is my page that features a line of Prog related tee shirts that I, an old school prog lover came up with, combining my love for Prog Music and Tee shirt printing. I have a screen print shop in Oakland California and have been printing for everybody else but me. I decided to make shirts for the Prog lover, as small a demographic as it is. My feeling is the more we as Prog music lovers promote the prog world the better it is for our community. I also have a Facebook Prog group I’d like all my prog brethren to hook up with. Please don’t look at it as competition here as we all have the same agenda which is to promote progressive rock music. It can be found here please ask to join. If you are Prog Enough to be a part of Power of Prog than you are Prog Enough to be considered for 1NationUnderProg where it’s all things prog, because if it’s not prog, it’s shite.