TIMELOCK Rerelease Their 1992 Album ‘Louise Brooks’

Earlier this year Dutch neo-proggers Timelock released their brand new album Sygn Yn with considerable commercial success. The album was their first full-length album in 14 years. While the band is preparing for their first live shows in eons and recording the follow-up to Sygn Yn the back catalog will be re-released on CD.

The first rerelease is Louise Brooks. Originally released in 1992 the album is remastered by MHX Music. The album is extended with Touchdown from the SI Compilation Disc Too and two previously unreleased early tracks. The current band line-up has rerecorded The Séance in a new version. The second CD contains the full concert at Planet Pull III in Uden from 1995. (On the digital platforms the CD will be released separately.)
The back catalog from the band will be released with a 3 months gap between each release. Each rerelease will also contain at least one new recording by the current lineup. These rerecordings will be released as a compilation album mid-2023.

Louise Brooks [2022 edition] 2CD

1. Love Triangle 
2. The Killing 
3. Secret Mission 
4. Someday 
5. Louise Brooks 
6. Welcome To Welfare 
7. P.I. Exit 
8. Genoa 
9. Skyline 
10. The Seance 
[bonus tracks]
11. Touchdown 
12. The Seance [2022 version] 
13. Change 
14. Back On My Feet Again 

Live at Planet Pul III
15. Emotional Target [live version] 
16. No Man’s Land [live version] 
17. PI Exit [live version] 
18. Napoleon Bonaparte [live version] 
19. Welcome To Welfare [live version] 
20. Between Dusk And Dawn [live version] 
21. Love Triangle [live version] 
22. The Seance [live version]

Release date: 8 September 2022
Further release calendar:
The Dawn – December 2022
Circle of Deception – April 2023
Buildings – June 2023
Unlocked (the best of) – September 2023
New album – Autumn 2023


Features performances by James Williamson, Ian Paice, Mark Stein, Nik Turner, Shuggie Otis & More
Los Angeles, CA – Fans of dark and ghoulish rock & roll are all cordially invited to attend what is sure to be the biggest party of this year’s Halloween season, Monster’s Ball, the new album from the one and only God Of Hellfire and theatrical rock visionary, Arthur Brown! For his latest macabre-themed masterpiece, Brown is joined by a murderer’s row of talented co-conspirators including the album’s producers Alan Davey, who also co-wrote several of the songs, and Fernando Perdomo, all of whom have helped Brown craft one of the most energetic and thrilling albums of his long and distinguished career. From The Stooges’ guitarist James Williamson, who brings the heat on a new version of Brown’s iconic 1968 hit “Fire” to the killer collaboration with Vanilla Fudge’s Mark Stein on “Zombie Yelp,” Monster’s Ball promises to be one hell of a good time!

Today, Brown is proud to share another song from the album, the psychedelic opener to the album “Lucifer Sam,” penned by none other than Syd Barrett and featuring ripping performances by Gong guitarist Steve Hillage and Deep Purple drummer Ian Paice. Brown had this to say about the song, “As a prelude to the album launch on October 21st here’s a mysterious track by the enigmatic Syd Barrett. Fernando Perdomo’s bold production, the song’s adventurous structure, and the input of Steve Hillage and Ian Paice make this a delight of spooky fun. Shadows flickered and felines howled as I sang this portrait – Happy Halloween!”

Stream the single: https://orcd.co/arthur_brown_lucifer_sam

Monster’s Ball will be available on all formats starting October 21 but you can pre-order your copy now!

