HFMC – New Video From The album ‘Eternal Snapshots’, Out On June 6!

‘Wherever You May Go’ is the second video out of ‘Eternal Snapshots’. This version of the song is shortened to make it more “video friendly and more to the point maybe. The reason for that is the tempo of today, where many of us wants a “quick fix” generally speaking. If you’re looking for positivity, a nice flow and many major chords, look no further. Here’s ‘Wherever You May Go’. The video was made by Dario and Gabriel Mekler.

‘Wherever You May Go’: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=41xHXgIHQY8

The idea of forming a new band started sometime in 2008, says Hasse: “I had a handful of new songs, and more were coming regularly.”
The idea started to take shape and in 2009 Hasse Fröberg & Musical Companion (in short: HFMC) started to play and prepare for what later became their debut album “FuturePast” (2010).

Hasse is well known for his contribution for more than two decades as singer/guitarist in The Flower Kings, as well as his work with the Swedish hard rock band Spellbound during the eighties. 

The band members have played together with names like Glenn Hughes, Michael Schenker, Jeff Scott Soto, Joe Lynn Turner amongst others… HFMC has a warm and unique sound of their own with influences from progressive rock, classic rock and even a hint of pop.

2024 marks the forty-year anniversary since Hasse released his first full length album. What can be better to celebrate forty years as a recording artist than to release a new one?

The new HFMC record ‘Eternal Snapshots‘ is the band’s sixth studio album. It’s a concept album that deals with questions such as how do we become who we are. Is everything predetermined? Is destiny involved in our lives? The title ‘Eternal Snapshots’ reflects over the fact that new fate of lives is being born every second and here we get to follow two of them.Online:

Preorder: https://hfmc.bandcamp.com/album/eternal-snapshots

Website: https://www.hfmcband.com
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Bandcamp: https://hfmc.bandcamp.com/album/eternal-snapshots
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hfmcband
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi_MHB6tIQVLaKGFZBSIgOQ
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/13RTW4shE0TgtPiImh90SS?si=ypMqzFqbQbGx87cmPWugrg

Captain Of The Lost Waves Announces the “Rainy Day Confessions” Series

I am excited to announce a brand-new series of monthly music releases, beginning with the track “Circles” on Thursday, May 30th. This series will feature a new song at the end of each month until December. By the end of this journey, all seven tracks will be compiled into a physical CD titled Rainy Day Confessions, which will also include at least three bonus tracks.

About “Rainy Day Confessions”

“Rainy Day Confessions” is an album deeply rooted in gratitude for the incredible support I’ve received. This primarily acoustic project was created during the late English winter evenings, reflecting a raw and stripped-back sound. It’s my heartfelt thank you to all the fans who have been the cornerstone of my journey, especially since the life-altering accident in May 2022. Your unwavering kindness and compassion have been a beacon, helping me navigate through tough times.

Release and Availability

  • Monthly Singles: Each new song will be available exclusively on my Ko-fi page (link below) for a week, offered on a “pay as you feel” basis as a token of my appreciation. Following this exclusive period, the tracks will be released on all major streaming platforms as well as Bandcamp.
  • Full Album in December: The complete album, including the seven monthly tracks and a minimum of three bonus tracks, will also be available on a “pay as you feel” basis in December.

This series is my way of giving back to my devoted fans, allowing you to partake in this new musical journey with me. Thank you for your continued support and for being an integral part of my journey as a fiercely independent artist. Your generosity truly takes some beating, and I am forever grateful.

The first release, “Circles,” will be available May 30th, 2024 exclusively on Ko-fi

Captain Of The Lost Waves Online

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The Paradox Twin have confirmed the line up for their forthcoming new album and summer dates with John Mitchell joining the band

The Paradox Twin have announced the celebration of the 6th anniversary of ‘The Importance of Mr. Bedlam’ with a special tour across Europe and the UK.
Titled ‘The Importance of Mr. Bedlam + Other Stories’, the tour will feature three dates in Europe and one in the UK, where they will perform the album in its entirety along with select tracks from their second album (”Silence from Signals’‘).

This tour is a unique opportunity for fans to delve into the creative process behind the album, as we explore the themes of extraterrestrial life and government secrecy that inspired the band’s founder, Danny Sorrell, during its creation. Through captivating visuals, the band will take audiences on a journey into the depths of his imagination and the investigative spirit that fueled his songwriting.

The band also announced that John Mitchell is joining the band. John’s impressive background with bands like Frost* and Lonely Robot brings a new dynamic to the TPT’s sound.

