Persephone’s Dream Releases New Video and Bonus Single “Surveillance NSA”

Surveillance NSA is a newly recorded bonus track, the original recording appears on the band’s sixth album Anomalous Propagation released in October 2019 

Surveillance NSA explores the concept of Big Brother always watching, and features the wonderful work of lead vocalist Laurie Kurdis, Laurie has recently joined the band as the new lead vocalist filling the void after Heidi Engel’s departure, soon after the release of Anomalous Propagation.

The bonus single for Surveillance NSA will be released soon, Anomalous Propagation was released on October 19th, 2019 in three formats, double CD, Double LP, and High-Resolution Digital and features 11 new songs.

CD Track Listing
01. Red Light Syndrome 
02. Surveillance
03. Despoina’s Dagger
04. Queen of Fools
05. Rhizomatic Horizon 
06. Deep Web 
07. Translucent
08. Defenestrated 
09. Love  
10. Candlelight
11. Principle Amor

Double LP Track Listing
Side One
01. Red Light Syndrome 
02. Surveillance
03. Principle Amor

Side Two
04. Despoina’s Dagger
05. Deep Web 

Side Three
06. Rhizomatic Horizon 
07. Love  
08. Translucent

Side Four
09. Defenestrated 
10. Queen of Fools

In the Studio…
Rowen Poole: guitars, synths, lyrics 
Chris Siegle: bass, synths 
Heidi Engel: vocals, lyrics 
Jim Puskar: drums, percussion 
Jason English: guitars, vocals 
Laura Martin: pianos, keyboards, synths, vocals

Recorded April 2015 – January 2019 at StarGlider Studios, Gibsonia, PA 
Engineered and mixed by Rowen Poole 
Mastered by JK Northrup at Alien Productions Music Studio, Carmichael, CA

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Elfin Bow – A little burst of colour, love and 50 years of happiness!

What can you give someone who has everything?

And by ‘everything,’ I don’t mean material possessions, money or a big house.

My parents, David and Judith, celebrate their Golden Wedding Anniversary today. Fifty  years of sticking together through thick and thin, through good times and bad. And they have everything that I consider  to be the important stuff; huge hearts, gratitude, humbleness, a giving attitude, unconditional love for their family and friends and the wisdom to work through whatever life throws at them. 

Holed up at home for the foreseeable future, we can’t celebrate this important milestone in the way we intended. But last autumn, we made a music video together. Unusual, I know! I don’t know many musicians who have done this but my song, Take me out in Your Old Bread Van, was written about their relationship. 

When they were courting, many moons ago, my dad used to take my mum out in his old bread van, with a rocking chair for a passenger seat. It must have been a rocky ride for sure – but he knew how to show her a good time. 

They also got married on April Fool’s day – before Midday. I love their complete lack of superstition. And it was certainly no prank as here we are, 50 years later, celebrating their love with a burst of colour, love and lots of happiness. 

I invite you to join with me today, in celebrating not only their lasting love, but the love we can share with everyone who is precious to us at this time. 

Who is special in your life? Write back and tell me something you love about them. Let’s fill our thoughts, conversations and actions with L O V E today!

Much love and respect always, 
Elfin Bow xx

Video from Rainbows & Gallows EP available on Bandcamp

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Nick Katona Email: 

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Devin Townsend to release Empath “The Ultimate Edition” in time for Summer Tour

Devin Townsend is pleased to announce the release of ‘Empath – The Ultimate Edition’ on June 5th, 2020. This comprehensive version of 2019’s acclaimed album contains the original record and bonus disc across 2 CD’s, plus 2 Blu-Ray discs. The first blu-ray contains the 5.1 Surround Sound mix by Devin, with visuals for the full record, plus a stereo visualiser. The second blu-ray contains a raft of bonus material, including ‘Acoustically Inclined – Live in Leeds’, a recording from his April 2019 acoustic tour where he performed tracks including ‘Love?’, ‘Deadhead’, ‘Thing Beyond Things’ & more.