Pre-order CD/VINYL: https://cleorecs.com/store/?s=arthur+brown+monster%27s+ball&post_type=product

Pre-order/pre-save the digital: https://orcd.co/arthur_brown_monsters_ball

Track List:
1. Lucifer Sam feat. Ian Paice & Steve Hillage 
2. Screamin’ Ball (At Dracula’s Hall) feat. Alan Davey
3. I Feel Free feat. James Williamson & Rat Scabies 
4. Bucket O’ Blood feat. Nik Turner 
5. Zombie Yelp feat. Roye Albrighton & Mark Stein 
6. Whistlin’ Past The Graveyard feat. The Sinclairs 
7. Fire feat. James Williamson, Brian Auger & Carmine Appice
8. The Monster Hop feat. Shuggie Otis 
9. Curse Of The Hearse 
10. Mad Witch 
11. The Vampire feat. The Coffin Daggers 
12. Late Last Night feat. Steve Hillage, Roye Albrighton, Gilli Smyth & Joel Vandroogenbroeck 
13. Karn Evil #9 feat. Jordan Rudess

The Gardening Club Cross the Bridge of Spirits with New Album

As Martin Springett says ‘I am so fortunate to work with two brilliant musicians/producers in Kevin Laliberte and Norm Macpherson. I have wide musical interests and don’t care to be hemmed in by labels or listener expectations. With Kevin and Norm, I can travel to new and unexpected ports of call, and to many different musical worlds. A Bridge of Spirits connects them all.’

Bridge of Spirits Tracklist

1. Forever Leaving Home 06:05
2. The Sister of Theft 02:50
3. Woman In the Waves 05:56
4. Finding Home 01:48
5. Rare Birds 03:51
6. A Dance to the Music of Time 02:49
7. Bridge of Spirits 05:41
8. The Owl (long form) 17:04
9. The Gift 02:24
10. Strange Kingdom (Bonus Track) 04:49

Musicians on Bridge of Spirits

Kevin Laliberte – Flamenco Guitar, Electric Guitar, and Electric Bass 
Norm MacPherson: Slide Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin & Bassoon 
Dave Wilkie: Vocals 
Denise Withnell: Vocals 
Drew Birston – Fretless Electric Bass and Acoustic Bass 
Martin Springett – Guitars, Bass, and Vocals 
Sari Alesh – Violin 
Wayne Kozak: Soprano Saxophone

Website: https://gardeningclubmusicandart.ca
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100041018869969
Bandcamp: https://thegardeningclub.bandcamp.com/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpnoZFljkNoakgZ7NMnqdXw

Melodic Revolution Records Online:

Website: https://mrrmusic.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MelodicRevolutionRecords/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/MelodicRevolutionRecordsMusic
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/melodicrevolutionrecords/
Bandcamp: https://myrevolution.bandcamp.com/

Evership are releasing The Law of Ages it’s 3rd and final single from their upcoming album, “The Uncrowned King – Act 2”, this Friday August 26th.

On Friday, August 26th the rock band Evership publishes the third and final single from their upcoming conclusion to the Rock Opera The Uncrowned King! The Law of Ages highlights the subtle and powerful range of vocalist Beau West and the classical influence of Shane Atkinson’s compositional prowess. Introspective and powerful, with notes as varied as Coldplay, The Scorpions, Kansas, and Queen, this single is a good power ballad suitable for modern, classic, acoustic, and progressive rock programs. A music video for The Law of Ages will be released on Sept.14th. The Uncrowned King – Act 2 will be released on October 14th.

About this Song
In this part of the rock opera, the wrongful king, the younger twin prince, has been crowned, leaving the rightful heir hopeless, until he meets Wisdom. The message here is when unjust life situations create uncertainties that are of such a scope as to be beyond our control, Wisdom encourages us to be patient and not reactive and comforts us with the knowledge that ill-gotten gain is temporal and truth, eventually, will be known.

About Evership
Rock band Evership is the conceptualization of composer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer/engineer Shane Atkinson, along with lead vocalist Beau West. Few recent acts have made a bigger splash than Evership in the world of modern art/progressive or symphonic rock. Their impactful 2016 self-titled album catapulted them to the forefront of the rock world. This led to main-stage performances at the largest of US Art/Prog rock festivals RoSFest and ProgStock and over 50 glowing national and international reviews and interviews. Each successive album has been honored in the yearly “Best of’s” by critical reviewers. The response to The Uncrowned King – Act 1 was astounding. Highland (Issue #108) hails Evership as “firmly establishing themselves in the Progressive American Landscape” and UK’s ProgRadar sites “Evership is the new face of American Prog”.

