Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius will give away Free Digital Downloads during the preview of the New Music Video on YouTube this Saturday!

Join Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius on YouTube Saturday, February 27th at 3 PM EST for a chance to win free music downloads. There can only be 20, will you be one of them?

The new video features claymation with live footage from each band member from their own studio. “Cognitive Dissonance” is a collaboration with Patrick Carmichael, who has subbed on drums for the band through the years.  

“Cognitive Dissonance”’s first verse deals with the confusion we go through, when elders and leaders influence us to change our minds with their negative feelings on those we care about. “We are all born innocent, free of prejudice and hatred, but our elders make us carry a heavy burden, which can last our whole lives. Hatred is taught, we are not born with it,” explains Joe. “We all see children that are terrified by friends that are their same ages, because their parents have taught them negative things about other religions, ethnicities, genders, skin colors, political ideologies….” He says prejudicial teachings “can create “cognitive dissonance” in anyone’s mind when they’re told their friends are ‘evil’ because they have different roots.” 

The second verse deals with political and ideological intolerance. “There’s rising extremism, and it’s been this way for decades. People are prisoners of fake news, social media echo chamber bubbles, and politicians who reinforce conspiracy theories and retweet them to their followers. The line ‘No one can touch us now’ refers to people hiding behind their screens, spewing the deep-rooted hatred without fear of physical retaliation. Even though I wrote the song a year ago, I think it eerily speaks to recent events.”

“It’s easy to write about our high ideals and our wishes for world peace, but when you have a gun pointed to your head or your business is burning down, it’s a rude awakening about how nasty the world really is. The big collective guitar/electric violin solo at the end represents two sides screaming at each other, full of hatred, fading out screaming, never reaching an understanding or resolving anything.” 

Multi-instrumentalist Randy McStine, who has subbed in Stratospheerius on guitar, bass, and drums, has played on a few of the band’s songs: “Soul Food” and “Impostor.” His voice blends with Joe’s, that “we thought it’d be cool to have him sing lead on the second version of ‘Cognitive Dissonance.’”

Joe has been called The Jimi Hendrix of the electric violin. Stratospheerius has showcased their “frenzied mélange of progressive rock, jazz fusion and funkabilly” throughout the world. Stratospheerius was a winner of the John Lennon International Songwriting Competition the Musicians Atlas Independent Music Awards. They have been featured in Progression, Relix, Downbeat, and Jazziz, among other publications. Their last album on Melodic Revolution Records, “Guilty of Innocence,” has been widely acclaimed by critics and fans. Joe has played violin in orchestras for Bruce Springsteen, the Who, Sheryl Crow, 50 Cent, and Renaissance.

Stratospheerius is:
Joe Deninzon – lead vocals/electric violin
Jason Gianni – drums
Michelangelo Quirinale – guitar
Paul Ranieri – bass

with special guest Randy McStine on vocals

Music and lyrics by Joe Deninzon 
Engineered by Rave Tesar 
Mixed and Mastered by Rich Mouser
©2020 Fiddlefunk Music. All rights reserved.  

Image & Claymation Patrick Carmichael 
Single layout Nick Katona @ Revolution Studios

Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius Online
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Pain of Salvation – First ever vinyl release announced for the concept album “BE” and the acoustic live album “12:5” from 2004

While Swedish progressive metal / rock pioneers and innovators Pain of Salvation continue to challenge and bend stylistic boundaries with their frontline albums (Most recently: “PANTHER”, 2020), InsideOutMusic continues to re-work the group’s comprehensive and ground-breaking back-catalogue…
Consequently, Pain of Salvation’s classic 2004 concept album “BE” (15 songs / 75 min.) as well as the exceptional 2004 acoustic live album 12:5 (16 songs / 60 min.) are now made available for the first time ever on vinyl, with a worldwide release date of April 30th, 2021.
Both releases come as Gatefold Double-LP’s on 180g. vinyl with insert sheet and full album on bonus CD, available in the following variations/limitations:

Pain of Salvation – “BE” (Re-issue 2021):
Gatefold black 2LP+CD – Unlimited
Gatefold deep blood red 2LP+CD – 100x copies from IOM Webshop Europe
Gatefold transp. magenta 2LP+CD – 300x copies from CM Distro & IOM Webshop Europe
Gatefold transp. light blue 2LP+CD  – 200x copies from EMP
Gatefold transp. sun yellow 2LP+CD – 200x copies from JPC
Gatefold lilac 2LP+CD – 200x copies from Revolver / USA
Gatefold white 2LP+CD – 100x copies from Band Webshop
Gatefold transp. petrol green 2LP+CD – 100x copies from Band Webshop