It also features the full Empath Documentary, a ‘Genesis 5.1 Mixing Lesson’, a full album commentary & more. The four discs sit inside a beautiful art-book that contains new liner notes and images from the making of the album.

Devin comments of the new 5.1 surround sound mix:
“On a technical level, I guess I have always been dissatisfied with the basic ‘stereo’ format in which the type of music I make gets presented in. Whether its headphones, computer speakers, stereos (or basically anything currently), I have had to figure out ways to get the work to function through TWO speakers. I hear things in a particularly orchestrated way, and with the amount of information that typically gets recorded per song, the result has been the dubious ‘wall of sound’ that I keep ending up with. But my intention has never been to make an oppressive experience, but rather something that is immersive and vast. 

Making it work in two speakers just simply doesn’t quite work for the vision. Although I’ve managed to get the point across, (to varying degrees), things always have to compromise to make it all fit. Making the drums speak at the same time as orchestra, cymbals, guitars, choirs, synths etc.…all with my voice on top, ends up with every conceivable frequency fighting for breathing space between those two speakers.

Therefore, I asked the powers that be in my business world, to tolerate one more ‘kick at the can’ when it came to Empath. I wanted to attempt a surround mix and follow the original vision of it being an immersive, multimedia experience for people in the ways I could best achieve at this stage. And although it’s still pretty ‘dense’, with four more sources for the sound to come from, I feel its significantly closer to the original vision here.”


01 – Castaway 
02 – Genesis 
03 – Spirits Will Collide 
04 – Evermore 
05 – Sprite 
06 – Hear Me 
07 – Why? 
08 – Borderlands 
09 – Requiem 
10 – Singularity: Adrift 
11 – Singularity: I Am I 
12 – Singularity: There Be Monsters 
13 – Singularity: Curious Gods 
14 – Singularity: Silicone Scientists 
15 – Singularity: Here Comes The Sun! 

01 – The Contrarian (Demo) 
02 – King (Demo) 
03 – The Waiting Kind (Demo) 
04 – Empath (Demo) 
05 – Methuselah (Demo) 
06 – This Is Your Life (Demo) 
07 – Gulag (Demo) 
08 – Middle Aged Man (Demo) 
09 – Total Collapse (Demo) 
10 – Summer (Demo) 

BluRay 1: 
01 – Castaway (5.1 Surround Mix) 
02 – Genesis (5.1 Surround Mix) 
03 – Spirits Will Collide (5.1 Surround Mix) 
04 – Evermore (5.1 Surround Mix) 
05 – Sprite (5.1 Surround Mix) 
06 – Hear Me (5.1 Surround Mix) 
07 – Why? (5.1 Surround Mix) 
08 – Borderlands (5.1 Surround Mix) 
09 – Requiem (5.1 Surround Mix) 
10 – Singularity: Adrift (5.1 Surround Mix) 
11 – Singularity: I Am I (5.1 Surround Mix) 
12 – Singularity: There Be Monsters (5.1 Surround Mix) 
13 – Singularity: Curious Gods (5.1 Surround Mix) 
14 – Singularity: Silicone Scientists (5.1 Surround Mix) 
15 – Singularity: Here Comes The Sun! (5.1 Surround Mix) 
16 – Castaway (Stereo Mix Visualizer) 
17 – Genesis (Stereo Mix Visualizer) 
18 – Spirits Will Collide (Stereo Mix Visualizer) 
19 – Evermore (Stereo Mix Visualizer) 
20 – Sprite (Stereo Mix Visualizer) 
21 – Hear Me (Stereo Mix Visualizer) 
22 – Borderlands (Stereo Mix Visualizer) 
23 – Why? (Stereo Mix Visualizer) 
24 – Requiem (Stereo Mix Visualizer) 
25 – Singularity: Adrift (Stereo Mix Visualizer) 
26 – Singularity: I Am I (Stereo Mix Visualizer) 
27 – Singularity: There Be Monsters (Stereo Mix Visualizer) 
28 – Singularity: Curious Gods (Stereo Mix Visualizer) 
29 – Singularity: Silicone Scientists (Stereo Mix Visualizer) 
30 – Singularity: Here Comes The Sun! (Stereo Mix Visualizer) 