Listen Links

Web: www.evership.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/evershipband
YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCekzGV7LlVF6uML4HTnT3cQ

[email protected]

Haight Street Art Center to Open “The Secret Path: The Art of Roger and Freyja Dean”

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: The Haight Street Art Center will open The Secret Path: The Art of Roger and Freyja Dean, an exhibition of original art works by famed UK artists Roger Dean and his daughter Freyja Dean. The Secret Path will immerse visitors in an extraordinary world where life and landscape invoke the splendors of nature through the visionary imagination of the Deans. The exhibition opens August 25 and will close October 30, 2022, before touring to other venues. 

The presenting sponsors of The Secret Path: The Art of Roger and Freyja Dean are Blue Planet Alliance and Chambers Obscura.  

“To see the art of Roger and Freyja together in this unique, groundbreaking exhibition is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for visitors to experience the magical environments created by this father-daughter duo,” said Kelly Harris, executive director of the Haight Street Art Center. “Both artists have universal appeal, and we are proud to be able to offer our patrons a chance to be a part of this stunning and psychedelic fantasy.” 

Known for his groundbreaking work with Yes and other rock bands, Roger Dean’s six-decade career includes a dazzling range of media and formats. His daughter Freyja has followed in her father’s footsteps, earning international acclaim for her paintings, sculpture, and fabric art. With paintings, drawings, sculptures, and other media, this exhibition connects all facets of the Deans’ wide-ranging and restless imagination.  

Visitors to the Art Center will recognize famous paintings that became the artwork for some of Roger’s legendary album covers, as well as studies of his extraordinary design work including his iconic Yes logo. Curated by Roger in consultation with Freyja, the exhibition includes more than 50 works that will furnish patrons with an imaginative and immersive environment that speaks to the challenges of the present while embracing the promise of the future.   

“I am honored to help support The Secret Path coming to San Francisco and the work of the Haight Street Art Center in sharing these fantastical worlds through this remarkable exhibition,” said Brian Chambers, co-founder of Chambers Obscura. “I’ve had the pleasure of working with Roger for many years, and through him I have come to appreciate his daughter Freyja’s work as well. She has her own distinctive voice, but not only does she demonstrate how deep the creative genes are in the Dean family, her work complements his in powerful and unexpected ways.”  

“I’ve worked with Roger for 35 years and could not be more honored to support The Secret Path at the Haight Street Art Center,” said Blue Planet Alliance Founder Henk Rogers. “In all my years in publishing, I’ve never met an artist as talented and easy to work with as Roger. We’ve worked together on dozens of projects, starting with the cover and logo for the game Super Black Onyx to the Tetris logo, our biggest and most widely known collaboration, for a game that has sold 500 million copies. Roger’s art has enriched us in so many ways.”

Known as the “only member of Yes who doesn’t play an instrument,” Roger Dean is revered as an award-winning album cover artist, yet his talents go far beyond one medium: his work spans fine art to graphic design, architecture to stage sets, from small-scale drawings to stadium-sized vistas. Freyja Dean’s paintings, sculpture, and fabric art chart the relationships between landscapes and life. Her art reveals the narratives of those geographies and beings, illuminating the lessons they can teach us. Together, the art of the Deans guides viewers through a journey filled with stories. Those stories are about magic: the magic in nature, in natural phenomena and formations, in the seasons and the flow of time. 

“This exhibition invites viewers to become participants,” Roger Dean notes. “We are all fellow travelers on the secret path of life. The signposts along the way are our art works, but the destination—the future—belongs to everyone.” For the Deans, this exhibition is an important step in that journey. “We must believe in a future worth striving for,” Freyja Dean explains. “For all of us, there is a secret or hidden path whose entirety we cannot see while we live it.” 

