To all ABEL GANZ fans and friends. It is with great regret that we must inform you all that after an amazing run of [at least] eighteen years in #abelganz [a life sentence!!!] our dear friend and band-mate Davie Mitchell’s time with the band is drawing to a close.

When #abelganz was reborn at the turn of the millennium, and we were on the hunt for a lead guitar player, there was only ever one contender really. Davie was right at the very top of our wish list because we were not interested in simply finding a ‘gunslinger’ type player – we wanted something much more than that and we got it with him.

It is no understatement to say that since Davie joined Abel Ganz both the sound and direction that the band has developed has been in no small part down to his pivotal contributions – for not only is Davie an outstanding guitar player he is also a fantastic composer and contributor who thinks about ‘the song’ first and foremost and the guitar second!

Fortunately for us, Davie has recently completed recording all his guitar parts for our new, forthcoming record and, as usual, his contributions are nothing less than stellar. We are so grateful that he is leaving us with yet more great music from him!

We know, too, that for many fans and friends of the band, Davie has become a firm favorite and he is sure to be missed by all of you as well. In that regard – he has not quite gone yet!!!! Please join with us, if you can, in giving him the very best send-off possible at this year’s Prog Before Xmas event. This will be Davie’s last performance with the band and so now is also a ‘farewell’ gig for him.

As some of you may know – life has thrown many ups and downs at Davie. We are all so delighted for him that a new opportunity has presented itself that will shortly begin an exciting new chapter in his life. Although we ourselves will, of course, all miss him terribly, we wish him nothing less than great health, great happiness, and great good fortune.
Love from us all!!!!

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