‘Wherever You May Go’ is the second video out of ‘Eternal Snapshots’. This version of the song is shortened to make it more “video friendly and more to the point maybe. The reason for that is the tempo of today, where many of us wants a “quick fix” generally speaking. If you’re looking for positivity, a nice flow and many major chords, look no further. Here’s ‘Wherever You May Go’. The video was made by Dario and Gabriel Mekler.

‘Wherever You May Go’: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=41xHXgIHQY8

The idea of forming a new band started sometime in 2008, says Hasse: “I had a handful of new songs, and more were coming regularly.”
The idea started to take shape and in 2009 Hasse Fröberg & Musical Companion (in short: HFMC) started to play and prepare for what later became their debut album “FuturePast” (2010).

Hasse is well known for his contribution for more than two decades as singer/guitarist in The Flower Kings, as well as his work with the Swedish hard rock band Spellbound during the eighties. 

The band members have played together with names like Glenn Hughes, Michael Schenker, Jeff Scott Soto, Joe Lynn Turner amongst others… HFMC has a warm and unique sound of their own with influences from progressive rock, classic rock and even a hint of pop.

2024 marks the forty-year anniversary since Hasse released his first full length album. What can be better to celebrate forty years as a recording artist than to release a new one?

The new HFMC record ‘Eternal Snapshots‘ is the band’s sixth studio album. It’s a concept album that deals with questions such as how do we become who we are. Is everything predetermined? Is destiny involved in our lives? The title ‘Eternal Snapshots’ reflects over the fact that new fate of lives is being born every second and here we get to follow two of them.Online:

Preorder: https://hfmc.bandcamp.com/album/eternal-snapshots

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Bandcamp: https://hfmc.bandcamp.com/album/eternal-snapshots
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