The Haight Street Art Center serves San Francisco’s thriving poster art and artist communities with education and cultural development programs, and exhibitions. Drawing upon music, art, social and political counterculture history, we provide a space that bridges communities through social activism and artistic expression. 

The nonprofit Haight Street Art Center is located at 215 Haight Street, at the corner of Laguna Street. The Center is open weekly on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 12-6 pm. Its outdoor Garden Gallery is open daily (7 am – 9 pm).  Admission is always free. For more information about the Haight Street Art Center, its exhibitions, events, and programs, please visit www.haightstreetart.org  

French Prog Band NEMO to Release Les nouveaux mondes August 29, 2022

From 2002 to 2015, NEMO have been one of the leading Prog Rock bands in France. In 15 years of existence they conquered the world community of Prog lovers with their nine studio albums.

Supported by the international progressive press, self distributed worldwide with internet networks and a high-performance webshop (www.quadrifonic.com), the band has been booked by big festivals in Europe and in the USA.

Nemo has in particular shared the stage with: Focus, Adagio, The Flower Kings, 3, Anglagard, Galahad, Carptree, Pat McManus band, Fish, Vanden Plas, Saga…

In 2015, after the extremely well received album “Coma”, they decided to take a break of indefinite duration. 
This new recording of their debut album is not a comeback, but a way to thank the fans and to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the record.

New totally re-recorded version of NEMO’s first album, by the band’s most classic lineup (Jean Baptiste Itier, Lionel B. Guichard, Guillaume Fontaine and JP Louveton). The band, in a prolonged dormancy since 2015, recorded from a distance, and the result gives a huge added value to these tracks that have not aged a bit.

Jean-Pierre LOUVETON: Guitar, vocals, bass (Africa), virtual instruments
Guillaume FONTAINE: Keyboards, vocals
Lionel B. GUICHARD: Bass
Jean-Baptiste ITIER: Drums
Pascal BERTRAND: Drums (Bataille navale)
Benoît GAIGNON: Bass (Bataille navale)

“We are going to tell you a story, an extraordinary story. A story of exploits and discoveries. A story of challenges and progress. We are going to tell you the story of these men who moved the world forward, who pushed back the barriers of the impossible.
In these stories, the visionary spirit is at the service of the imagination, and the imagination is an accomplice of progress. The characters we’re about to show you, straight out of fiction, have ignited science and reformed the world…”

Release Date: August 29, 2022 Title: Les nouveaux mondes
Format: Digital HR/CD/Vinyl
Style: Progressive Rock
Country: France
Label: Quadrifonic
Artworking 2022: Stan-W DECKER

1. Abysses (10.03)
2. Dr Fergusson et les caprices du vent Vol.1 : Au dessus des toits (6.39)
3. Danse du diable (2.48)
4. Tempête (7.18)
5. Dans la lune encore (6.23)
6. Dr Fergusson et les caprices du vent Vol.2 : Au dessus des pyramides (5.58)

PHILEAS (20.41)
7. Départ / Europe (4.57)
8. Les fleuves sacrés (3.16)
9. Luna (5.54)
10. Nouveau monde (6.34) BONUS
11. Africa (5.51)
12. Bataille navale (11.08) Total Playtime: 76’56


Les nouveaux mondes – July 2002
Eve et le génie du mal (EP) – September 2004 Prélude à la ruine – September 2004 Immersion publique (Live) – October 2005
Si (Partie 1) – April 2006
Si (Partie 2) – l’homme idéal – January 2007
Si (Live) – January 2009
Barbares – January 2009
La machine à remonter le temps (Live) – October 2010 R€volu$ion – May 2011

Le ver dans le fruit – September 2013
Coma – August, 2015
Pièces de collection – October 2018
Présages – November 2018
Le ver dans le fruit (Prog en Beauce 2013 Live) – May 2020 Les nouveaux mondes (2022 edition) – September 2022

Nemo Online