Additionally, the band will be offering exclusive tour merchandise, available in limited quantities, giving fans a special memento of this milestone celebration. Join us on this unforgettable journey as we explore the mysteries of ‘The Importance of Mr. Bedlam’ and beyond.

In addition to the above, the band will also be performing a special set at Wokingham Festival on August 26th Bank Holiday Monday with a slightly different line up. Guitarist Anthony William from Ex Simple Minds who was also a member of Kim Seviour’s live band will be depping for John who will be in South America with the David Cross Band.

Danny Sorrell said ‘I’m really excited for this new phase in the band’s development. Having worked with John on the production of the first two albums, it’s great that he believes in the band so much that he has decided to join us. As well as working on new music it’s wonderful to be able to revisit our debut album and more with such a talented group of musicians.’


Danny Sorrell – Vocals / Guitars / Keys
John Mitchell – Guitars (Frost* / Lonely Robot, etc.)
Sarah Bayley – Vocals
Graham Brown – Drums
*Steve Mills (Lonely Robot) is lending his talents on bass for the tour*

The Paradox Twin

The Paradox Twin was formed by singer, songwriter, guitarist, keyboard player, Danny Sorrell who, following the writing of the band’s debut album ‘The Importance of Mr. Bedlam’, walked into Outhouse Studio, the well known recording studio run by producer and musician extraordinaire John Mitchell, for the recording. John was so impressed with what he heard that he suggested to Chris Hillman, John’s partner in the White Star Records label, that they should release the album. Chris was as impressed as John was and so the band were signed to the label. 

The album was very well received with the video of the first single from the album, ‘Planeta’, gaining a nomination at the prestigious Progressive Music Awards even before the album had been released.

Planeta:  https://youtu.be/wb5nyjAFrf8?si=o6yI0cB5f_Go27Tl

The band since has released its much anticipated follow up album Silence from Signals, which, just like their debut, has received outstanding reviews, and one not to be missed!
The forthcoming new album is now being recorded and more info about it will come soon…

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YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOA0itaOS-GRhdS0qmGDO4Q


7D Media Signs Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius

Renowned Electric Violinist & His Band Joining Innovative Prog & Art Rock Label, New Album Due Out October 11th.

7D Media is pleased to announce the signing of Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius to its progressive and art rock, instrumental roster.  Kansas violinist/guitarist Joe Deninzon is also the frontman and lead singer of Stratospheerius, which features bandmates; guitarist Michelangelo Quirinale (Thrilldriver), keyboardist Bill Hubauer (Neal Morse Band, Crack the Sky), bassist Paul Ranieri (Mark Wood, Riot Act), and drummer Jason Gianni (The Ultimate Queen Celebration, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Rock of Ages, Neal Morse Band).

7D Media will be releasing the band’s 6th album, “Impostor!” on October 11. The album features favorite prog rock musicians including Michael Sadler (Saga), Randy McStine (Porcupine Tree), Fernando Perdomo (Jacob Dylan), Chloe Lowry (Trans Siberian Orchestra), Val Vigoda (Groovelilly), and multi-instrumentalist Rachel Flowers.  Produced by Joe Deninzon, “Impostor!” was mixed and mastered by Rich Mouser (Neal Morse, Dream Theater, Tears for Fears).  

Progressive Rock Central’s Angel Romero has described Joe as “Perhaps the finest electric violinist of his generation.”     

Label head Trey Gunn says, “I am super excited to have Joe joining our field of innovating artists here at 7D.  He is a perfect fit.”

7D Media is an independent record label founded by musician Trey Gunn, known for his work with the progressive rock band King Crimson. Established to provide a platform for innovative and boundary-pushing artists, 7D Media focuses on producing and distributing high-quality music that defies genre limitations. The label supports a diverse range of musicians and composers, emphasizing creativity and artistic freedom. With Gunn’s extensive experience in the music industry, 7D Media has cultivated a reputation for excellence and a commitment to fostering unique musical voices. 

Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius online

RETURNED TO THE EARTH announces new album Stalagmite Steeple and single “Dark Morality”

Album available for pre-order now!

UK-based prog band RETURNED TO THE EARTH are pleased to announce the new album Stalagmite Steeple due out on June 14th via Giant Electic Pea.  The follow-up to the critically acclaimed “Fall of the Watcher,’ the new album is another intriguing journey through main man Robin Peachey’s particular take on life.

You can listen to the album’s opening track and first single “Dark Morality” here:

Robin Peachey on the new album:
“The writing for Stalagmite Steeple began in late 2020 during the recording of Fall Of The Watcher, my previous album. It’s been a 2 1/2 year recording process to get the album finished and I have worked again with Paul Johnston as producer/engineer/additional musician. Steve Kitch (The Pineapple Thief) has again mastered the album for me.

“‘Dark Morality’ is the opening track of the album Stalagmite Steeple and sets the scene for the album’s themes. “I saw a story about an elderly couple who were separated during the first Covid lockdown and unfortunately the lady passed away from natural causes. I found it incredibly sad that we couldn’t find a way to bring loved ones together in their final moments during this difficult period of our history. It seemed empathy and compassion were lost but the money spent for the privilege of being in the care home facility still rolled in. I didn’t want this event to be marked by just a single song so it formed the backdrop for the whole album.”

1. Dark Morality  7:19
2. The Final Time  5:00
3. Stalagmite Steeple  9:58
4. Meaningless To Worth  6:09
5. Die For Me  9:09
6. The Raging Sea  5:36

Pre-order ‘Stalagmite Steeple’ on CD here:

All songs written by: Robin Peachey (pictured above)
All music performed by: Robin Peachey & Paul Johnston

Facebook • YouTube • Website • Twitter 

Prog Artist Leon Alvarado Announces Pink Floyd Influenced New Album “The Changing Tide” Released May 31, 2024

US prog artist Leon Alvarado is excited to unveil his newest album, “The Changing Tide.” Set to release on May 31st, this highly anticipated album follows the successful EP release, which previewed two of the album’s tracks; a captivating cover of Pink Floyd’s “Brain Damage,” and the enchanting instrumental “Dance of The Pink Elephants.”

Alvarado explains, “The creation of ‘The Changing Tide’ was very much influenced by the musical heritage of Pink Floyd. We aimed to seamlessly blend their timeless formula with our unique styles to produce material that charts its own course.”

While acknowledging the influence of Pink Floyd as a foundational element, Alvarado emphasizes the infusion of his own creative perspective. “Listeners can anticipate a departure of sorts from my previous works,” he shares, “yet they’ll find my hallmark keyboard textures and atmospheric nuances intricately woven throughout.”

Alvarado is joined on this musical endeavor by an ensemble of exceptional musicians, featuring bassists Tony Franklin (known for his work with Jimmy Page and Paul Rogers on The Firm) and Gary Gnaedinger, guitarists Edoardo Scordo and Damian Darlington (both renowned members of Brit Floyd), alongside Jimmy Griggers also on guitars and saxophonist John Helliwell (from Supertramp fame). Additionally, L.A. session musician Pablo Hopehayn contributes on strings. The backing vocals on Brain Damage are skillfully provided by Jeff Sanson, Liz Hall, and Linda Alvarado.

“The Changing Tide” will be available for streaming on all major platforms and will also be released on CD through Melodic Revolution Records. The physical CD promises to be a sensory delight, boasting stunning artwork within an impeccably designed package that will undoubtedly enhance any music enthusiast’s collection.

About Leon Alvarado:
Leon Alvarado is a progressive rock artist known for his innovative fusion of electronic and rock music. Over the course of more than two decades, Alvarado has consistently demonstrated his ingenuity as a musician, constantly expanding the horizons of his artistic vision with each successive project. His repertoire boasts collaborations with esteemed figures in the Prog rock scene, earning him widespread acclaim and nurturing a devoted fanbase worldwide. Beyond his own musical creations, Leon frequently collaborates with bands and promoters, channeling his artistic skills into crafting fascinating album covers and promotional tour materials.

Track list:

Leon Alvarado: Drums, Keyboards & Effects on all,
Bass on 5, Vocals on 6
Edoardo Scordo: Guitars on 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Tony Franklin: Bass on 1, 2, 3, 4
John Helliwell: Saxophone on 3
Pablo Hopenhayn: Violin, Viola and Cello on 1
Gary Gnaedinger: Bass, Guitar & Keyboards on 6
James Griggers: Guitar & Slide Guitar on 6
Jeff Sanson: Backing Vocals on 6
Linda Alvarado: Backing Vocals on 6
Liz Hall: Backing Vocals on 6
Produced and mixed by Leon Alvarado
Mastered by Maor Appelbaum
Design and Art Direction by Synergy Design
Label: Melodic Revolution Records

The Changing Tide” release date: May 31, 2024

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