones Malone and Eddie Zyne)
  5. Beautiful (feat Eric Matthews and Joe Cass)
  6. Five Four (feat Mark Murdock)
  7. Stairway to the Sea
  8. Your Precious Echo
  9. Saturday Night
  10. The Angels of Ardent
  11. Seven Stars
  12. Arturius
  13. The Stratosphere (feat Mark Murdock)
  14. Flying to Utopia (feat Derek Cintron)
  15. The Victory
  16. Angel (Bonus tracks featuring the Out to Sea-Band live in the studio)
  17. The Architect (Tribute to Peter Banks) (Bonus tracks featuring the Out to SSea-Band live in the studio) 

Pre-order Out to Sea 2 at Fernando Perdomo Bandcamp store

Out to Sea 2 is released on January 15th, 2019

More info on Fernando Perdomo on Facebook page and his official Website.