ProgStock 2024 Final Band Announcements and Single-Day Passes Now On Sale!

ProgStock 2024 is October 18-20, 2024. Pre-show: October 17, 2024 Williams Center, Rutherford, NJ

Single-Day Passes on sale starting Sunday, May 12 at 12:00 PM EDT
You will still be able to choose a Regular or Prog-Ducer 3-day pass, but half of the remaining seats are now set aside for Single-Day Passes.

Current Schedule, Subject to Change, All times shown below are in US Eastern timezone (EDT)!
Dates/Times for opening acts have not yet been announced.

5-Year Patron Passes Also Available Now!

Newly announced opening acts and exhibitors:
Patrick Moraz,
Michael Sadler & Seren Sadler, and Phideaux

World-renowned pumpkin sculptor Deane Arnold are joining us for ProgStock 2024!

What’s new in the lineup?
Advent Horizon, KYROS and for the first time in the US… Lifesigns

Friday, October 18, 2024:

Saturday, October 19, 2024:

  • In Bob Moog Foundation Plaza (just outside the Atrium)
  • 10:00am – Listen, Meet & Greet with TBA
  • 11:30am (and all day) – Music Jam with Robeone
  • Doors (general-public entry to the Atrium) @ 11:30am
  • In the Rivoli Theater
  • 12:00pm – Advent Horizon
  • 4:00pm – Circuline 8:30pm – SAGA
  • In the Black Box (after each theater performance)
  • 8:30pm – SAGA In the Black Box (after each theater performance)
  • Meet & Greet with the Artists

Sunday, October 20, 2024:

  • In Bob Moog Foundation Plaza (just outside the Atrium)
  • 10:00am – Listen, Meet & Greet with TBA
  • 11:30am (and all day) – Music Jam with Robeone
  • Doors (general public entry to the Atrium) @ 11:30am
  • In the Rivoli Theater
  • 12:00pm – Gong
  • 4:00pm – SiX BY SiX
  • 8:30pm – Lifesigns
  • In the Black Box (after each theater performance)
  • Meet & Greet with the artists

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We’ve cooked up a REALLY Special Event for Friday, October 18 at 1:00PM ET Exclusively for our Patrons and Prog-Ducers!

Richard Macphail’s Book of Genesis That’s right! Richard Macphail, author of “My Book of Genesis,” will join us for an interview and Q&A led by Larry Fast with Jerry Marotta, Paul Whitehead,and other special guests (TBA).

You have to be a 5-Year Patron or Prog-Ducer to attend this special event!

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Refestramus’ “Intourist” New Album May 4th on Melodic Revolution Records

(Art Rock Wizard Derek Ferguson Dealing with Darkness, Depth of Light and Darkness)

Coming May 4 is “Intourist,” the third album from Refestramus, and the album’s new music video “Smiling.”  The video premiere is set for 12 PM CT/10 AM PT  (Friday night/Saturday morning) on May 4 at 

 Bandcamp fans will be able to hear and download the ArtRock album, “Intourist” this Thursday night/Friday morning (April 4 and 5) at midnight on 

The pre-Sale link for the album is officially up on Friday, April 5 at Pre-order the New Album Intour​í​st

“I’m the writer, I play drums, I pay for everything,” states Derek Ferguson, the Wizard who leads the progressive rock studio ensemble known as Refestramus.  Named after a word his mother made up to mean “rearrange,” Derek and his producer – Colouratura’s Ian Beabout – liked it because it wasn’t a legitimate word, “A web search will only turn up our band!,” which means the latest search for “Refestramus” will show their new album, Intourist (Melodic Revolution Records)!

As the bearer of this music, Derek’s powers are rooted in inspiration through his writing and finding musicians. He discovered many on the Internet gig site, Gifted voices adorn Intourist: Induction lead singer Craig Cairns, rock vocalists NIDA, Denisse Ferrara, and Vedrana Lina. Brazilian keyboardist maestro Rogelio Desouza is also a Fiverr artist.    

Derek writes from the depth of emotion. The album’s first video, “Smiling,” he says, “delves into the complexity of concealing one’s sadness to maintain others’ happiness, offering a poignant reflection on the masks we wear in society.”