BluRay 2: 
01 – Empath Documentary 
02 – Empath Album Commentary 
03 – Genesis 5.1 Mixing Lesson 
04 – Acoustic Gear Tour 
05 – Intro (Live in Leeds 2019) 
06 – Let It Roll (Live in Leeds 2019) 
07 – Funeral (Live in Leeds 2019) 
08 – Ih-Ah (Live in Leeds 2019) 
09 – Deadhead (Live in Leeds 2019) 
10 – Love? (Live in Leeds 2019) 
11 – Hyperdrive! (Live in Leeds 2019) 
12 – Terminal (Live in Leeds 2019) 
13 – Coast (Live in Leeds 2019) 
14 – Solar Winds (Live in Leeds 2019) 
15 – Thing Beyond Things (Live in Leeds 2019) 
16 – King (Official Video)

Pre-orders are now available here:

Devin will head out on a Summer festival run mixed with club shows in Europe, which includes a headline appearance at Bloodstock Festival in the UK.
04.06.2020 Sweden Rock Festival – Solvesborg (SE)
05.-07.06.2020 Rock Im Park  – Nürnberg (DE)
05.-07.06.2020 Rock Am Ring – Mendig (DE)
10.06.2020 Majestic Music Club – Bratislava (SVK)
10.06.2020 Mystic Festival – Krakow (PL)
11.06.2020 Nova Rock – Nickelsdorf, (AT)
13.06.2020 The Roman Arenas -Bucharest (ROU)
14.06.2020 Mixtape 5 -Sofia (BGR)
15.06.2020 A38 – Budapest (HU)
18.06.2020 Copenhell – Copenhagen (DK)
20.06.2020 Graspop Metal Meeting – Dessel (BE)
21.06.2020 Hellfest – Clisson (FR)
23.06.2020 Rockhal – Esch-sur-alzette (LUX) Co-Headline with Meshuggah
24.06.2020 Xtra – Zurich (CHE) Co-Headline with Meshuggah
26.06.2020 Rock The Night Festival – Rivas-Vaciamadrid (ES) – CANCELLED
28.06.2020 Tuska – Helsinki (FI)
29.07.2020 MetalDays, Tolmin (SLO)
30.07.2020 Wacken Open Air – Wacken (DE)
05.08.2020 Brutal Assault Festival – Jaromer (CZE)
07.08.2020 Bloodstock Open Air – Walton-On-Trent (UK)
09.08.2020 Into The Grave – Leeuwarden (NL)
12.08.2020 Summer Breeze, Dinkelsbuhl (DE)

Find the full list of upcoming dates here:



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KANSAS release The Absence Of Presence (Trailer) from the upcoming album

“We are really excited for our fans to be able to get a taste of what is to come from ‘The Absence of Presence,'” says KANSAS lead vocalist Ronnie Platt. “I think people will really be surprised by the album. ‘The Absence of Presence’ shows the band firing on all cylinders.”

March 30, 2020 – KANSAS, America’s legendary progressive rock band, will release their highly anticipated new studio album “The Absence of Presence” on June 26, 2020.

The Absence of Presence Track Listing:
1.)   The Absence of Presence2.)   Throwing Mountains3.)   Jets Overhead4.)   Propulsion 15.)   Memories Down the Line6.)   Circus of Illusion7.)   Animals on the Roof8.)   Never9.)   The Song the River Sang first announced the new album during an exclusive interview with KANSAS drummer and “The Absence of Presence” co-producer Phil Ehart: “The Absence of Presence” will be available for pre-order on April 17.

“The Absence of Presence” follows-up 2016’s “The Prelude Implicit,” which debuted at #14 on Billboard’s Top 200 Albums chart. KANSAS has sold more than 30 million albums worldwide, and is famous for classic hits such as ‘Carry On Wayward Son’ and ‘Dust in the Wind’ to the progressive epic ‘Song for America.’

