I am excited to announce a brand-new series of monthly music releases, beginning with the track “Circles” on Thursday, May 30th. This series will feature a new song at the end of each month until December. By the end of this journey, all seven tracks will be compiled into a physical CD titled Rainy Day Confessions, which will also include at least three bonus tracks.

About “Rainy Day Confessions”

“Rainy Day Confessions” is an album deeply rooted in gratitude for the incredible support I’ve received. This primarily acoustic project was created during the late English winter evenings, reflecting a raw and stripped-back sound. It’s my heartfelt thank you to all the fans who have been the cornerstone of my journey, especially since the life-altering accident in May 2022. Your unwavering kindness and compassion have been a beacon, helping me navigate through tough times.

Release and Availability

  • Monthly Singles: Each new song will be available exclusively on my Ko-fi page (link below) for a week, offered on a “pay as you feel” basis as a token of my appreciation. Following this exclusive period, the tracks will be released on all major streaming platforms as well as Bandcamp.
  • Full Album in December: The complete album, including the seven monthly tracks and a minimum of three bonus tracks, will also be available on a “pay as you feel” basis in December.

This series is my way of giving back to my devoted fans, allowing you to partake in this new musical journey with me. Thank you for your continued support and for being an integral part of my journey as a fiercely independent artist. Your generosity truly takes some beating, and I am forever grateful.

The first release, “Circles,” will be available May 30th, 2024 exclusively on Ko-fi

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