Refestramus was born May  2020 as Derek’s home studio project during the COVID pandemic. Having been in a variety of progressive rock bands in his native Chicago and an avid listener of Ian Beabout’s Internet radio program “Prog Rock Deep Cuts,” he reached out to Ian to mix and master the recordings. Ian, who plays flute and sings on some tracks on Intourist, introduced Derek to Colouratura bandmates Derek Pavlic and Nathan James, Saxophonist Mitch Lawrence and Wisconsin multi-instrumentalist Jerry King, who plays bass on Intourist. Adding prog multi-instrumentalist Dave Newhouse, who contributed accordion, helped Derek Ferguson guide the album to completion.

Favorite songs on Intourist include “The Red Apple” based on Maxim Gorkiy’s story about a gypsy horse thief and themes of rejection and longing. “Asunción” is a heartfelt tribute to the city of Asunción, “You know how bands used to say ‘we’re big in Japan’? We’re big in Paraguay – they even play us on their national radio station there from time to time!” “Side Hustle” is a Jethro Tull inspired song. “‘Mr. Darwin’ offers a lighthearted take on human survival and natural selection.” The album’s title track is a 3-part epic that combines themes of resilience with the supernatural realms on earth including “zombie love” in the third part of the track, “Intourist.”   

In addition to acoustic versions of “Asunción” and “The Red Apple,” the physical CD features a cover of Spirit’s “Mr. Skin.” Spirit is one of Derek’s favorite bands, and he points out, “the songwriter here also has the last name Ferguson”

Refestramus’ debut album, Decoupage, was released in December of 2021. Expose’s Peter Thelen, who has reviewed thousands of Progressive Rock albums over the years, declared it a “Solid opening move.” In 2022, Refestramus  released the EP, From the Sublime to the Ridiculous, which featured possibly the “Prog-iest” track on the album “The Devil Returns” – drawing inspiration heavily from Bulgakov’s famous novel “The Master and Margarita.”        

MRR Artist Page: 

Melodic Revolution Records:

Forever Twelve – Eight Billion Heartbeats – Power of Prog Featured Video

Forever Twelve has just released Eight Billion Heartbeats the band’s 3rd video from the latest release Neighborhood of Spirits as our featured video.

Forever Twelve is a Los Angeles, California-based progressive rock band that was founded in the early 90’s by Kenny Hundt and Steve Barberic. The band has had some personnel changes over the years with each new member helping to shape and redefine the sound of what Forever Twelve is today. The latest addition to the band is drummer Robert Craft, formerly of Mars Hollow, Under the Sun, and others.

Music Produced by Forever Twelve
Mixed by Tom Graham and John Baker.
Mastered by John Baker.
Graphics/Cover Photo/Graphic Design: Lisa LaRue-Baker

Video Concept and Production at 785 Arts, LLC

About The Song
“Eight Billion Heartbeats is a song that urges understanding for journeys different than our own. There are no two journeys exactly alike. There are eight billion journeys, and only one planet. How can we possibly make that work? One heartbeat is something we all share, so we start there. One world, one connection inside. Eight Billion Heartbeats.”

Band Members
John Baker: Lead Vocals
Steve Barberic: Keyboards
Tom Graham: Guitar, Keyboards, Bass & Vocals
Robert Craft: Drums

About The Band
Forever Twelve is a Los Angeles, California-based progressive rock band that was founded in the early 90’s by Kenny Hundt and Steve Barberic. The band has had some personnel changes over the years with each new member helping to shape and redefine the sound of what Forever Twelve is today. The latest addition to the band is drummer Robert Craft, formerly of Mars Hollow, Under the Sun, and others.

Recommended if you like AmuZeum, Mars Hollow, Greta Van Fleet, Heliopolis, Box of Shamans, Maze of Time, and Vienna Circle

Forever Twelve Online

Purchase and Streaming Links

UK Progressive Art Rock Band KYROS Announce the Departure of Bassist Peter Episcopo

Hello everyone,
The time has sadly come to announce the departure of our bassist, Peter Episcopo. This was by no means sudden to the rest of the band as we’ve been aware of this decision for a while. Our recent shows were our last with Peter and the feeling was incredibly bittersweet and we feel privileged and grateful that more people than ever came out to see us and share the send off with us. We will all continue to be close friends with Peter and look forward to many more happy memories
ahead outside of Kyros. Let’s all wish Peter the best of luck for his future endeavors!
A few words from the man himself:

“Hi all,
My last note with Kyros was a D#, at the end of Cloudburst at the Lower Third in London. I never wanted it to end on that note, but hey.. After almost 10 years, it feels surreal to be announcing my departure from Kyros. The band has been a big part of my life ever since Shelby graced me with bass duties back in 2014. Playing with Robin, Joey and Shelby has been an absolute honour, a treasure that I will always hold dear. They’re insanely gifted musicians and keeping up with their skill level has been one heck of a challenge. I remember walking into our third ever rehearsal with a shirt saying ‘Sorry girls, I’m gay… The bond grew strong. Fellow musicians quickly became friends. Friends became family. Jesus, so dramatic… All I’m trying to say is that I’m very fond of them. My eyes got watery when I last hugged them at the end of our last show together. I wish them all the best and will always be a fan of their music. I’m massively looking forward to the new material and
I’m very proud of what we have achieved and to have been a part of this adventure.

I would like to take this opportunity to also thank you all for the continuous support over the years. I’ve met many lovely people and have played alongside many incredible bands on this journey.
I don’t know where, I don’t know when, but I know we’ll meet again. All the best,

And with our next shows a mere four months away – we must press on ahead and the search begins for a new bassist for Kyros Time is of the essence but we are determined to find someone who fits our ethos, drive, determination and tenacity. We are ideally looking for a bassist who is based in the south/midlands of England, has a good ear for learning parts aurally, is capable of basic keyboard playing and backing vocals.

If you think you fit the bill, we’d love to hear from you ASAP.

To get started – send us some footage of you playing, plus some brief words about yourself to [email protected]

We’ve been Kyros. You’ve been amazing. Here’s to the future.
Shelby, Joey & Robin

For more info

Melodic Revolution Records Signs Popular British Artist Captain of the Lost Waves 

We are thrilled to announce the signing of British Progressive Art-rock / Alternative Folk Pop Singer/songwriter and Multi-instrumentalist Captain of the Lost Waves to the Revolution family. To date Captain of the Lost Waves has released 4 studio albums and dozens of videos and a new album is planned for sometime in 2023. In the meantime Captain of the Lost Waves is planning to launch a new video for Animals on an Island Next week from his latest release Hidden Gems Chapter 3 / Mysterium Tremendum.

In a statement about the signing to Melodic Revolution Records Captain of the Lost Waves had this to say. 

It’s been a somewhat strange and rather unconventional journey for me as an artist, becoming involved with a bespoke label that shares a kindred connection to many of the things that are dear to me feels like the most natural thing to do. Music is a sacred exchange of alchemy between the artist and their audience, hence I trust this collaboration with Nick Katona at MRR will bring my offerings to many brand-new unsuspecting ears and hearts!

Captain of the Lost Waves Bio

The Captain is a troubadour, storyteller and free thinking renegade. His musical offerings are inspired by the great songwriters and philosophers of yesteryear. This is visceral music for the mind and body, full of dreamy verses, life affirming choruses and sheer audacity. Where melodic invention meets alternative folk, progressive, world and ambient sounds.

He is not just the figurehead of his musical vessel, he’s ringmaster, bard, master of ceremonies and sage. There’s far more to him and his absurdly engaging world than any of your ten – a – penny musical stars. Seen through showers of glitter, kaleidoscopic lens flares and in the rainbows of a million puddles. The Captain tells sonic stories to connect with everyone past, present and future.   

Expect improvisation and intuitive performance featuring Bouzouki, Ukulele, Mandolin, Guitar and sparing use of loop pedal. Often A Captain show has been described as ‘like trying to describe the colour number 9, impossible, it has to be experienced to be believed’.

Previously signed to Voiceprint under his natural guise Shaun T Hunter and Quiet Rebellion. He released three critically acclaimed albums, two of which were Borders Book Store’s album of the month. Off the back of this he carried out a residency at the famous 12 Bar Club, London. He was also voted Acoustic Roots performer of the year at the Leeds Independent Music Awards in 2005.

Voted outstanding songwriter of the year from the Yorkshire Gig Guide Awards 2017.

Making music is a communion to the Captain and much of his work has taken place in a music therapy guise. Playing in secure units, prisons, mental health units and hospitals. The connection is always about the most authentic exchanges between an artist and his audience, based on a shared humanity.

The Captain was chosen by English Folk Expo as just one of 12 English artists to represent team England in the inaugural Global Music Match 2020, an exercise where 96 artists from 14 countries were featured world wide.

Media has been quoted as saying…

The Captain was born to be an entertainer, perhaps even a prophet…watching his show is a life altering experience, there are no words in the English language to describe him’. 