“The Absence of Presence,” released by Inside Out Music, features nine all new tracks written by the band, produced by Zak Rizvi, and co-produced by Phil Ehart and Richard Williams. KANSAS’s signature sound is unmistakable throughout. The album showcases Ronnie Platt’s towering vocals, David Ragsdale’s searing violin, Tom Brislin’s dazzling keyboards, Williams and Rizvi’s electrifying guitar riffs, Ehart’s powerful drums, and Billy Greer’s rocking bass.

“We are really proud of the album ‘The Absence of Presence,'” comments KANSAS guitarist, producer, and songwriter Zak Rizvi. “Making a new KANSAS album sets a very high musical standard that is expected from our fans. From rockers, to progressive epics, to ballads, there is something on this recording for everybody.”

“The Absence of Presence” will be released June 26, 2020, on Inside Out Music and is distributed by The Orchard. The album will be available on CD, Double LP 180 Gram Vinyl, Limited Edition Deluxe CD + 5.1 Blu-Ray Artbook, and digitally on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and all other streaming services. Pre-order opportunities will be available starting later this spring at  and

KANSAS will debut a song off “The Absence of Presence” this summer during Foreigner’s Juke Box Heroes 2020 Tour. More songs off the album will be performed during this fall’s Point of Know Return Anniversary European Tour. For more information on KANSAS, “The Absence of Presence,” The Point of Know Return Anniversary European Tour, The Point of Know Return Anniversary Tour, or the Juke Box Heroes 2020 tour, please visit:

PATTERN-SEEKING ANIMALS release first track ‘Here In My Autumn’ off forthcoming studio album “Prehensile Tales”!

Video by Guilherme Henriques

In 2019, PATTERN-SEEKING ANIMALS, the California-based band featuring Ted Leonard (lead vocals & guitars), Jimmy Keegan (drums & vocals), Dave Meros (bass) and John Boegehold (keyboards), presented its much-lauded eponymous debut. Just a year later, the group releases its second opus, “Prehensile Tales”, to be released through InsideOutMusic on May 15th, 2020.
As a first track from the forthcoming new album, PATTERN-SEEKING ANIMALSnow reveal ‘Here In My Autumn’, John Boegehold comments:
“The tale of a man clinging to a chapter in his life that’s become impossible to return to yet impossible to forget. Of course that describes much of life itself, doesn’t it?”

For the six songs on the album (the longest clocking in at over 17 minutes), the band introduced violin, flute, trumpet, cello, sax and pedal steel to the sound palette that was once again recorded & mixed by Rich Mouser at The Mouse House.

The track-listing reads as follows:
1. Raining Hard In Heaven
2. Here In My Autumn
3. Elegant Vampires
4. Why Don’t We Run
5. Lifeboat
6. Soon But Not Today

The album, featuring cover art by Polish artist Mirek (, will be released as Gatefold 2LP plus CD, Limited Edition CD, and on all digital platforms. Presales are now available!
To pre-order, stream, download “Prehensile Tales”, just click



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Sonic Divide’s Second Studio Album “The Other Side” Now Available Worldwide!

Sonic Divide returns with their highly anticipated and long-awaited new collection of rock grooves, a follow-up to their 2013 self-titled album. The new album boasts 12 new tracks that deliver plenty of melody and punch, these new songs will fast become classics and fan favorites. The album is available worldwide in both CD and Digital formats

The Sophomore album was completed late 2019 in Adelaide, Australia and produced by Sean Timms at Timms Tunes Studio. The album features the singles “Come Back Again” “Alive” and “When It Bleeds” Listen to the sampler here

Track Listing
1. Vicinity 03:58  
2. Hero 03:29
3. Come Back Again 04:20
4. When it Bleeds 04:55
5. Roll The Dice 05:46
6. Alive 03:11
7. Final Stage 04:50
8. Shot In The Dark 04:02
9. I’ll Run 04:19
10. When No One’s Watching 03:54
11. I Still Believe 04:32
12. Stay 04:50

The Band
Wayne Holden – Lead Vocals
Glenn Johnson – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Andy Young – Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Ian Slade – Bass, Backing Vocals
Evan Johnson – Drums, Backing Vocals
Steve Pirie – Guitars, Backing Vocals

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