Pain of Salvation – 12:5 (Re-issue 2021):
Gatefold black 2LP+CD – Unlimited
Gatefold brown 2LP+CD – 100x copies from IOM Webshop Europe
Gatefold transp. sun yellow 2LP+CD – 300x copies from CM Distro & IOM Webshop Europe
Gatefold neon orange 2LP+CD – 200x copies from EMP
Gatefold transp. petrol green 2LP+CD – 200x copies from JPC
Gatefold brick red 2LP+CD – 200x copies from Revolver / USA
Gatefold white 2LP+CD – 100x copies from Band Webshop
The pre-order for both vinyl re-issues is now available here:

Pain of Salvation’s Daniel Gildenlöw checked in with the following comment:
“So, we can’t come and play for you, but in this weird time of separation, we are all somehow closer to one another than ever. Please invite us into your hearts and homes in the shape of these two albums that are finally released on vinyl, after all these years. We know, judging from the number of questions and requests over the years, how important this day is for many of you, and it makes us very happy to be able to bring you the news. Your. Wait. Is. Over.

At we will have signed colored versions available, 100 copies worldwide only, and the first 30 copies of each version will be numbered and have a handwritten lyric quote on the front cover. All pre-sales come with two shop-specific postcards.”
Additionally, Pain of Salvation’s drummer Léo Margarit prepared a special drum playthrough video for the “BE” song “Nihil Morari” to enhance the announcement of these vinyl re-issues.
You can check out the clip here:

Léo Margarit commented:
“I played “Nihil Morari” for the first time when I pressed “record” on my pro tools system for that video recording…While I knew all about its intricacies for having listened to it just about a million times, it proved rather difficult to perform well right away…! Nonetheless it was really fun to do and I hope I’m making Johan Langell proud!”
Pain of Salvation have most recently released the studio album “PANTHER”, which managed to enter various international sales charts including the following: Germany # 19, Switzerland # 18, Austria # 43, Belgium (Wallonia) # 42, France # 125, UK Rock Album Chart # 12 as well as # 21 in the “Current Hard Music Albums” chart in the USA.

Check out these video links for an introduction to Pain of Salvation’s “PANTHER” album:
“UNFUTURE” Lyric Video:
“PANTHER” Lyric Video:
“RESTLESS BOY” Drum Playthrough:
“ACCELERATOR” Drum Playthrough:
“WAIT” Drum Playthrough:
“PANTHER” Album Trailer:

Next to the standard CD and the Digital Album formats, ”PANTHER” is also available as limited 2CD Mediabook (Including expanded artwork and the 4 bonus tracks on a separate disc) and as 180g. Gatefold 2LP (Including the 4 bonus tracks on Side D and album on CD as bonus).

You can still order “PANTHER” in its various formats here:

Pain of Salvation also recently released a special re-issue edition for their “The Perfect Element, Pt. I” album from 2000. Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the band’s third album, the re-issue version is entitled “The Perfect Element, Pt. I (Anniversary Mix 2020)” and comes remixed by Pontus Lindmark as well as mastered by Thor Legvold / Sonovo. The release features slightly revised artwork, new liner-notes and is available as limited 2CD Digipak and Digital Album (with a total of 8 bonus tracks) as well as in the Gatefold 2LP format on 180g. vinyl with the entire remixed album as bonus CD.

Check out the album’s digital singles for a better idea of the new mixes:
“Ashes (Anniversary Mix 2020)”:
“Used (Anniversary Mix 2020)”:

Watch two drum playthrough clips by Pain of Salvation’s Léo Margarit for “The Perfect Element, Pt. I” songs:

You can order the release in its various formats here:
Stay tuned for more Pain of Salvation news coming soon…

Pain of Salvation online:


Yes To Release Union 30 Live: Super Deluxe Flight Case 30 Year Anniversary Edition With26CD+4DVD

2021 is the 30th anniversary of the critically acclaimed Yes Union Tour, featuring all 8 iconic members of the band. To celebrate this event, courtesy of Larry Magid Entertainment, Gonzo Multmedia has put together a special souvenir limited edition SUPER DELUXE BOX SET containing 30 discs!

The main disc features a multi-camera shoot DVD, with an accompanying soundtrack mixed by Trevor Rabin from the Shoreline Amphitheatre (8th August 1991) show. Also included in the box is a mixture of fan recordings, desk tapes, and FM/Radio Broadcasts. These will be included with the main program, as a way for the band to combat this highly bootlegged tour, where some fans are paying in excess of $70 per show from various Japanese websites.

All packaged in a fantastic flight case which accommodates 10 x ‘fatpack’ style jewel cases each containing 3x discs to make the 30 discs in total. Each heavy-duty flight case has been sprayed individually, and the stickers placed on by hand. No two flight cases are the same, making each one unique and a highly collectible piece of rock and roll memorabilia! This item will undoubtedly become both desirable and HIGHLY collectible. Rick Wakeman said about the project, “The hardcore fans will absolutely love this…me too….a very important era of YES history.”

Contained in the box will be:

  • CDx2+DVD: Pensacola Civic Centre 9th April 1991
  • CDx3: Worcester Centrum, Worcester, MA 17th April 1991
  • CDx2+DVD: Nassau Colosseum 20th April 1991
  • CDx3: Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle, Stuttgart, Germany 31st May 1991 (FM Broadcast)
  • CDx3: Wembley Stadium, UK (2 Discs) 29th June 1991 FM Broadcast + Star Lake Amphitheatre 24th July 1991
  • CDx3: Alpine Valley Music Theatre, Wisconsin 26th June 1991
  • CDx2+DVD: Madison Square Gardens, NYC 15th July 1991
  • CDx3 Spectrum Theatre, Philadelphia, 12th July 1991
  • CDx2+DVD: Shoreline Amphitheatre (Remastered) 8th August 1991
  • CDx3: Yokohama Bunka Taiikukan 4th March 1992
  • Paper parts:
  • Numbered certificate
  • Reproduction Tour programme
  • Reproduction AAA Laminate, Reproduction cloth passes,
  • 10 band photos
  • Poster x 2

Transport Aerian’s Falling 20 Video To Premiere On YouTube Today At 11:00 AM EST

As reported on February 21, 2021. Transport Aerian will release his new song and video Falling 20 today on YouTube at 11:00 AM EST. The first 20 commenters on the video will receive a digital copy of the new single absolutely for free! 

Additionally, the new single Falling 20 will also be released today after the video premiere, exclusively on Bandcamp, and worldwide digital distribution will follow in March of 2021. Falling 20 is from an upcoming Transport Aerian album, a concept album, and a story-driven piece, under the title Skywound. 

Transport Aerian is:
Hamlet: vocals, bass. 
Stefan Boeykens: guitars 
Umut Eldem: keyboards 
Paul De Smet: drums, violin. 

Music and lyrics by Hamlet
Arrangement by Transport Aerian

Tracked and mixed by Hamlet in Leuven. 

Music video credits: filmed and produced by FD Films (aerial/land filming, post-production)

Transport Aerian Online
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Potter’s Daughter Reach Out To Fans For Support Of Second Full-length Release

Hello Friends!

It’s Dyanne and Jan of Potter’s Daughter, and we are starting TO RECORD OUR SECOND FULL LENGTH ALBUM!! We’re excited and ready! You have been the ones supporting us and appreciating our vision (THANK YOU!!!), so for the next 30 days, this will be the place where all of you who believe in, respect, and see our vision can support this dream and make it a reality!

Our new album will have nine-tracks; five vocal songs (two featuring beautiful and poignant lyrics by my dear friend, Ronda Dubiel)

and four instrumentals. We are arranging another movement of the Ginastera Piano Sonata, (same Sonata as Movement IV from The Blind Side), and are also arranging an awesome atonal piece composed by my dear friend and renowned composer/conductor/soprano, Julia Schwartz. (

AND, the crazy talented artist, Armand Cabrera,  will be creating ORIGINAL ART for the cover of the vinyl and CD!! Please check him out at!! Armand’s artwork is represented in galleries throughout the USA. 

We feel it is the right time to do this now, despite Covid, so we can maintain momentum created by our features in Prog Magazine this past December and the ensuing publicity.

We know we have asked you for your help many times in the past, and we want you to know we are truly grateful for your willingness to lend us a hand. And now, we are asking you to help us again, this time, with our crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for our new album.

This crowdfunding features a very special “Scholarship” section. We are thrilled that the amazingly talented young artists, Parker Dubiel and Greyson Krisanda, have generously offered several original pieces from their portfolios to our campaign. Since they both are hoping to attend college this coming fall (to major in Art!), we have decided that the majority of the profits from the sale of their artwork during our campaign will go directly to them. This way, pledgers have the opportunity to support these extremely talented young artists as well as Potter’s Daughter!

This will be Potter’s Daughter’s third crowdfunding campaign since we began in January 2018 (we crowdfunded The Blind Side and Blood and Water). In between, we have privately funded everything we have released, and all the related expenses. We have learned so much each time, the biggest lesson being that we absolutely CANNOT do this alone. Crowdfunding is SO demanding, not just in time but emotionally as well. It’s not easy to ask your friends to give you money.

But now, especially since Covid, there are few other avenues available for independent artists to raise funds. Record companies have long ago stopped funding recording for all but the biggest and most successful artists. So, we hope that despite the difficulties we all have faced this past year, you will still be willing to share even just a small amount in exchange for some new music and some saucy rewards!

The costs of recording, producing, manufacturing, and marketing music are, well, high. Here’s how it looks: (without any provision for Jan and I)

Rehearsal + 2 days recording for one amazing Drummer (to be announced!) + travel expenses and accommodations  $2800

3 days recording (2 with drummer, 1 overdubs) at SI Studios in Old Forge (YAY, TOM AND WIGGY!!!) $2000

That’s where we came up with the goal of $4800. If we should exceed the goal, it will be used for recording the vocals, mixing, mastering, manufacturing, and marketing! Lots of m’s!!

Along with the fantastic artwork, we are also thrilled to share with you exclusive recordings only for this campaign! We have piano renditions of the beautiful piece, Catherine, by Tom Kelly, and are also offering a never before released piano rendition of the Moody Blues classic, Nights in White Satin! And if you really love piano music, we are offering a never before released ALBUM of piano renditions, featuring Catherine, Nights in White Satin, plus never before released original piano compositions which we arranged for The Blind Side!

And lastly, we have some CRAZY AMAZING opportunities for those of you who are interested and able to afford a little more……?

These two gorgeous oil paintings by Armand Cabrera, “Cosmic Dancer” and “Morningstar” are being offered for sale RIGHT NOW through this campaign!

I know you are going to LOVE this new music, it is our BEST so far!!! So please, pick one of our many rewards and become part of the story!! Even if you can’t contribute, that’s ok, there are other ways to help us! Like, help us get the word out and make some noise about our campaign!!! You can also SHARE this campaign by using the Indiegogo Share tools!!!

If you do not feel comfortable pledging over our Indiegogo website, we are also happy to receive private donations. If you prefer, you are welcome to make a check out to me personally and mail it to:

Dyanne Potter Voegtlin
PO Box 102
Bentonville VA 22610

Thanks again to all of you!!!!
Peace, Love, and Sunshine
Dyanne and Jan

Listen to the Latest Release Here

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DEVIN TOWNSEND – announces “Devolution Series #1 – Acoustically Inclined, Live in Leeds”; launches pre-order and ‘Hyperdrive’ video

Devin Townsend is currently working on new material for upcoming albums, and for a current lack of touring possibilities and encounters with fans on the road he decided to do a series of live albums, quarantine albums, and generally interesting projects that keep people entertained while he’s busy on his next larger releases.

Devin comments:
“So we bring to you the ‘Devolution Series’: a grouping of oddities and interesting material that I would like people to hear, but don’t necessarily want to present as a ‘major release’.
The series will include all the quarantine songs and concerts, as well as various live shows from the past few years.

The first release is a remixed and remastered version of the ‘Live in Leeds’ show that was originally on the ‘Empath’ Ultimate Edition. It was a cool acoustic show that deserves to be heard I think, so we can use this as an introduction to the series.
I’m am currently deep in the writing of my new projects and am very excited to be doing so. Thanks for facilitating my ability to do that, and I hope you enjoy the ‘Devolution Series’.”
The ‘Live in Leeds’ show has previously only been released in video format, and “Devolution Series #1 – Acoustically Inclined, Live in Leeds” now marks the audio release of said show. It will be released on March 19th 2021.
As a warm-up to this release, check out the ‘Hyperdrive (Live in Leeds 2019)’ video here:

“Devolution Series #1 – Acoustically Inclined, Live in Leeds” will be available as Ltd. CD Digipak, 180g Gatefold 2LP (incl. the album on CD) and as Digital Album and as of now it is up for pre-order, so make sure to grab a copy here:

DEVIN TOWNSEND “Devolution Series #1 –
Acoustically Inclined, Live in Leeds” track listing:
1. Intro (06:30)
2. Let it Roll (03:48)
3. Funeral (08:17)
4. Deadhead (07:51)
5. Ih-Ah! (04:44)
6. Love? (08:06)
7. Hyperdrive (04:27)
8. Terminal (04:58)
9. Coast (04:37)
10. Solar Winds (03:25)
11. Thing Beyond Things (04:34)

Keep the music coming with the Devin Townsend Support Team!
Click here:


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