The Huffington Post

‘Sometimes something comes along that is so completely extraordinary that you just go yep, the Captain is a superstar, truly cinemascopic and epic’ 
– Tom Robinson BBC6 Music

“Like imagining Charlie Chaplin with the voices of Freddie mercury and Klaus Nomi, singing songs written by a post modern Irving Berlin” 
– Glastonbury Arts Festival

‘This artist is a one off, but maybe consider as a prototype for his idiosyncrasy, Zappa, Beefheart or the sensational Alex Harvey Band *****
– Rock N Reel

Captain Of The Lost Waves Discography

Not Your Average Love Song (2023) Digital & Streaming
Hidden Gems Chapter 3 (2022) CD, Digital & Streaming
Hidden Gems Chapter 2 (2019) CD, Digital & Streaming
Synthesis (2028) LP, CD, Digital & Streaming
Hidden Gems Chapter 1 (2017) Digital & Streaming

Shaun T. Hunter Solo Discography

Still Talking Scribble (2010) CD, Digital & Streaming
Thinnest Hopes Magnified (2009) CD, Digital & Streaming
The Great Departure (2007) CD, Digital & Streaming
Flying Not Falling (2004) CD, Digital & Streaming

Follow Captain Of The Lost Waves

Bandcamp: North America:
Bandcamp: Europe:

Melodic Revolution Records Online:


The Tangent launch ‘A Crisis In Mid Life’from their forthcoming live collection‘Pyramids, Stars And Other Stories’​

The Tangent recently announced the release of ‘Pyramids, Stars & Other Stories: The Tangent Live Recordings 2004-2017’ on January 27th, 2023 via InsideOutMusic. Collecting together tracks from 3 line-ups of The Tangent, this 2CD & 3LP album collects together show recordings from 2004, 2011 & 2017. Band leader Andy Tillison comments: “A Triple Live LP is the stuff of Bucket Lists, dreamed of doing one of these since I was a kid”.

Listen to the band performing ‘A Crisis In Mid Life’ live in the UK in 2012, featuring the line-up of Andy Tillison, Luke Machin, Dan Mash & Tony ‘Funkytoe’ Latham, here: 

The album will be available as a 2CD Digipak, a Gatefold 3LP+2CD & LP-booklet, as well as digitally worldwide. Pre-order now here:

Included in its entirety is the 2004 ‘Pyramids And Stars’ concert in Germany featuring the “Roine Stolt” lineup of The Tangent playing its way through the majority of the debut ‘Music That Died Alone’ album along with (then) new material from their second album ‘The World That We Drive Through’.

Added to that, there are tracks from the COMM era line-up of the band at a concert in the UK – plus music recorded in the USA in 2017 by the band’s current line-up. These originally appeared on the ‘Southend On Sea’ and ‘Hotel Cantaffordit’ fan releases respectively.

All is presented inside a re-imagined Ed Unitsky sleeve, to create a package that fans are sure to love.
“This is a real, proper, live album” says Tillison. “It’s candid, it’s spontaneous, it has mistakes and things that are a bit too loud and things that are a bit too quiet. It’s what happened on stage at three gigs at which “making a live album” never crossed our minds.” 

The full tracklisting is below:
Side One
1. The World We Drive Though

Side Two
3. The Canterbury Sequence
4. The Winning Game

Side Three
5. In Darkest Dreams

Side Four
6. The Music That Died Alone
7. Lucky Man

Side Five
8. A Spark In The Aether
9. A Sale Of Two Souls
10. Perdu Dans Paris

Side Six
11. A Crisis In Mid Life
12. Doctor Livingstone (I Presume)

The CD’s (included with the vinyl edition) also include all of the above with the addition of:
13. Titanic Calls Carpathia
14. Two Rope Swings

Andy Tillison – Keyboards & Vocals (all tracks)
Jonas Reingold – Bass Guitar (all tracks except 9,10,11,13)
Luke Machin – Guitars & Vox (Tracks 8-14)
Steve Roberts – Drums (Tracks 8, 12, 14)
Roine Stolt – Guitars & Vocals (Tracks 1 – 7)
Zoltán Csörsz – Drums (Tracks 1 – 7)
Sam Baine – Keyboards (Tracks 1 – 7)
Tony ‘Funkytoe’ Latham – Drums (Tracks 10,11,13)
Dan Mash – Bass (Tracks 10,11,13)

The Tangent online:


INSIDEOUTMUSIC Spotify Playlist: